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We are so excited to have grown so much in the past year. Our round-ups of new deals, new clients and award news has grown so much, we have decided to add a second newsletter to share our phenomenal reviews. 

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  Rave Reviews

Praise for NISHGA by Jordan Abel (World Rights Available Ex: Canada English, McClelland & Stewart). Contact Stephanie Sinclair.

"With NISHGA, Jordan Abel has reinvented the memoir... to create an unforgettable portrait of an Indigenous artist trying to find his place in a world that insists Indigeneity can only ever be the things that he is not. Abel deftly shows us the devastating impact this gate-keeping has had on those who, through no decisions of their own, have been ripped from our communities and forced to claw their way back home, or to a semblance of home, often unassisted. This is a brave, vulnerable, brilliant work that will change the face of nonfiction, as well as the conversations around what constitutes Indigenous identity. It's a work I will return to again and again." 
-Alicia Elliott, author of  A Mind Spread Out on the Ground

"In NISHGA, Jordan Abel puts to use the documentary impulse that has already established him as an artist of inimitable methodological flair. By way of a mixture of testimonial vignettes, recordings of academic talks, found text/art, and visual art/concrete poetry, Abel sculpts a narrative of dislocation and self-examination that pressurizes received notions of 'Canada' and 'history' and 'art' and 'literature' and 'belonging' and 'forgiveness.' Yes, it is a book of that magnitude, of that enormity and power. By its Afterword, NISHGA adds up to a work of personal and national reckoning that is by turns heartbreaking and scathing." 
-Billy-Ray Belcourt, author of  NDN Coping Mechanisms  and  A History of My Brief Body

"Jordan Abel digs deeply into the questions we should all be asking. Questions that need no explanation but ones that require us to crawl back into our bones, back into the marrow of our understanding. NISHGA is a ceremony where we need to be silent. Where we need to listen." -Gregory Scofield, author of Witness, I Am

"This is a heart-shattering read, and will also be a blanket for others looking for home. NISHGA is a work of absolute courage and vulnerability. I am in complete awe of the sorrow here and the bravery. Mahsi cho, Jordan." -Richard Van Camp, author of Moccasin Square Gardens

"NISHGA is book that cascades across borders, genres, temporalites, and oralities. This book wounded me, but, in a way that I felt seen and held. Here is a book, by which I mean a body of text, blown righteous with holes from behind which dispossessed and disenfranchised Indigenous historicities peek." -Joshua Whitehead, author of Jonny Appleseed

Billy-Ray BelcourtPraise for A HISTORY OF MY BRIEF BODY by Billy-Ray Belcourt (World Rights Available Ex: Canada English, Hamish Hamilton; US English, Two Dollar Radio). Contact Stephanie Sinclair.

"In A History of My Brief Body, Billy-Ray breaks apart the reflection of a life into the specificity of moments-both his own and our collective experience-and beads them into his simultaneously sharp and lush writing. Bursting with all the movements of sex, riot, and repose, this book presents us with a shock of recognition and reclamation, and we are better for it-punch drunk and aching but, oh, so much better. I'm gutted by his brilliant mind." 
-Cherie Dimaline, bestselling author of  Empire of Wild  and  The Marrow Thieves

"I choose not to reduce A History of My Brief Body to simply a bending of genre. Well beyond that simple idea, Billy-Ray Belcourt uses a dexterity of language and form as a container for memory and nostalgia as vehicles for truth about a still-blooming present. I love a book where a writer treats themselves and their own histories with gentleness and care, and this book is a towering achievement on that front." -Hanif Abdurraqib, author of They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill UsGo Ahead in the Rain, and  A Fortune for Your Disaster

"Settler colonialism demands we believe we'd be better off without our bodies-their needs, their feelings, their raucous disobedience and ungovernable change. I don't always know how to talk back to the violent nonsense that says, Disappear. With precision and care, Billy-Ray Belcourt presses thought against feeling to make, in each essay, an unbounded space for knowing and for staying whole."  -Elissa Washuta, author of  My Body is a Book of Rules

"A History of My Brief Body puts the reader at the centre of a deeply serious struggle--with language, with sexuality, with race and colonial Canada, and with love and joy and a life in art. It's about the attempt to stand in a centre one has created, all while feeling the impossibility of ever doing so, and also wondering if maybe one shouldn't. This is a passionate and vital autobiography about the intellect, the culture, and the flesh, as it bears its assaults and preserves a true light." -Sheila Heti, author of Motherhood and  How Should a Person Be?

"A History of My Brief Body  is an NDN love story that will stop you in your tracks. I'm struck by the gentleness in Belcourt's words, his ability to move across scales, and the complexity of his thought. He's achieved something here that we've collectively been trying to achieve for a long time, and it makes me feel proud."  -Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, author of This Accident of Being Lost
"Billy-Ray Belcourt's moving and important book, A History of My Brief Body, dazzles in its quest to prove 'Joy is art is an ethics of resistance.' Not quite memoir, not quite poetry, not quite novel, this dizzying and intelligent book traces a queer NDN coming-of-age with equal parts search and insight. The book draws inspiration from the likes of Claudia Rankine, Terese Marie Mailhot, and Maggie Nelson, but Belcourt is no mimic; with A History of My Brief Body, Belcourt takes his place among these important thinkers."  -Danny Caine, Raven Book Store (Lawrence, KS)

Praise for Brenda Brooks' HONEY (World Rights Available Ex: North America, ECW Press, Fall 2019). Contact  Samantha Haywood and for international rights contact Stephanie Sinclair

"Brooks has delivered a meaty, insightful, and at times funny story of star crossed lovers... Her writing is exceptional and hard-driving, and the story itself difficult to put down."  -ALA Booklist

Publication buz z around RECIPE  FOR A PERFECT WIFE by Karma Brown (North American p ublication Dec 31/19). Contact Carolyn Forde

#5 on Toronto Star Bestseller List (Jan 11/20)
#1 on Globe & Mail 
Bestseller List

Karma Brown's RECIPE FOR A PERFECT WIFE (Viking), which the Toronto Star call s "a time-hopping, dark domestic mystery, sprinkled with a dash of female empowerment and a few vintage baking tips" has hit #1 on the Globe & Mail Canadian Bestseller list and #1 on the Toronto Star Canadian Bestseller list! It was selected as a Discover Book of the Month for Barnes and Noble for January 2020 and a Cityline BookClub pick for Winter 2020. 
The New  York Times ran an insightful review of RECIPE : "Funny how the world used to be so backward! Hahahaha! The joke is on the kitten -heels -and- apron-wearing 1950s housewife wielding a can of cream of mushroom soup, right? Fairly soon, you realize Brown is less interested in amusing you with these nostalgic nods than she is in calling out the fact that so many of them still somehow resonate." 

And the Globe & Mail raved in a feature full page article: "While Recipe for a Perfect Wife is certainly not lacking in gut-wrenching scenes, including abuse, rape and murder, it is less about riding the emotional roller coaster with Brown than it is engaging in a conversation with her as she tackles the knottier issues of gender stereotypes, female agency and just how many questionable decisions are acceptable in the pursuit of self-discovery." 

"VERDICT Brown ( The Life Lucy Knew) kills it; her latest is a winner so captivating that fans of modern and old-fashioned stories about women could easily read it in one day." -Starred Review from Library Journal

"Brown ratchets up the tension and pulls off a surprising-but satisfying-ending [in Recipe for a Perfect Wife]. An eng aging and suspenseful look at how the patriarchy shaped women's lives in the 1950s and continues to do so today."  -Kirkus

"[Brown] excels at bringing the complexities of women's lives to the page, and her latest novel questions how much has really changed for women over the last 60 years. The pacing is brisk, the characters are appealing, and both time lines are equally well realized. Thoughtful, clever, and surprisingly dark." -Booklist

"A powerful, thought-provoking story about the choices that ultimately come to define and liberate two women who lived 60 years apart." -Shelf Awareness

PARADE featured the book in their January 5 print issue's "Books We Love" column:
"In Karma Brown's Recipe for a Perfect Wife (Dutton), 60 years separates two women
who connect through a vintage cookbook, an old house and their fight for a place in a
patriarchal society."

CRIME READS includes it in this piece about the 10 Novels You Should Read in January.

REFINERY29 includes RECIPE in th
eir recent roundup of 11 Books to Stay Inside With

"A captivating dual narrative novel reveals what happens when a modern-day woman finds hidden notes left by her home's previous owner, an archetypal housewife." -Westport Magazine, recommended books Jan 2020, print edition 

Catherine Bush Praise for Catherine Bush's BLAZE ISLAND (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Goose Lane Editions, Fall 2020). Contact Samantha Haywood and for international rights contact Stephanie Sinclair
"Blaze Island is a fascinating and prescient story. With climate change as the backdrop, Catherine Bush's lyrical portrait of the northern island landscape and a young woman's passion for the land offers a frightening warning of how big business will surely adapt to the changes to benefit itself. Bush's story is compelling-we watch the hurricane unfold, as only a brilliant writer can show us--and offers a moving and soulful primer for climate survival."  -Shani Mootoo, author of  Polar Vortex

Praise for OPEN HOUSE: A Life in 32 Moves by Jane Christmas (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, HarperCollins). Contact 

"This is a book for everyone who loves houses: an insightful, rollicking read full of plaster dust  and screaming seagulls where 'reno-mania' attacks the wobbly foundations of childhood-and triumphs!"  -Plum Johnson, author of  They Left Us Everything

"Jane Christmas writes with such fever that she gets you caught-up in her real estate frenzy of compulsive house-buying, renovating and reselling. As the book progresses and you begin to wonder about the psychological source of her thirty-two lifetime moves the author strips us back to her joists to reveal that her mother was also a compulsive renovator who didn't stop at brick and mortar. Open House combines memoir, details of interior design, and fascinating architectural history. All these narrative layers are cemented with a humorous overcoat. If you enjoy reading Nora Ephron on renovating, or reading the real estate section of the paper as though it is real news-as I do-then you'll love this book." -Cathy Gildiner, author of Good Morning Monster: Five Heroic Journeys to Recovery and Too Close to the Falls: A Memoir

"There's something for everyone in Jane Christmas's Open House--a 'Money Pit' black comedy about a home renovation, a memoir of a challenging childhood and a tumultuous adulthood, and a moving meditation about the idea of home. It's a page-turner and frequently funny, but there were times when I would re-read a passage for a long time: how well Christmas understands our modern ambivalence between stability and change, between the profound comfort of home and the excitement of novelty. Even readers as uninterested in home renovation as 'The Husband' (Christmas's partner) will find Open House both entertaining and deeply serious."
 -Katherine Ashenburg, author of  Sofie & Cecilia

"A serial mover, Jane Christmas writes with passion and plenty of firsthand experience about the pleasures and pitfalls of moving often from home to home. Her sentences are sublime and you learn through her perfect prose that when she tackles a renovation, much more than a home is restored. Often hilarious, always thoughtful, you will pack up Open House: A Life in 32 Moves and carry it with you whenever you next move." -Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour
Advance praise for LIKE RUM-DRUNK ANGELS by Tyler Enfield (World Rights Available Ex: Canada and World French, Goose Lane Editions, March 2020). Contact Shaun Bradley for US and film and television inquiries and Stephanie Sinclair for international rights.

Winter Books Preview: 36 reads to get you through till spring 
-Globe & Mail
2020 Spring Preview: Novels -Quill & Quire

"Tyler Enfield's Like Rum-Drunk Angels wrings a variation on the American Western which is
 entirely unique-saucy, funny, warm, 
tender, unbridled. It's a breakneck gallop of a book, as fine a novel as I have read in a long time." -Wayne Johnston, author of The Colony of Unrequited Dreams and  The Navigator of New York

"Tyler Enfield opens a treasure-chest of familiar  Western tropes, turns them upside down and inside out, and makes them dance. Like Rum-Drunk Angels is funny, absurd, wildly inventive, and then-just as you're least prepared for it-deeply moving. Magic." -Ian Weir, author of Will Starling and  The Life and Death of Strother Purcell  

"Brilliant. A mad-dog of a novel!" -Thomas Trofimuk, author of  This is All a Lie

Praise for FIDDLING WITH FATE, Kathleen Ernst's triumphant tenth book in her Chloe Ellefson mystery series (World rights available ex. North American sold to Midnight Ink). Contact Fiona Kenshole:

"The historical threads and Chloe's quest tie together at the end in a really lovely way, and the reader learns something about Norwegian folk traditions along the way. Ernst brings not only her characters to life, but also the Norwegian heritage Chloe is so desperate to uncover." -Mystery Scene

" Fiddling with Fate is a riveting page-turner that culminates in a nail-biting ending...It's a masterpiece." -Maddy Hunter, Agatha Award finalist and author of the  Passport to Peril mystery series

"[A] richly-detailed and multi-faceted mystery." -Patricia Skalka, winner of the Edna Ferber Fiction Book Award

Andrea GunrajPraise for THE LOST SISTER by Andrea Gunraj (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Vagrant Press). Contact Stephanie Sinclair.

"Perha ps what is most impressive about  The Lost Sister  is Gunraj's mastery of the human condition and its complexities.... Gunraj writes with poetic precision and a nostalgia that is so familiar it reads like non-fiction.  The Lost Sister  also speaks to the invisibility of women and girls of colour in the eyes of government and authorities, illustrating how blame for the circumstances of their lives is placed on them instead of on the systemic oppression they are forced to endure."  - Quill and Quire , starred review
"The Lost Sister is a rich and artful novel about community, solidarity, and resilience. Though through her narrative, Gunraj takes her reader on a most demanding journey, she navigates the delicate and difficult terrain with such considerable grace that I feel comfortable recommending this book to everyone." -Kerry Clare, Briny Books, author of Mitzi Bytes and
Waiting for a Star to Fall

"With compassion, clarity, and enormous talent, Andrea Gunraj tells an epic story.... This novel exposes losses no one should suffer but all too many bear. Reading it will break your heart and give you hope to heal." -Julia Phillips, author of Disappearing Earth
Robin Ha
Starred reviews for ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL by Robin Ha (World Rights Available Ex: English in North America, Balzer + Bray; Korean, Gilbutschool). Contact Samantha Haywood and Stephanie Sinclair:

"This heartfelt memoir from an author who shares her honest, personal experiences excels at showing how Ha navigated Asian American identity and the bonds between mother and daughter. An insightful, moving coming-of-age tale." -Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"A poignant and unvarnished depiction of immigration-both the heartache and the rewards."  -School Library Journal, starred review

"With unblinking honesty and raw vulnerability... [and] presented in full-color splendor, her energetic style mirrors the constant motion of her adolescent self, navigating the peripatetic turbulence toward adulthood." - ALA Booklist, starred review

"Touching and subtly humorous, this emotive memoir is as much about the steadfast bond between a mother and daughter as it is about the challenges of being an immigrant in America." - Publishers Weekly, starred review

ALMOST AMERICAN GIRL has been selected as a Top Ten Indie Next Pick by booksellers around the United States! The list features "Inspired Recommendations for Kids from Indie Booksellers" and includes additional promotion in stores and online. Here's what booksellers are saying:

"Robin Ha shares her story with readers in this touching memoir told in graphic novel form, and I enjoyed every moment of it. You will laugh and cry!" -Jen Steele, Boswell Book Company, Milwaukee, WI

Praise for BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME by Kate Hilton (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, HarperCollins; Australia & New Zealand, Allen & Unwin). Contact Samantha Haywood and Stephanie Sinclair

"With Be tter Luck Next Time , Kate Hilton has crafted a novel that will make you belly laugh, tug at your heartstrings, and fall in love with the Hennessey-Goldstein families. Full of charm and depth, I loved this quirky family saga!"  -Karma Brown, bestselling author of Recipe for a Perfect Wife

"Compulsively readable and very, very funny, Kate Hilton's Better Luck Next Time is that rare novel that manages to  capture the extraordinary in everyday life. I cheered on the Goldstein-Hennessy clan, even as I laughed and cried at their mishaps. A heartfelt, delicious read, one not to be missed!"  -Uzma Jalaluddin, author of Ayesha At Last

"Kate Hilton's latest,  Better Luck Next Time, is a hilarious, astute, and wonderfully heartwarming tale of a family juggling the complexities of divorce, independence, love, and loss. It's relatable, relevant, and emotionally resonant - altogether a gem of a book. I loved it!"  -Jennifer Robson, internationally bestselling author of  The Gown

" Better Luck Next Time is a hilarious, captivating novel for fans of Where'd You Go, Bernadette and The Nest . If you've ever been part of a family, or wished perhaps you weren't, you'll adore this tender, wise novel about the ways that love imprisons and liberates." -Liz Renzetti

"I loved returning to the Goldstein-Hennesseys after a long day. The wry, funny, and relatable family drama is a delicious comfort not unlike binging on your favourite show. It is exactly what we need right now. Pour yourself a glass of wine, run the bath, and enjoy this terrific book!" -Laurie Petrou, bestselling author of Sister of Mine

"As with all intelligent comedy, Kate Hilton's Better Luck Next Time has a broken heart and a rising sense of panic just below the surface of what's funny. Hilarious and poignant, you'll want to be best friends with the entire Hennessy family." -Roz Nay

"Kate Hilton's Better Luck Next Time is a funny and charmi ng exploration of modern love and family." -Kerry Clare, author of Mitzi Bytes

Praise for THERE HAS TO BE A KNIFE by Adnan Khan (World Rights Available Ex: World English, Arsenal Pulp Press). Contact Stephanie Sinclair:

"Khan... writes with a noir sensibility, equal parts violence and tenderness, in a debut set mostly after dark in the restaurant kitchens and bars around Toronto's College Street. Yet [the book accesses] some fundamental truths of being the person left behind by a suicide death. Drinking only makes you drunk; work doesn't bring sleep. And you will get through this, but not unchanged."   -The Globe & Mail  

Praise for Sarah Leavitt's AGNES, MURDERESS (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Freehand Press, Fall 2019).Contact Samantha Haywood and for international rights contact Stephanie Sinclair:

"Just in time for the dark days setting in, AGNESS, MURDERESS is perfect late night fireside reading. Don't worry about those strange sounds behind you." -Vancouver Sun

"Canadian comic to watch this fall." -CBC Books

"Agnes is a killer with no apparent empathy for others, but did her soul become twisted by a generational curse, or is she simply a psychopath? Leavitt conjures a vivid sense of place in just a few simple brushstrokes, but she doesn't offer any easy answers."-Georgia Straight

"13 creepy Canadian books to read on Halloween" -CBC Books

Praise for NATURAL KILLER by Harriet Alida Lye (World Rights Available Ex: Canada English, McClelland & Stewart). C ontact Stephanie Sinclair:

"Never have I read a more moving book on the fragile filament of life, the bond between people who love one another and struggle to find the words to express that love. The words are here, so wise and specific and drawn from the inward part. Harriet Alida Lye has no truck with fantasy or faith or folderol. She is a star witness to the bloom of life that surrounds death, and her work demands access to our unsentimental hearts."  -Michael Winter, author of  Into the Blizzard

"In succinct and addictive and generous prose she details the perils and miracles of living in a human body, on the days when it is out to kill us and those when it is making a whole other life inside us."  -Heather O'Neill, author of  The Lonely Hearts Hotel  and  Lullabies for Little Criminals

"Natural Killer is less a cancer memoir (though it is that) as a wise and heart-affirming reflection on the ties that bind us to one another: on motherhood but also daughterhood, control and surrender, and the body's limit experiences. Harriet Alida Lye brilliantly weaves her materials together, from firsthand memories to medical records, scenes of the body ravaged and scenes of the body creating, in a truly original work of autobiography."
-Lauren Elkin, author of  Flâneuse

"Harriet Alida Lye takes the enormous cruelty of indiscriminate disease and creates something truly beautiful and deeply moving. A book about the terror of death that is brimming with the warmth and vibrancy of life."  -Stacey May Fowles, author of  Baseball Life Advice

"What a rare thing to read a book that makes you pause in reflection on nearly every page. Natural Killer is a remarkable story of an inspiring family that is both heartbreaking and hopeful. Alida Lye's writing, intimate and subtle, asks profound questions about life, death, hope and trust that made me grateful to have spent time in her beautiful mind. This work, crafted so thoughtfully, will stay with me for a very long time."   -Ashley Audrain, author of  The Push

"In this generous book, Harriet Alida Lye opens up her life-and her body-to us. She guides us through the peaks and nadirs of human experience with her sensuous prose, her keen eye for the beauty that exists even in the terrible moments, and, above all, her boundless, fierce love."   -Anna Maxymiw, author of  Dirty Work

"Everything about this book is exceptional: the writing, the potency of its images, the portrayal of two lives linked across time, the writer herself. I cannot recommend this enough."   -Nafkote Tamirat, author of  The Parking Lot Attendant

"A gripping memoir, told in an honest unassuming way that is inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time, and leaves you with renewed gratitude for life. I cried, I laughed, and I ached. The way Harriet weaves in her parents' perspective gave me goosebumps as a mother. I read this book in one night!"  -Samra Zafar, author of  A Good Wife

"A breath-taking memoir full of clarity, courage, and wisdom. In opening up her transition from child to mother, Harriet Alida Lye shows how fear and love can become unifying forces in a body that both takes and gives life. This story will stay with me for a long time."
-Claire Cameron, author of The Last Neanderthal and The Bear

Dead Mom Walking cover Praise for Rachel Matlow's DEAD MOM WALKING (World Rights Available Ex: Canada, Penguin. Spring 2020). Contact Samantha Haywood and for international rights contact Stephanie Sinclair

"This book is perfect. Dead Mom Walking is a deeply funny, incredibly smart, and moving page-turner . . . I just can't get over what a stunning achievement it is."  -Zoe Whittall, author of  The Best Kind of People

"One of the most powerful stories I've read in a long time-intimate, astonishing, harrowing, and redemptive. Dead Mom Walking is such an important book, with lessons for everybody . . . I can't get it out of my head." -Plum Johnson, author of They Left Us Everything

"The characters are so charming you'll simultaneously want to read the whole thing in one sitting and slow down so you can spend more time with them. Dead Mom Walking will break your heart and then mend it. Read this book; call your mom." -Scaachi Koul, author of
One Day We'll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter

"An exquisite paean to the mother-child bond. Rachel's love for her mother is beautifully expressed from the first page of the book to the last." -Catherine Gildiner, author of
Good Morning Monster

Advanced Praise for Hannah Mary McKinnon's SISTER DEAR (publication is May 2020). Contact Carolyn Forde.

"Sister Dear drew me in, had me hooked and I was never really sure what to expect (in a good way)! or who to trust. I thought it was dark, twisty, compelling and also heartbreaking. I really felt for Eleanor and didn't see the ending coming at all! Unputdownable and I truly enjoyed rea ding it to see how the intertwined lives would unfold. Highly recommended!"
-Karen Hamilton, international bestselling author of  The Perfect Girlfriend

"When Eleanor Hardwicke learns  that her late father wasn't her biological father, she embarks on a quest to discover the truth about her family. Hannah Mary McKinnon weaves a tale so twisted and masterful, you'll be dizzy wit h exhilaration by the end.  Sister Dear  is a rip-roaring, page-turning, hold-your-breath thriller where there's only thing you can be certain of: trust no one."  -Jennifer Hillier, award-winning author of Jars of Hearts and  Little Secrets  

Roz NayAdvanced Praise for Roz Nay's HURRY HOME (publication is July 2020). Contact Carolyn Forde.

" Hurry Home  is everything you want in a psychological thriller: diabolical, venomous, and relentlessly entertaining. Roz Nay has crafted an absorbing, siniste r read with an ending so shoc king it will turn your emotions inside out and have you begging for more. I loved every twisted pa ge."  - Jennifer Hillier, award-winning author of  Jar of Hearts  and  Little Secrets

"Hurry Home is a fascina ting character study where we're never entirely certain who we're supposed to be r ooting for, taking us inside the lives of women struggling to shed past mistakes and start new lives while hiding from a growing tide of danger. A gripping exploration of how the darkness of the past can come to find us in the present, no matter how hard we try to run from it. Hurry Home  is fascinating and gripping with gloriously realized characters."  -Wendy Heard, author  The Kill Club  

"Hurry Home is about sisters and secrets. It' s a twisty, gripping read with heart." -Kaira Rouda, International and USA Today bestselling author of Best Day Ever and  The Favorite Daughter 

"Compelling and unsettling, Hurry Home is  a twiste d tale of sisterhood and deftly explores how we may be done with the past, but it's almost never done torturing us." -Vanessa Lillie, Amazon Bestselling Author of  Little Voices

"When two sisters are reunited after a ho rrific family tragedy, each with a different version of the events that drove them apart, the line between truth and fiction begins to vanish. Pitch-perfect and flawlessly constructed, Hurry Home  is never what it seems, telling a new story with each turn of the page. A breath stealing, edge-of-your seat thriller!"  -National Bestselling author of The Night Before, Wendy Walker
"A chilling, sharply-written and hard to put down book that explores the true weight of our past mistakes and secrets and the prim al connection of sisterhood. A propulsive and can't miss novel that will have you speeding through until you reach its jaw-dropping conclusion. This one will be sticking with me for a  while."   -Alex Segura, acclaimed author of  Blackout  and  Dangerous Ends

Dont Try This At Home cover Praise for Daria Salamon and Rob Krause's DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME (World Rights Sold: Turnstone Press). Contact Samantha Haywood and for international rights contact Stephanie Sinclair:

"Don't Try This at Home: One family's (mis)adventures around the world by husband and wife team Daria Salamon and Rob Krause makes for one magnificent story. With a healthy dose of humor, dangerous stories, and an equally interesting format--Daria tells the story from her point of view in the first half and Rob tells his in the second half-this travel memoir turns out to be a page-turning read." -Independent Book Review

Advance praise for WAG: THE SCIENCE OF MAKING YOUR DOG HAPPY by Dr. Zazie Todd PhD (World rights available ex. World English (Greystone Books, March 2020; Polish rights sold to Rebis). Contact  Fiona Kenshole for translation, film and tv rights:

Starred review in  Library Journal : "Useful in a collection of dog training and health titles; for those who want to focus on the inner life of their dog and make their experiences full of joy."

"Dog owners and those considering becoming one should appreciate Todd's substantial insight into how dogs and humans relate to one another."  - Publisher's Weekly

"If you care about your dog, you need this book. It's packed with insights from the latest canine science, and loads of advice on how you can give your dog the happiest possible life."  - Dr John Bradshaw, author of Dog Sense

"A rare blend of science and soul."  - Dr. Marty Becker, "America's Veterinarian"

"Zazie Todd does dogs the immeasurably good favor of taking their happiness seriously. Todd is dialed in to the science of dogs and a thoughtful trainer of dogs. Everything she writes about, you want to know. Wag is a welcome addition to the books geared to helping you help your dog."  - Alexandra Horowitz, author of Our Dogs, Ourselves: The Story of a Singular Bond, and Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know (a NYT bestseller)

"Wag will become a benchmark for the way that dogs need to be cared for: as sentient creatures experiencing emotions, just like us. This is a real achievement and it will make a big difference to the lives of dogs and people."   - Dr. Pete Wedderburn, veterinarian and newspaper columnist  

"Wag is the perfect title for Zazie Todd's lovely and insightful book. It seems simple, but your dog's happiness and well being is wonderfully complicated - and often different for every dog. Wag is a gift you should give to every friend or relative who has a new dog or puppy in their lives. It's organized with great sidebars, original insights from vets and dog experts, and helpful lists at the end of each chapter. Zazie Todd, a pyschology and dog trainer, gives us the latest research and insights that can help you better understand your dog. Practical, compassionate, thorough - and based on science rather than wishful thinking - Wag
is also a gift you should give to yourself and the dog or dogs in your life. I loved it!"  
- Cat Warren, author of the New York Times bestseller, What the Dog Knows: Scent, Science, and the Amazing Ways Dogs Perceive the World

"Well-written and packed with great advice, this book could fundamentally change the relationship between you and your dog."  - David Grimm, author of Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs

"This book is a joy to read. It will remind you of just how incredibly tolerant dogs have been when it comes to the training mistakes we often make. Zazie Todd beautifully combines the perfect amount of science-based information with compassionate, easy-to-implement techniques. It's not just about having a well-trained dog - it's also about having a happy dog and strengthening the bond you share. In reading this book, you will truly benefit from Zazie's impeccable research, sound knowledge and immense love of dogs."  - Pam Johnson-Bennett, best-selling author of Think Like a Cat

Praise for WE ALL WILL BE RECEIVED by Leslie Vryenhoek, Breakwater Books, 2019 (World Rights). Contact Shaun Bradley.

"This novel starts off gritty and nail-biting, Bonnie and Clyde meets Goin' Down The Road and it doesn't let up. Even once you've read the last page, you'r e still enthralled and you're still right there, in the refurbished Graceland Inn, hoping there' s more book to read because you' re not ready to say goodbye to the characters... What extraordinary prose, so fine, so sc ulpted. I loved the complexity of the characters and the  scope of the story. In a way, it rings similar to The Irishman by Martin Scorsese where the sins of the past com plicate the relations of the present and cannot help but surface to an action-packed climax. I loved the timeline of this book, how the plot wove back and forth and looped seamlessly to gather up the lives of many. The characters were written with a beautiful subtlety that carried vivid poignancies which spoke volumes."  -The Minerva Reader

"If the title of Leslie Vryenhoek's latest novel reminds you of Paul Simon's song Graceland, that could be by design, for there are several chara cters looking for Graceland (although it's a very different one from Elvis' mansion). Their stories are told in separate threads that eventually merge to a climactic finish  at Graceland, a renovated motel in Newfoundland, near the  L'anse aux Meadows National Historic Site... If you like stories that at first glance appear to have no common thread, then We All Will Be Received is a book you will definitely enjoy and rec eiv e much reading pleasure from. Breakwat er Books produces some of the best contemporary fiction on the East Coast, and this book well represents the genre."
-The Miramichi Reader

"...this is  a superlative novel." -Harold Walters,  The Packet

"With her second novel, Leslie Vryenhoek has crafted a page-turning thriller, entangling four characters, shifting between timelines of the 1970s, 1980s and close to present day. Their motives are specific to their backgrounds and experiences, but together they are on the run, from their pa sts and their choices, the consequences of which are increasingly embedded in social media... Vryenhoek is also a poet, and that discipline shows in the descriptive precision of her writing ('a murmle of voices'; 'He's never understood it, the body's reaction to cold, how fast it moves to jettison appendages'). The rest is pure plot adrenalin." 
-Joan Sullivan,  The Telegram
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