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Snow is here for many of us and with it the cold. Here's a virtual cup of cocoa (or tea or coffee) along with the story of the elves and the past season to go along with it (or just the highlights - we know you're busy).
Direct Refunds on Adjustments
If you're using our preferred gateway,, and collect more than net income, you'll find that when you add a discount adjustment to an invoice with a credit card payment, you can choose to send a refund directly to the gateway and back to the credit card with no further steps required. These usually process back to the cardholder within 3-5 days and can be seen on the in-system reports.

Adjustments for Recurring Payments
When viewing autopay items on an invoice, you may notice that the Adjust link has been replaced by an Edit link. You are now able to change the amount of future payments within a recurring subscription in addition to the date the payments start (if they haven't yet) and how many payments occur. Questions? We'd be happy to help - just give us a call at 802-465-9732.

Calendar Exports
This one has nothing to do with adjustments, but is possibly even more useful. Head over to your main management side calendar to find the Export link. You can set a date range from the popup and any facilities you had selected on the calendar will export to a file that can be imported into Mac, Microsoft, or Google calendars so you can check your events from wherever you like.

Speaking of calendars, let us know if you'd like your time zone set to something other than Eastern.
A Few More Updates...
  • We've updated the site navigation and banner area for better access on mobile devices (you may need to clear you're browser cache to fully acclimate this update on your computer.
  • Registrants can choose a team to register for during checkout based on your settings.
  • Budget groups and other details for manual credits can be edited from the account statement.
  • Grade is now optional in that you can choose not to use that field altogether.
  • A new set of disbursement reports is available for credit card fees based on your settings.
  • Single member discounts can be added to advanced activity programs for single day options.
  • Activity email blasts can be filtered to send by residency.
  • Second guardians can be added to child members for emails, rosters, and exports.
  • Basic & full rosters have been combined with additional options in activity teams/groups tabs.
  • When applicable, the next payment due date appears on registration receipts.
  • An export is available for the Admins financial software within finance reports.
  • The ability to send calendar events to Musco for lighting scheduling will be ready after the new year.
  • Email addresses in accounts and member profiles are clickable for an easy way to direct email.
  • Email blasts can be sent through Constant Contact for templates, scheduling, list control, etc.
  • Point of sale member searches in the facility portal can search by account name.
  • Comparison reports for activities by popularity and revenue show both metrics at once.

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