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Influenza Like Illness           
January 2018


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Influenza Like Illness
Winter 2017-2018 Epidemic Updates:

Part 2. January 4, 2018

Dr. Herscu has now published detailed information on what he is seeing with the current upper respiratory tract infection across the country. 
(Please click here to read a prior update from early December 2017, Information below builds upon what was presented there.)
A Country Divided
No. Not that way. I am describing the 2017-2018 viral season situation as it seems to be unfolding now. Early on, we saw many patients presenting needing Gelsemium, and then later in the season people presented with Lycopodium symptoms. And really, when looking at the end of 2017, it will be marked by a record number of patients presenting with Lycopodium symptoms and doing well with the remedy. In 36 years, I had never seen those sorts of numbers.
I will describe, briefly, where we are now. While many people are still presenting needing Lycopodium, there are a number of presentations now in different people, happening at the same time, which is where this title comes from. In North America, as well as Europe, there are several viruses happily infecting us, but also the weather is different than it was previously, and this combination has led to different presentations. And while we still follow all the rules described elsewhere on prescribing properly, including when to give the constitutional remedy as opposed to any of these listed, if the rules apply, here are remedies to think about.
First, Lycopodium still. If you utilize homeopathy in your practice or with your family, it is likely you will be prescribing this in the next days. Add here also, the Gelsemium state is still present. Adding to those we have Sulphur (hot, thirsty for cold, long lasting paroxysms of cough),  Pulsatilla (sinusitis and body aches, warm, though unusually, though thirstless, drinking warm,) Spongia and Belladonna (spasmodic coughs), and Causticum (intense dry, teasing cough, body aches, stress incontinence),  Bryonia (congestive headache, body aches but also some sharp stitching pains anywhere in the body). These are all common remedies of course, but they can do the trick if the right one goes to the right person! I mention these here as ones most commonly found these last few weeks. Hope that helps.
Yours Sincerely,
Paul Herscu ND, MPH

We hope you find these seasonally  relevant articles by Dr. Rothenberg of use  for yourself, your family or your patients this time of year:

And here is a recent piece on Seasonal Affective Disorder,   for which Dr. Rothenberg was interviewed.

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