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Winter 2018
2018 is off to a great start at Change Guides and we hope it’s off to a great start for you too! We’ve been talking a lot about Agile lately so we wanted to make that the focus of our newsletter this quarter. If you haven’t heard the term Agile, it is a software development approach that is faster and more iterative than typical development work. And it is gaining traction fast across the business world! We are experimenting with the term “Agile Change Management” to describe our adaptive and iterative approach to managing change in a fast-paced environment. Enjoy the articles below and let us know what you think! Happy Changing!
Change Management and Agile Project Management-What We've Learned (a Retrospective)
  • Project Management understands the role change methodology, tools and deliverables play in the overall project success– check! 
  • We will be using agile methodology to quickly develop and migrate by business area – newer territory, but still feeling good. 
  • Change Management will be expected to use Jira, an agile project management tool, for the first time. We will participate in sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospective “ceremonies” – let’s discuss.

We knew the hallmarks of our change methodology, tools and deliverables would still apply. But, we also knew we would need to adapt to a more iterative approach. Looking back at the work to date, we found some lessons and tips to share.

Tip #1 –Time Investments Shifted
Very early on we realized we were investing time in ways we didn’t anticipate.    
  • Heavy Upfront Time Investment for developing, testing and revising our communication and training toolkits with our pilot group; efficiencies were then gained with subsequent rollouts
  • Frontloading Strategic Resources became necessary to support the initial CM tasks mentioned above with the ability to taper resourcing once we got into managing execution of a repeatable cadence
  • Managing Change Tasks in Time-Boxed Periods or Sprints, we invested in participating in Jira through sprint planning, daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospective ceremonies. Early on this felt like an ineffective use of our time and a duplication of our planning deliverables. With time and compromise, we shaped meetings to address stakeholder relevant topics first, and we agreed to leverage Jira reports to meet components of our stage gate documentation requirements.

Using Agile Change Management in a Hyper Fast Growth Company
Picture This…
A fast-growing international company is doubling in size every year. That means new people, new processes, new customers, new business segments, new almost everything every few months. The speed of change at which this company is growing could rival even the fastest bobsled track! What does change look like in a company that is growing so quickly? Close your eyes and picture this…
  • Newly acquired companies to be integrated
  • New and expanding corporate teams
  • New office space and changing seating assignments to fit new team members
  • A growing workforce that requires more training and communication
  • The continuous creation, or fine-tuning, of policies and procedures
  • Ever-evolving marketing initiatives
  • More efforts to utilize off-shore resources
  • Ambitious goals set by the executive team
  • Cross-functional teams striving to achieve those goals by working faster to try to produce more

Phew! Now that’s a lot of change. How do employees keep up with this pace of change? With a little help from the 5 C’s of Agile Change Management!

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Change Guides is looking for experienced change management consultants (preferably in the Midwest) with these attributes:
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  • 10+ years of professional business experience, change management preferred
  • Some management consulting experience, big six preferred
  • Proven track record in leading change management strategy and execution on multiple projects
  • Familiar with change management methodologies and tools
  • Willingness to work virtually and travel as needed
  • Willingness to flex hours up and down based on client need and project. Most projects need 2 to 4 days per week.
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