Harnessing the power of big data to improve transportation system
performance and guide transportation investments and policies
Winter 2016                                                                                                                                 Vol 2  No 2
Could Twitter be as helpful as a snow plow?
The Washington Post and other international publications feature TransInfo Research 

A recent article in The Washington Post reported on a study by TransInfo researchers that found that Twitter can provide fairly sensitive data about not only current weather conditions, but the condition of roads and highways. "Sifting through on-the-spot observations by Twitter users - who fill the ether with an estimated 9,000 tweets per second - creates a wealth of hyperlocal data that can then be plugged into computer models to better predict traffic patterns and perhaps direct traffic during periods of bad weather", researchers said. Read more here .

Articles also appeared on Yahoo News, Forskning (a Norwegian-based science and research online newspaper), Futurity, Informed Infrastructure, Nature World News, Science Blog, Business Standard, Phys Org, and  WTTG-TV in Washington, DC.  
TransInfo awards $545,000 to support graduate student education and training in transportation informatics
TransInfo awarded $545,000 in funding to six new research projects. Each project will promote the TransInfo mission to undertake research, education, training and technology transfer activities aimed at realizing the full potential of Big Data and Transportation Informatics, effecting change in system performance, guiding investments and improving policies. Funds will help support the education of seven graduate students focused on the field of transportation analytics. Congratulations to the funding recipients!
  • Towards Quality-Aware Big Data Integration for Crowd-sourced Road Sensing System / Lu Su, PhD; Qing He, PhD; Jing Gao, PhD; University at Buffalo
  • Development of a Prediction Model for Crash Occurrence by Analyzing Traffic Crash and Citations Data / Enrique Gonzalez-Velez, PhD; University of Puerto Rico at Mayaquez
  • Developing a Smartphone App Platform to Decipher Travel Behavior / Xuegang (Jeff) Ban, PhD; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Shanjiang Zhu, PhD; George Mason University
  • Variational Inference for Agent-Based Models with Applications to Achieve Fuel Economy / Wen Dong, PhD and Chunming Qiao, PhD; University at Buffalo
  • Effectiveness of Various Public Private Partnership Pavement Rehabilitation Treatments: A Big Data Informatics Survival Analysis of Pavement Service Life / Panagiotis Anastasopoulos, PhD; University at Buffalo
  • Inferring Origin-Destination Demand and Utility-Based Travel Preferences in Multi-Modal Travel Environment Using Automatic Fare Collection Data / Jee Eun (Jamie) Kang, PhD and Alexander Nikolaev, PhD; University at Buffalo
Save the Date: The Second Annual Symposium on Transportation Informatics
August 4th & 5th, 2016
George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia
Call for papers: Researchers, developers and practitioners are invited to submit up to a 500 word abstract by March 31, 2016. Select papers will be eligible for publication in a refereed journal.
Inquiries and abstracts can be sent to: Adel Sadek, PhD, Director, Transportation Informatics UTC.
Call for partners: Interested in contributing to the success of the symposium through ideas, sponsorship or collaboration? Please contact us.
For more information and updates, visit the symposium website.
Featured Awards, Honors and Activities

Dr. Qing He's research into social media applications for transportation events has gained regional and national media attention. His work has appeared in the Washington Post, in addition to the Weather Channel and WKBW Buffalo hosting him on their broadcasts. Buffalo Niagara 360 (BN360) also honored Dr. He as their December Spotlight Professional for his research. Links to all of Dr. He's appearances and articles are available  here.

TransInfo sponsored the 4th Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Symposium held on December 2, 2015 at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany, NY.
Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
Mr. Christopher Torres, TransInfo's UTC Outstanding Student of the Year.

The 95th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board took place in mid-January with a strong presence from TransInfo. Highlights included a co-sponsored reception, over 50 presentations, papers and posters showcased by TransInfo faculty and students; and the selection
of a University of Puerto Rico at Mayagez's as the Center's 2015 Student of the Year. 
See more highlights here.

About us

Transportation Informatics Tier I University Transportation Center (TransInfo) is a consortium of four national universities that is led by the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB). TransInfo collaborates with government, industry, academia, and policy makers around the globe to mine the wealth of transportation-related big data to develop insights and applications that can improve the efficiency, safety, sustainability, resiliency and reliability of the transportation system, and can inform and guide transportation policy.
TransInfo Partner Universities are: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), George Mason University (GMU), and the University of Puerto Rico-Mayag├╝ez (UPR-M).  CUBRC, a not-for-profit, research corporation headquartered in Buffalo, NY, serves as a non-member partner.
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