AWB Newsletter
Winter 2018
Editor: Catherine Paglin 

Emerging professionals, did you know that when volunteering for Architects Without Borders-Oregon you may be eligible for credit for AXP, the Architectural Experience Program (TM) required for licensure?

AWB-Oregon is on the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) roster of pre-approved Community-Based Design Center/Collaborative organizations. Licensure candidates may earn up to 320 hours related to the six AXP experience areas, when volunteering for such organizations.

"Emerging professionals working with AWB should be aware of this opportunity for meeting the professional experience criteria," says Rod Merrick, AWB's designated AXP supervisor. 

While earning his license, AWB volunteer Kent Wu tracked his volunteer hours through AWB's project management software. He coordinated with Merrick during this time, logged his hours through what is now the AXP program, (formerly the Intern Development Program, IDP), and asked Merrick to review and approve them for the registration process.

"It was a helpful way to gain experience in several practice categories that a young intern might not find available in a traditional professional setting," says Wu.

Questions about how to earn, record, and report AXP hours when volunteering for AWB? Get in touch with Shikha Subramanian at

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Donor Appreciation  
Thank you to the firms and individuals who made recent monetary donations to AWB-Oregon: Hacker, Opsis Architecture,   William Wilson Architects, Chandra Robinson, and Paul Walker. Thank you also to those that supported AWB with in-kind contributions: the AIA Center for Architecture for our beautiful meeting space, and Widmer Brothers Brewing for making our October Happy Hour event happier.

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