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News, Notes and Inspiration from Trinity Church Oxford Winter 2016
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The Rev. Richard Robyn, Rector 
The Rev. Don Graff,
Priest Associate
Mary Sampson, M.A., Organist/Choirmaster
Michael Pacillio, Sexton 

Our Vestry


Lorraine Henry '18, Rector's Warden


Jason McConomy '17, Accounting Warden


Raymond Grossmuller '16


John McClarin '17


Charles McGee '17


Patti McGee '18


Stew Mills '16  


Victoria Sayers '17


Chuck Tucker '18


Laurie Yuhnke '18


Highlights of the Year

Kickoff Sunday
September 20

St. Francis Day
October 4

Harvest Thanksgiving
Sunday, October 18

All Saints Sunday
November 1

Diocesan Convention
November 6-7

Remembrance Sunday
November 8

Christ the King
November 22

First Sunday of Advent
November 29

Lessons & Carols
December 20

Christmas Eve
Thursday, December 24

Wednesday, January 6

Mardi Gras Luncheon
Sunday, February 7

Ash Wednesday
February 10

Palm Sunday
March 20

Maundy Thursday
March 24

Good Friday
March 25

Easter Sunday
March 27

Annual Meeting
April 3

Choir Recognition
Sunday, May 1

Pentecost Sunday
May 15

Trinity Sunday
Annual Picnic
May 22

Father RobynFrom the Rector
It seems like just yesterday that we were preparing for Christmas, and now Easter is already upon us!  Admittedly, it does fall early this year, but the last three months have flown by in a whirlwind of activity.
On the church grounds, we have almost completed a major renovation of the former sexton's cottage (also known more recently as the Children's House).  It will become the parish office as well as house an all-purpose space for meetings.  I am very excited to take up residence in this new space!  Like many who have already seen it, I am thrilled to have this bright, welcoming, and clean space in which to work.
As inviting as the new space is physically, it also represents something important that cannot be seen-that is the spirit of this ancient parish.  The people of Trinity are tenacious, and fiercely proud of their heritage.  We know what a treasure we are entrusted with, and intend to hand it on to generations to come.  We do so with steadfast faith and by honoring our heritage, but also by taking holy risks in order to meet the future and the inevitable change that it brings.
In this season of resurrection and new life, I am so proud of the work we have done together over the last few years in bravely charting the course for Trinity's future.  As people of resurrection, we know that though the old things pass away, new and vital things are born and take their place.  Our new office space is just the first blossom on this new plant, and it fills me with excitement for our future in this place.
Please keep us all in your prayers as we continue this process of discernment and re-development for Trinity's future.  May the joy of resurrection and new life be yours, now and always.

Father Richard

Holy Week and Easter at Trinity...
Palm Sunday
Holy Week commemorates the last week of the earthly life of Jesus as recorded in the Canonical gospels. It begins with Palm Sunday, March 20, where at both the 8am and 10am Mass, we will remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem as well as the agony of the Passion that he was about to endure. The 10am service will feature the Bell Choir, a traditional procession, and the reading of the Passion with members of the congregation. Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of last year's services.

Monday thru Wednesday
A simple Mass will be said daily in the church - at 10am on Monday, March 21; at 7pm on Tuesday, March 22; and at 10am on Wednesday, March 23. Also, at 11am on Tuesday, March 22, Father Richard will be participating in a renewal of ordination vows led by Bishop Dan, at the Philadelphia Cathedral - all are welcome to attend.

Maundy Thursday
On Maundy Thursday, March 24, at 7pm, we will commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ in which he instituted the Holy Eucharist. After communion, the altar will be stripped by the acolytes and ceremonially washed to represent the tomb that will receive Christ's body on Good Friday. The reserved Sacrament will then be taken in procession to the Altar of Repose in the Buchanan Building, which will represent the Garden of Gethsemene, where Jesus asked his disciples "Could you not wait with me one hour?" The Buchanan Building will remain open until 9pm for silent prayer and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament.

Cross Good Friday
Good Friday is the day we observe the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. In order to accommodate people's busy schedules, our service will begin at 7pm on Friday, March 25, and will feature a special musical offering by the Senior Choir of St. John's Passion.

The Good Friday Offering has been a source of support, love and hope for the people of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. This is the 92nd year that the National Church offers the opportunity to give our thanks and commitment to the church of Jerusalem as they continue to work toward justice, reconciliation and peace. Through our support of these churches we are helping to realize God's vision of peace throughout this area. More information about this ministry can be found online. Special envelopes will be available in church that day or you can send your offering to the church office and mark it for Good Friday Offering.

Please also join Father Richard as he assists Father Alton at St. Clement's in Philadelphia for their Good Friday service at noon and Easter Vigil on Saturday at 4pm.

Easter Sunday
There will be two festive masses on Easter Sunday, March 27. The 8am mass will be a simple, yet joyful, spoken service. The 10am mass will include special music and feature a Brass Ensemble along with our Senior Choir.  Following the 10am service, we will have our annual Easter Egg Hunt in the churchyard for children of all ages. Bring your own basket or we can provide you with a bag - remember to check your eggs for slips that let you know you can collect a prize!  Visit our Facebook page for pictures of last year's festivities.  Please invite a friend or neighbor to attend - everyone is welcome at Trinity, especially to share in the joy of Easter Sunday!

In Other News...
Annual Meeting
Our Annual Parish Meeting is coming up on April 3rd, the first Sunday after Easter, as is customary.  At the meeting, we will be electing Vestry persons to serve, delegates to Diocesan Convention in November, and Pennypack Deanery Delegates. Vestry members must be confirmed Episcopalians at least 21 years of age who have been members of Trinity Church Oxford for at least two years. They must be regular in attendance at worship and pledge to the work of the church. The Vestry is an important ministry of leadership without which our parish simply could not function. Please prayerfully consider service on the Vestry, and pray for those who currently serve.  If you're interested in serving, please see Ray Grossmuller, Stew Mills, the rector, or one of the wardens.

Birth Announcement
Congratulations to Jessie and Scott Lyons on the birth of their daughter Juliana on January 31.  Juliana will be welcomed into the body of Christ through the waters of baptism on April 17 at the 10am service.

Bishop Elected
On March 12, at the Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, the Rev. Canon Daniel G. P. Gutierrez, canon to the ordinary in the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande, was elected to be the next bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania.  Congratulations to our bishop-elect and thank you to the delegates who represented Trinity!  For more information, please read the bishop elect's letter to the diocese, his online biography, and the article about the special convention.  His consecration will take place on July 16.  A celebration of the ministry of Bishop Clifton Daniel will take place at the Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli on April 30 at 4pm.  Please make every effort to attend given Bishop Dan's great support of Trinity.

Christmas at Trinity
For more than 300 years, people have celebrated Christmas in our historic church. In 2015, parishioners and friends of Trinity welcomed the Christ Child again surrounded by candlelight on Christmas Eve. At the early service, the bell choir rang beautifully. Before the more traditional "Midnight Mass", our organist and senior choir presented a beautiful concert of Christmas music which set the tone for the service.  Many thanks to everyone who gave so generously for the flowers and music at Christmas (see complete list at the end of this newsletter).  Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of this event.

Easter Memorials
If you would like to contribute to the beautiful music and flowers that fill our church at Easter, envelopes are available in the church or you may send a check to the office no later than March 20. Please be sure to note the loved one in whose memory or thanksgiving the donation is given.

ECS Logo Food Drive
During Lent, we have been collecting foodstuffs for the St. Barnabas food bank, a ministry of ECS at which Father Graf regularly volunteers.  The final day for collection will be Palm Sunday, March 20.  They are requesting peanut butter and jelly, non perishable or canned fruit, beans, vegetables, tuna or pasta, sauce, or mac and cheese.  Please see Father Graf or me for more information. Thank you for your help.  Patty McGee

Greening of the Church
After a wonderful Lessons & Carols service on December 20, 2015, parishioners stayed to help with the greening of the church for Christmas. Thanks to everyone who helped set up the candles, crèche, flowers, tree and greenery. The church looked beautiful for Christmas!  Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of this event.

Lent at Trinity
Each Wednesday in Lent, we celebrated the Holy Eucharist in the traditional manner at 10am in the Church.  We also had a guest preacher, Father Gordon Reid, retired rector of St. Clement's, and a special history presentation after church from Michael Krasulski, who shared with us, through images from our archives, his insight into Trinity's important place in the history of our Church.  Many thanks to Father Gordon and Michael.  Please also listen to Presiding Bishop Curry's lenten message online.

Mardi Gras
On Sunday, February 7, we celebrated Mardi Gras with festive music, decorations and New Orleans-style food in the Buchanan Building. Many thanks to the folks who helped prepare the meal and the festive décor. Laissez les bons-temps rouler!  Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of this event.

Longtime parishioner Ann Truesdale, 86, passed away on January 18. Her funeral was held at Trinity on January 25, and she will be interred with beloved husband in the Trinity churchyard on April 10 immediately following the 10am service.

Many thanks for the generous donations in her memory from Mr. and Mrs. Alex Putterman, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Maile, Mr. and Mrs. Bernt Vurlicer, Mr. John Brambilla, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Heise, Ms. Denise D. Page, Ms. Kathy Sharp, Mr. David DeWitt, Ms. Edith Dersch, Mr. and Mrs. John Lee, Ms. Janet Coleman and Mr. and Mrs. John Litzke.

May Ann's soul, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Music Ministry
As we approach Holy Week and Easter, our Bell Choir and Senior Choir are hard at work in preparation for the climax of this holy season.  Our musicians will be presenting their musical offerings at the following services:

Palm Sunday at 10am - Music by the Bell Choir and Senior Choir

Maundy Thursday at 7pm - Music by the Senior Choir and soloist, Noel Williams 

Good Friday at 7pm - Tenebrae with the St. John Passion by John Ferguson and soloist, Julie Susi

Easter Sunday at 10am - Festival Eucharist with the Brass Choir, Senior Choir, and the singing of the "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's Messiah

The Music Ministry wishes everyone a Holy and a Blessed Easter!

Schedule of Events

Every Sunday, Mass at 8am (spoken) and 10am (with music and Sunday School, followed by coffee hour in the Buchanan Building)

Every Sunday, Senior Choir Rehearsal at 8:45am in the Buchanan Building

Palm Sunday, March 20, Mass at 8am (spoken) and 10am (with bell choir and procession)

Monday, March 21, Mass at 10am in the Church

Tuesday, March 22, Renewal of Ordination Vows at 11am in the Philadelphia Cathedral

Tuesday, March 22, Mass at 7pm in the Church

Wednesday, March 23, Mass at 10am in the Church

Maundy Thursday, March 24, liturgy at 7pm in the Church followed by solemn stripping of the Altar

Good Friday, March 25, service of Tenebrae at 7pm in the Church

Easter Sunday, March 27, Mass (spoken) at 8am, Mass (with special music) at 10am followed by Easter egg hunt in the churchyard

Sunday, April 3, Annual Meeting after the 10am service (Vestry meeting follows the Annual meeting) 

Sunday, April 10, Interment of Ann Truesdale after the 10am service

Sunday, April 17, Baptism of Juliana Lyons during the 10am service

Saturday, April 30, Celebration of the ministry of Bishop Clifton Daniel at 4pm, Church of the Good Samaritan in Paoli

Sunday, May 1, Choir Recognition Sunday

Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 8am and 10am

Trinity Sunday, May 22, annual picnic after the 10am service

Saturday, July 16, Consecration of our new bishop, Canon Daniel Gutierrez, at the New Covenant Church in Germantown

Patrons of our Christmas Flowers, Advent and Christmas Music

Christmas Flowers

Father Richard Robÿn in thanksgiving for past Rectors of Trinity Church, the Trinity Church, Oxford church staff; the good people of Trinity Church, Oxford * Father Robÿn in loving memory of Jan Robÿn; Francis and Beatrice Bickings; Norman and Edith Rice; Peter and Anna Robÿn; Barbara Sipmeier, Mary Richardson, Edith Rio, Mildred Stilwell, Clayton McDowell, Lorna Noz * Pete Datos in loving memory of Paul Sullivan; Steven and Mary Datos; Vasilios and Julia Cormas; Panayiotis and Antigone Papadatos * Chuck and Chris Claypoole in loving memory of Harold and Shirley Claypoole * Paul Graf in loving memory of Herman and Kate Graf * Amy and John in thanksgiving for John and George * Maria Mejia in loving memory of Lyndsey McKee * Linda Weaver in loving memory of Gary Colin Weaver * John and Maureen Lee in loving memory of their son, John E. Lee * Mary Sampson in loving memory of John and Mary Rogers Marzen, J. Clyde and Dorothy Sampson, Eileen Rogers McDowell * The Yuhnke Family in loving memory of Elena Moran-O'Brien * Myrna Tuttle in thanksgiving for Shaun, Averie, Mia Tuttle and Marissa and Henry Yuhnke * Joe and Judy Williamson in thanksgiving for children and grandchildren * John and Lois Annand in loving memory of Oscar and Sarah Felke, John and Eunice Annand, Mark V. Furlong, Abby D. Annand, William and Ethel Felke * Jason and Susan McConomy in thanksgiving for our parents, brothers and sisters * The Maile Family in loving memory of loved ones * Charles and Janice Tucker  in loving memory of Charles A. and M. Etta Tucker, Raymond and Sara Laganella * Sue Fillman in loving memory of Susanna Kirk Millan *  Dolores Reese in loving memory of Edward N. Reese, Sr. * Tom and Nellie Duddy in loving memory of deceased family members * The Women of Trinity in loving memory of deceased members * Susan O'Donnell in loving memory of the Amos and O'Donnell Families, and in thanksgiving for the Henderson Family * Dorothy Zintner in loving memory of  Kurt Zintner, Sr. * The Zintner Family in loving memory of loved ones *  Edith Dersch and Fred Dersch in loving memory of Mary and Fred Dersch, Emma and Henry Hammer, Jennie F. Dersch, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dersch, Sr., Helen A. Witte and Dean Smith * The Spadea Family in thanksgiving for the music at Trinity * William E. McConomy in thanksgiving for grandchildren: Emily, Kathleen, Jace, James, Aven and Andrew * Amy and Eric Liberi in loving memory of our grandparents and in thanksgiving for Cadence, Claire, Grace, Michael, Joseph and Johnny * Clara D'Amico in loving memory of Henry D'Amico * Linda and Raymond Grossmuller in loving memory of Henry D'Amico * The Mills Family in loving memory of Stewart and Thisbe Mills * Jack and Mary Washington in loving memory of Fred and Marjorie Washington, Melville and Marie Towner and in thanksgiving for our children and grandchildren * Charles and Janice Tucker in loving memory of Wayne A. Burkeitt * Beverly Kent in loving memory of Jack Kent, Shirley, Harold and David Claypoole * Lynne and Phil Geliebter in thanksgiving for our children and grandchildren * Sylvia Longman in loving memory of my dear husband Jack and in thanksgiving for my family

Christmas Music

Father Richard Robÿn and Pete Datos in thanksgiving for the musicians and choirs of Trinity Church, Oxford * Mary Sampson in loving memory of my husband, John Sampson * Paul Graf in loving memory of Herman and Kate Graf * Amy and John in thanksgiving for John and George * Mary Sampson in loving memory of Rev. Joseph P. Marzen and Rev. Nathaniel R. Elliott * Mary Sampson in thanksgiving for my children and grandchildren *The Yuhnke Family in thanksgiving for family and friends *Myrna Tuttle in thanksgiving for friends and family *Tom and Nellie Duddy in thanksgiving for Patty, Chuck, Megan, Shawn, Dara and Connor * The Women of Trinity in thanksgiving for the Women of Trinity * Mr. and Mrs. John Spadea in loving memory of loved ones * Dolores Reese in loving memory of the James and Reese Families  * Susan O'Donnell in loving memory of the Amos and O'Donnell Families and in thanksgiving for the Henderson Family * Don Graff in thanksgiving for my ministry at Trinity Church * The McGee Family in thanksgiving for the music in this church * Sue Fillman in loving memory of loved ones * Charles and Janice Tucker in loving memory of Kenneth W. and Vivian I. Tucker * The Maile Family in loving memory of loved ones * Joe and Judy Williamson in loving memory of Lincoln Maclain * John and Lois Annand in thanksgiving for our children and grandchildren *  Jason and Susan McConomy in thanksgiving for Kathleen and James * William E. McConomy in loving memory of Debbie McConomy * The Geliebters in loving memory of loved ones that have died * Amy and Eric Liberi in loving memory of our dad, John Sampson *Clara D'Amico in thanksgiving for all of life's blessings *Linda and Raymond Grossmuller in thanksgiving for Heather Grossmuller and all of life's blessings * The Mills Family in loving memory of William and Marie Oettinger * Kate Sampson and Mike Gormley in loving memory of dad and in thanksgiving for our engagement * Beverly Kent in thanksgiving for family and friends * Karl and Lorie Henry in thanksgiving for Anna, Sarah and Iain * Sylvia Longman in loving memory of my mom and dad and in-laws and in thanksgiving for my 3 pussy cats