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Faber Castell
Lettering Sets

The love for analogue techniques continues. Many people worldwide paint, write and draw out of sheer joy and passion. In the era of smart phones and touch screens, people yearn to do things where they can live out their creativity. Artful hand lettering creates true pieces of handwritten art. 
Regardless of whether you use a brush pen, a classic fine liner, a brush and paint, or a dip pen and ink – the possibilities in hand lettering are vast and creative.

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Daniel Smith Watercolors
Locally made in Seattle Washington-
“DANIEL SMITH Finest Watercolors – A classic watercolor of unsurpassed purity and permanence.”   Daniel Smith has become a worldwide leader of watercolors for artists. Many are traditional colors relied upon by all artists, and there are many “truly unique” colors made only by Daniel Smith that have become essential to many watercolor artists as well.
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Ampersand Floater Frames
Designed to Work With 7/8" and 1 1/2" Cradles, 3/4" Canvas and Flat Panels!
Floaterframe is the only do-it-yourself frame specifically designed for wood panels. Other frames on the market often damage the wood panel, are difficult to attach, and are rarely the correct profile. After years of receiving inquiries from artists struggling with existing frames, Ampersand focused on developing the perfect solution to frame artwork created on a wood cradled panel.
Made with premium hardwood, the quality of floaterframe is immediately evident. Every detail has been designed and engineered to give you a simple, all-in-one framing solution that protects your artwork while giving it the finished look it richly deserves.
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Itoya Midtown Portfolios & Bags
The Itoya Midtown Pouch and Portfolio were designed to hold anything you can think of, from art supplies and A6 notebooks, to large artworks.The Midtown Pouch has multiple compartments making it easy to organize many items, and the four different color variations allow you to choose a style that fits your personality. Made of soft felt, water-resistant and lightweight, making it one of the world’s best travel companions.
* * * * * Check Out These Books for Winter * * * * *
Expressive Painting
by Joseph Stoddard
Expressive Painting  gives beginning and aspiring artists the information they need to paint colorful watercolors that convey mood and emotion on paper. The book covers essential painting topics, including color theory, color mixing, selecting color schemes, and working with tools and materials, as well as watercolor painting techniques, such as painting wet-into-wet and wet-on-dry.

The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide
by Peggy Dean
The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide  has something for everyone--from beginners that have never used a brush pen, to seasoned letterers looking for a new style or ideas for creative flourishes. From choosing the best pens and paper and knowing the different styles of lettering, to adding color to your finished pieces--this book covers it all.

Origami Animal Sculpture: Paper Folding Inspired by Nature
by John Szinger
Origami folders will find that the sculptures they create are customized to exhibit the subjects' personality and attitude. Szinger's attention to detail is the hallmark of his work. He's been folding paper for most of his life, starting with paper airplanes at a young age. 


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