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103rd Annual Board Meeting
The YWCA Southeastern Massachusetts held it's 103rd annual meeting at the Waypoint Event Center. The meeting included new elections to the board, Carmen Aguilar, Sigute "Siggy" Meilus and Cyndi Colson. The audience was captivated by the stories from YWCA staff and participants. Tatiana Chuva, participant of YWkids, spoke about her adventures and close relationships with YWkids staff. Antonio Morgado of The Widowed Persons Program and Mary Louise Oliveira from  The Health and Wellness Program expressed their gratitude for the support received from YWCA staff and fellow participants within the program. Madison Gomes, a resident at A Woman's Place gave a captivating story of her strong will to survive adversity and reach for future goals. Stormi Monteiro, Advocacy Intern during the summer of 2015, spoke about the meetings she coordinated with legislatures and participation in democracy. The Executive Director, Gail Fortes, expressed her gratitude to the board for their hard work dedication and support of the organization.

Meet Our New Board Members
Carmen Aguilar, Dean for the Center for Workforce and Community Education at Bristol Community College. Carmen is also Secretary of Health First Board of Directors, a past board member of the Fall River Rotary Club, and a member of the planning committee for the South Coast Resources Council.

Sigute "Siggy" Meilus, is a New Bedford resident and a Community Organizer at Community Economic Development Center in New Bedford, working on transit justice issues in South Eastern MA and coordinating public art projects in the North End of New Bedford.

Cyndi Colson, is a native of New Bedford and is a wife and mother of 2. She has a strong love for her community that goes back to the days when she ran the Cheese and Butter program at PACE, Inc. Cyndi currently works at the Global Learning Charter Public School, which is New Bedford's first charter school. She is the Home-School Liason and she enjoys working with young people and their families to make a difference academically. Her core values are truly in line with the mission of the YWCA. Furthermore, she is proud to hold the honor of YWCA Women of Distinction.

CONGRATULATIONS To our new Board President Lena Pires, Principal of Global Learning Charter Public School.

Thank you to our outgoing Board President, Nicole Almeida, Regional Vice President/Corporate Development Officer from Bay Coast Bank for her leadership over the last 3 years.

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