Community Food Rescue: Feed More, Waste Less
Together We Can Feed More and Waste Less

Holiday greetings and good wishes for a food secure 2018 for all! As we enter a new year, we look back at a fabulous fall apple gleaning and we look ahead at how you can engage in food recovery: take a food donation tax deduction or credit; attend a FREE food safety webinar; learn why culturally-appropriate food is a dignity issue and make year-end monetary donation. Read on for more. 
   A is for Apple: From Farm to School
A bumper crop of apples did not go to waste

When Pam Hosimer, Nutrition Educator for the University of Maryland Extension Food Supplement Nutrition Education program learned that Waters Orchard had a bumper crop of apples that would go to waste after their pick-your-own season ended, she had a better idea. Pam explains, "Many of the students in my nutrition education classes ask me for additional apple slices. I only have enough for a "tasting" so I feel bad telling them 'No,' especially knowing that many of them are food insecure."

  Taxes! Here's the Good News for Food Donors
Businesses can receive tax incentives for donating surplus food

No one likes to think about taxes, but did you know that businesses that donate surplus  food not only help people and the environment, but can save on their income taxes? Recent Maryland state legislation sweetens tax incentives for farmers in Montgomery County.

Is This Food Safe to Eat? Take our Quiz to Find Out
How much do you know about food safety? Ever wonder whether that carton of eggs sitting in your refrigerator is still good?  Do you know the safe ways to defrost food? Test your knowledge with this fun online quiz.  Enter code: 696125. The quiz will be live until January 6, 2018.
To learn more about food safety in the home and for food recovery, attend our next Food Safety Training webinar on January 18th from 7-8:30pm EST from the comfort of your computer. The training is FREE and it's easy to preregister.
 Culturally Appropriate Food for a Global Community
More than one third of Montgomery County residents are foreign born, representing over 150 countries of origin.  In 2014, of the 325,927 foreign born people in the county, 81,978 were living below 200% of the poverty line, and this number is trending up. As this population continues to increase, some food assistance resources have focused on expanding their supply of culturally appropriate food. Welcome Global Food, our newest CFR food donor grocery.

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   Year End Donations to CFR
As you make your year-end  monetary donations to worthy causes, consider contributing to Community Food Rescue, a program of Manna Food Center, so that together we can feed more and waste less. With online giving, it's easier than ever.

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