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Melissa Etheridge
Rock the CASA 2018

Will be performing  this  March  at the Lesher Center in Walnut Creek, Ca.. Special guest, Steven Adler( original drummer of Guns 'N Roses) will be featured on the drums for an unique and wonderful event . Dan Ashley of ABC News 7 will celebrate his 4th year as the host and producer of this annual event to help bay area underserved children.

Washington State University, April 7, 2018

Brett Eldredge,
An American Country music singer, songwriter and record producer, signed to Atlantic Records. Eldredge has had 3 No.1 singles on the billboard country airplay chart from his debut studio albumn, "Bring you Back", (don't ya), (Beat of the music), (mean to me). Brett  will be rocking the stadium in Pullman, Washington. Tickets on sale this January.

Speakers that Educate, Motivate and Inspire...
Congratulations Judge Lerner-Wren on your Book Release this March 2018;
A Court of Refuge: Stories from the Bench of America's First Mental Health Court

Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren
pioneered the nation's first mental health court and was instrumental in the model's        
national implementation. "People with mental illness and co-occurring disorders deserve access to community-based treatment and services, not jail." The success of her court and local campaign has become a national educational campaign, creating a national model that stands up to the blind criminalization of the mentally ill.
More than 250 Mental Health Courts exist today based upon this paradigm that she created and thousands of mentally ill persons have been diverted out of local jails and into treatment facilities.
Lerner-Wren continues to preside over the nation's first mental health court. Additionally she continues to be an inspirational advocate for the mentally ill and ending the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Book release
March 2018!  
Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren will be on the West Coast THIS early for avails and Book Signing Opportunities.....

General (Ret.) Mark and Carol Graham 
continue their mission  of raising awareness of the dangers of untreated depression, reminding our leaders about the real injuries of PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] and TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]; while 
shedding light on mental health issues.  The Grahams have dedicated their lives to sharing their story losing both sons to different types of battles in order to spread Mental Health Awareness. An extraordinary and inspiring story to help all communities nationwide. 
The Grahams story is featured in the award-winning book, "The Invisible Front: Loss and Love in an Era of Endless War", by Yochi Dreazen.

Congratulations to the Grahams as the recipients of the 
2017 SAMHSA Consumer/Peer/Family Leadership Award
Kevin Berthia  is a  Suicide Prevention Advocate , a  true grateful survivor that will impact any audience through his presentation. Kevin has had an amazing year as he has traveled not only from coast to coast but over seas to South Korea, to share his story with the troops.  His presentation,  The Impact of Listening , is a critical skill to use for suicide awareness.

                   "Listening unlocks the tools necessary for understanding"
                                                                                     Kevin Berthia

"I want to extend my sincerest thanks to you for helping us bring Kevin Berthia to Trinity County. The way that our high school and junior high school kids responded to him was enough to bring tears to one's eyes! It was such a success! I really believe that his message resonated with this group and will, at the very least, encourage a discussion amongst students regarding the topic of suicidal ideation and the importance of noticing the small but telling changes a person can demonstrate when he or she is in distress."
                                                                                             Marlinda Butler-Trinity County

Jennifer Storm  is an award winning author of four critically acclaimed books on addiction, recovery and victimization.
"Blackout Girl: Growing Up and Drying Out in America"
"Leave the Light On: A Memoir of Recovery and Self-Discovery"
"Picking Up the Pieces Without Picking Up: A Guidebook Through Victimization for People in Recovery"
"Echoes of Penn State: Facing Sexual Trauma"

 In December 2013 , Jennifer was ( Governor) Appointed
 as the  Victim Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Jennifer has a long list of awards, with the most recent being in November 2017,when she was awarded, The Charles Foundation Community Service Award. Among many award recognitions, she also was voted by all the lawyers of Pennsylvania to receive the prestigious Liberty Bell Award. 
Jennifer has been profiled, quoted and/or appeared in; Time Magazine, People, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, L.A.Times, Rolling Stones Magazine and countless others.She also has over 1,000 taped and live interviews and media correspondence for A BC,FOX,NBC,CBS,PBS and NPR .  
Dr. Nancy L Cohen
Our#MeToo Moment: Turning Outrage to Action

Nancy is the Leading National Expert on gender and American Politics, as well as an award-winning author. Her books, 
"Delirium: The Politics of Sex in American","Breakthrough: The Making of America's First Woman President" have explored women's rise in American Politics, the impact of women's leadership, and political polarization. Nancy's articles and commentary have been published in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and Rolling Stone, among many others, and she has appeared on MSNBC, NPR and many other broadcasts. She speaks frequently at conferences, universities, and book festivals across the nation. 
For her work in advancing women's leadership, she was recognized with the 2016 Women for A New Los Angeles award

Weaving together her own #MeToo story with her expertise on gender and leadership, Dr.  Nancy L. Cohen provides a practical blueprint for tackling America's epidemic of workplace sexual harassment .

We have all witnessed that the #MeToo movement has exposed sexual harassment in the workplace and the public is appalled. Most Americans are discovering that sexual harassment of women is an ageless, far-reaching issue.

This allows a window of opportunity to harness women's rightful outrage and men's new awareness for meaningful change.

What to do?
   The good news is that there is a simple cure. We can leapfrog over the long arduous work of incrementally changing culture. 

Nancy's presentation ask the questions and provides the answers. 

Dr. Edith Eger

Dr. Edith Eger is a sought-after clinical psychologist and lecturer, helping individuals discard their limitations, discover their powers of self-renewal, and achieve things they previous thought unattainable.

Dr. Eger is a prolific author and a member of several professional associations. She has a clinical practice in La Jolla, California and holds a faculty appointment at the University of California, San Diego. She has appeared on numerous television programs including Oprah Winfrey and was the primary subject of a holocaust documentary that appeared on Dutch National Television. .
Available Topics:
  • Art of Survival
  • Coping with Stress
  • Turning Life Into a Constant Celebration
  • The Freedom of Choice
Dr. Edith Eger's recent book, "The Choice: Embrace the Possible"

A powerful, moving memoir-and a practical guide to healing-written by Dr. Edith Eva Eger, an eminent psychologist whose own experiences as a Holocaust survivor help her treat patients and allow them to escape the prisons of their own minds.

Congratulations on your Northwest Sell-Outs! We love Comedy.....
Seth Meyers                            Nick Offerman

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