Winter 2016 

Winter 2016 & Smiling Pansies!

Hello and a belated welcome to 2016! As I begin working on my 32nd year in business, I am reminded of feeling like a child the night before Christmas. I, along with my great staff, feel as though we are being pulled in so many directions very much like looking at all the presents and not knowing which one to open first. The difference now is that those 'presents' are the beautiful landscape projects we are able to complete with you!
Regardless if it's a big or small planting project, we are looking forward to beginning it. Designing and installing a functional walk or patio allows us to create a fine outdoor living space, which may include accent lighting, a warm fire feature, as well as the soothing sound of water to provide a beautiful retreat for your family and friends. Even the thought of a simple clean-up of garden beds brings us great satisfaction knowing that we are able to improve the value and beauty of your property.
But for now, we are preparing for the big morning very much like making and completing the items on the pre-Christmas 'to do' list. Our equipment is being serviced and we continue to attend educational classes, seminars and trade shows to further our knowledge with the primary goal of providing you with the best possible service any contractor can offer. We want to be better so that you are happier!
Should you have any landscape projects you are considering, please contact us as soon as possible so we are able to address your project in a timely manner. We have already scheduled Spring projects and once the weather 'breaks' we are typically flooded with requests. These requests are served on a first come first serve basis so please don't wait. Finally and most importantly, on behalf of the entire crew, I continue to thank you for this opportunity and look forward to working with you and your families this coming season.
Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2016,
J. Scott Mortensen, APLD

PS:  Enjoy the smiling pansies  below!

Planning for Spring!
                      NJ State butterfly 'Black Swallowtail butterfly'
Plan your landscape planting now! Spring inventory is typically the best and we have a great selection of outstanding trees and shrubs. Whether you are looking to replace a storm damaged tree or shrub; block out pesky neighbors; provide cooling shade to an over-heated deck or patio; or simply want to offset your 'carbon footprint', we can help with a wide selection of plants in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

 In addition to trees and shrubs, there are fantastic perennial options that are low maintenance and provide an abundance of blossoms that encourage beneficial insects, including our new New Jersey State butterfly the Black Swallowtail! Let us help you design and install a gorgeous butterfly garden to attract this beneficial insect (and many others)! These super pollinators are non-destructive, indigenous to NJ and play a vital role in pollinating many cultivated crops and flowers helping our agriculture and ecosystem here in the Garden State.
If you're looking for the perfect plant, for the proper place, professionally installed, please think of us at Cedarwood Landscaping where we design, install and maintain 'Great Gardens for Great People'!

This lovely terraced garden was designed for maximum mid to late summer blossoms perfect for cutting and longevity as well as attracting hummingbirds and beneficial insects such as butterflies.   
Winter Pruning
Pruning of fruit and ornamental trees is best completed now, while the plant is dormant. Winter pruning encourages increased flowering, provides greater fruit production and promotes an overall healthier plant. This amazing crabapple tree with an abundance of blossoms is the result of  winter pruning and proper horticulture care!  Please call if you would like a price quote.

Fence installations and repairs: Split rail, aluminum, deer, chain link, custom, accent, privacy, etc. Fencing details add unique beauty and detail to your landscape creating functional security and style!  This custom designed fence serves not only as deer protection but also features an alcove that highlights a statuary piece.  Cedarwood can assist you in all of your fencing needs.

  LED Lighting
Ultra efficient low voltage LED lighting illuminates your home, gardens and special focal points beautifully by providing added security and soothing ambiance.   Highlight that beautiful 'feature' in your landscape or illuminate the 'shadowed' areas along your walks. There is a large selection of fixtures to choose from that accommodate many personal styles and landscapes.

            Storm & Brush Clean Up
Storm and Brush Clean-Up along with chipper service is another task easily completed during this time of year. Often completed in stages, winter is the best time of year to complete this work as it allows us to quickly move in and out of an area with the easiest amount of resistance from leafed out plant material.

As we enter into our 32nd year of business, we do not typically advertise our services other than our web-site @ Our success has continued to blossom with your referrals. If you know of friends, family or neighbors who may require our service, please pass our name along. The only request we have is that they are 'nice' very much like you are! For you, there will be a surprise to thank you for the referral.

Your satisfaction with the quality of service we provide is of utmost importance to us.  Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions or comments as we truly appreciate your feedback.  As always, thank you for your patronage!
               It's almost time to plant some smiling pansies!!! 
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