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How Philosophy Can Save Your Life

Marietta traveled to Cincinnati in January as the keynote speaker for the Xavier University Counseling Department's 40th Annual Winter Conference, the two-day event co-sponsored by the Greater Cincinnati Counseling Association. The Arts of Clear Thinking and Good Conversation received a warm welcome, and a fine time was had by all. Here is a sample of participant comments. 

As a seasoned professional who has returned to graduate school to seek a second career in clinical mental health counseling, my heart is often filled with the joy of learning. However, the joy spilled over when Marietta shared a Miles Davis tune from his "Kind of Blue" album, during which the audience sat quietly, meditatively, contemplatively and wrote. It was a beautiful experience and another awakening to life's great riches! I was thankful to be among the 100+ participants and thankful to have met such a spirited, humorous, good soul.
- Rebecca A. Morra
M.A. Candidate | Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
Xavier University | Department of Counseling

For 40 years, our Counseling Department has sponsored a winter workshop that draws over 100 graduate students, school counselors, and regional mental health professionals.  For the first 39 years, we invited regional and national experts in the counseling field.  I was familiar with Marietta's fabulous book, How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: Ten Ideas that Matter Most and suggested to the planning committee that we invite Marietta to share ideas from her book.    During and after the workshop, so many people came up to us and thanked us for bringing Marietta McCarty to Cincinnati. "She was incredible. I can't wait to read the book!" And other comments included "extraordinary," "refreshing," "stimulating," "enjoyable," "moving," and "life-changing." I can't imagine an audience that would not find her words (spoken or read) thought-provoking, incredibly moving, and spot-on relevant!
- Brent G. Richardson, Ed.D.. LPCC-S
Xavier University Counseling Department Chair, Professor
Author of Working with Challenging Youth: Seven Guiding Principles

Thanks for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm with us this past weekend at Xavier. I'm so glad Brent invited you. As a therapist, I was struck by the many connections between your ideas and concepts we use in psychology. This week I started teaching a basic counseling class at a Catholic seminary in Cincinnati -- the students were pleased (but surprised) when I told them you had presented on philosophy to a group of therapists. It was a great opportunity to talk with them about the necessity of grounding any good counseling in a solid philosophical framework. Best wishes in all your good work and know that you sparked a lot of questions and insights for me that I will continue to pursue.
- Kevin J. Prendergast, LPCC-S
Senior Treatment Coordinator and Clinical Counselor

Why should it take great pain, suffering or tragedy in life to find the beauty and joy?  Marietta in one conference offered a new lens for all to find beauty, joy, happiness, and acknowledge our success in everyday life.  Thank you to her for sharing ways to empty our minds of clutter to make room for true living-a life that is easier, happier and more fulfilled.  I am living in the present and loving, with gratitude, every precious moment. Marietta opened our minds as well as our hearts.
- Susan Wheeler
Hollins University
Office of Institutional Advancement

Little Big Minds
Summer Workshops with Marietta
June 2016: Charlottesville, Va.
Join Marietta, for one day or for four, to discuss all the ways to introduce children to the art of clear thinking. Please take a look at our online brochure and registration.

You can read Marietta's blog about her joyful visit with third graders at Evanston Academy below.

While it was a rainy day in Cincinnati, it was sunny inside Evanston Academy. I thought about Plato's image of wisdom growing as we exit a dark cave and gradually climb into the sunlight of mental clarity. What did the child philosophers teach me? I should continue spending time in classrooms with small chairs. I can gorge on simple pleasures, sunup, sundown. The post Child Philosophers Shining in Cincinnati appeared first on Marietta McCarty. ...»

On behalf of the Xavier University School of Education and Counseling Department, I would like to thank Marietta for visiting Evanston Academy, a Cincinnati Public School, and sharing concepts from her book, Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids with 40 third graders. It was fascinating to watch these young philosophers offer their ideas about "enjoying life's simple pleasures," "areas in which they can grow," and "the importance of quiet reflection." One of the teachers remarked, "I am really looking forward to reading Little Big Minds so I can continue what Marietta started. I have always thought of my students as little philosophers, but now I have a roadmap to help facilitate these discussions. That was great!"
Brent G. Richardson, Ed.D.. LPCC-S
Xavier University Counseling Department Chair, Professor
Author of Working with Challenging Youth: Seven Guiding Principles

The Philosopher's Table
Hearty conversation, complemented by tasty food and drink, thrives among philosophers in Central Virginia: Pairing wine and philosophical themes at a Charlottesville wine shop...autumn communal lunch tables in Waynesboro...a November dinner party in Afton.



BLOGS | From The Philosopher's Desk
I hereby resolve to experience, fully, one day-(half day...half hour...breath and blink)-one laugh, handshake, moon, tear, and song at a time. Hopefully I can string moments together into savored days-for life. The post Resolutions for a New Day appeared first on Marietta McCarty. ...»

I thought of the statement from ancient Stoic philosopher Epictetus: "Everything has two handles, one by which you can carry it, the other by which you cannot" (Enchiridion). How to carry the reality of terrorist acts in the past and their likelihood in the future? We can only carry this burden within the circumstances of our personal lives. Each of us left the philosopher's lunch to return to lives which hadn't experienced terrorism directly, our homes geographically far from Paris and now Mali. You and I must find our own handles for lifting the heavy burden of terrorism. The handle used by Antoine Leiris or the terrorists? I'm lining up with Antoine. His weapons win. The post Personally Dealing with Terrorism appeared first on Marietta McCarty. ...»

The world is learning more each day of huge strides made in another "long walk to freedom," this time in Burma, aka Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of this lengthy and surely ongoing struggle, links arms with King, Mandela, Gandhi and others who used nonviolent means to achieve many of their goals. Nonviolence wins in the long haul. I first learned of her in 1998 when I was in the audience for a gathering of Nobel Peace Prize Winners at the University of Virginia. Why was she under house arrest? The post Nonviolence Wins appeared first on Marietta McCarty. ...»

ABOUT THE AUTHOR |  Marietta McCarty
Marietta McCarty is the author of bestseller  Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids , Nautilus Award winner  How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas That Matter Most, and  The Philosopher's Table: How to Start Your Philosophy Dinner Club-Monthly Conversation, Music, and Recipes.

Marietta enjoyed lively philosophy circles among her college students at Piedmont Virginia Community College for twenty-eight years before setting off on her career as an author. Her books lead her into new circles of fledgling philosophers of all ages-on playgrounds, in dining rooms, through back doors into kitchens, through front doors into libraries and restaurants, at b usiness meetings and after-work parties.