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"Follow your bliss and don't be afraid,
and doors will open
where you didn't know they were going to be.
If you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that wouldn't have opened for anyone else."
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Sage Words
Kill the imagination and you kill the soul. Kill the soul and you're left with a listless, apathetic creature who can become hopeless or brutal or both ."
~ Marion Woodman,
Bone: Dying into Life

{Remembering Marion Woodman's legacy - 1928-2018} 

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"Through Ritual, we bypass our conscious, rational minds to access the intuitive heart and the intelligence of the soul, which also shifts our energetic patterns.The body, mind, and heart are brought into alignment, which allows us to gain insight from and create influence upon the subtle dimensions of reality where we access intuitive wisdom."

Greetings Sage Society & Friends:

Since I have relocated to Santa Rosa Beach, it has taken some time to transition my Shamanic Energy Therapy practice, but I'm happy to announce that I
am once again accepting new clients!!   
Starting next week, I will be offering regular therapy sessions and workshops through Stone Soup in
Ft. Walton Beach. I have found a sweet and caring intuitive community here, and I will be in-house on Wednesdays beginning in February. I will also be teaching a Living Myth class this winter through Northwest Florida State College Community Ed, and workshops will continue to be added to the schedule.

For my Georgia clients, I will continue to offer distance work by phone, and though I will still get to your neck of the woods on occasion to offer workshops & sessions, I do hope some  of you Atlanta folks will seek me out here when  you come to stay on the Emerald Coast!  I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Oh, and don't forget Peru! We are taking a small group for a deep and intimate tour of the Sacred Valley. this will be a magical trip for those who can make it!! 
Sending you Beauty & Light  ~  Gay
Living Myth ~ 6 classes starting Jan. 29

A fun but intelligent exploration into world mythology and how its motifs and archetypes
are relevant today in literature, art, film & life.
Offered by Northwest Florida State College Community Education Dept.
Register in person at one of NWFSC's branches. 

Caring for the Luminous Body
Workshop ~ Sat., Feb 9 ~ 2-3:30pm

Join us for a fun and enlightening introductory engagement with your luminous body. This is an experiential workshop in which you will not only learn about, but will also personally experience, the subtle energy in your own body and that of others. We'll also review ways to care for your subtle body at home.
$25 per person
Call Stone Soup, Ft. Walton Bch to register
Shamanic Energy Therapy Schedule 
At this time, I am offering 90 minute first-visit sessions and 60 minute follow-up sessions when booked within a month of a previous appointment. While there will be some exceptions, I will generally be offering sessions weekly, on Wednesdays.

Call: 850-533-6565 to schedule services with Gay.

I will be available for appointments scheduled from
11am to 3:30pm at Stone Soup in Ft. Walton Beach
on the following dates. 
Jan 31 (Thurs.), & Wednesdays February  6, 13, 20, & 27. 
   A new resource for finding quality products
and services for holistic living!

For a long time I've been asked for suggestions and referrals on products and services, and in response, we have created a new product review blog: In this blog we recommend products based on personal experience, or research. For some more involved products, we try to provide you a summary of key controversy or research to help make you more informed as you choose from the vast array of holistic products on the market.

Check my recent blog on Sage Cottage: 
Andean Myth & Mystery: Peru June 6-16, 2019 

We are taking an intimate journey amidst the awe-inspiring Andes mountains and magnificent Inca ruins that arouse our mythic imaginations. Join us as we engage the remnants of a powerful and mysterious past still pulsing its ancient wisdom and mystery into the living present. Click for more information.

Keep checking out our website for detailed information, new articles, links, and resources.
Gay Wolff
Sage Foundations