The Good News                            Winter  2017
Save the Dates!

February 7 - Home Mass (8:30am)
March 9 - Blankets for Babies at Elks 
March 30 - Annual Baby Shower
April 27 - General Meeting (9am)
May 4 - Home Mass (8:30am)
May 11- End of Year Cocktails

News from National

There is definitely strength in numbers. National led a branding effort across all chapters and it's paying off with greater visibility and access to funding: the Carter's and Follet organizations have responded with significant grants of baby clothes and books. Lambi Newsham (currently Vice President of the National Board), Jane Murphy and Barb Fleming attended the National Convention in Atlanta. 

Layettes are the common link for all Christ Child chapters since Mary Virginia Merrick founded our organization in 1887. This past year, our Summit chapter assembled and delivered 385 layettes -- that's an increase of 54% in a single year! That many layettes requires lots of teamwork to do the shopping, assembling and delivering...and has spawned auxiliary efforts like Blankets for Babies and Knitting Angels.  

Knitting Angels

How fun to gather and make adorable tiny toppers for our layettes and how wonderful to think of the baby who will wear the warm, knit hat that we shape with our loving hands! A group of twenty Knitting Angels gathered in January at the gracious home of co-chair Maria Ciaravalli. Many more meetings are planned throughout the year. Don't be shy, you'll have access to patient teachers!

Blankets for Babies

All those layettes need warm, practical fleece blankets. For the 5th consecutive year, we hosted our Blankets for Babies at Memorial Hall from 10am to 8pm. Thanks to a generous grant from from the Summit Elks and to all of the helping hands who came to cut, sew, iron, fringe and knot, we completed more than 250 blankets in a single day.  An additional event is planned on March 9th at the Summit Elks to finish an additional 80 blankets.  What a great event!


Our 2017 membership drive is currently underway! By renewing your membership or becoming a new member you will be directly supporting our programs for children including our layette program, our school supplies program, our tutoring program at OLHC in East Orange, and our Christ Child Society scholarship. We are excited to continue these programs and more with your help.  Thank you for your support!  

Volunteer Corner

Personal service is the hallmark of the Christ Child Society. Please visit our Volunteer Page to sign up to help with one of our many programs that reach out to children at risk. Whether you decide to help behind the scenes making items for children you may never meet or in the front lines of our tutoring program, you are making a very important difference in the life of a child.  

The Christ Child Society of Summit is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to serving children in need in our community.  We are one of over 40 chapters of the National Christ Child Society, a non-profit organization founded in 1887 by Mary Virginia Merrick that is dedicated to serving the needs of children and youth, regardless of race or creed, through the personal service of its members.

Christ Child Society of Summit