Winter 2020
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Resolutions for Any Day

I was recently interviewed by a local television station on how to stay motivated to keep resolutions made on January 1. I admitted to the reporter that I believe resolutions can be made any day, not just at the beginning of a new year. That said, if you made resolutions a few weeks back and you are losing steam, find a friend to support you, remember your motivation for choosing the resolution to begin with, and try to make it fun. If it is health related, you will soon see the progress you are making and that will help motivate you, too!

This newsletter includes an invitation to our annual worksite wellness conference, information on using plain language to make your messages more accessible and ways to help your community be more accessible as well. If you have ideas or suggestions for future topics, be in touch!

Happy New Year!

Sue Kamp
Registration Now Open for 2020 Worksite Wellness Conference
March 25, 2020

Join hundreds of Vermont business owners, human resources professionals and wellness experts on March, 25 th 2020 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Burlington, VT to learn strategies and best practices in worksite wellness, share your experiences, and expand your professional network. Our theme this year is Cultivating Connection – Supporting Employee Wellbeing.
Accessible Communication: Sharing information in a way we can all understand

There are many strategies we can use to ensure the information we share with people is meaningful and inclusive of everyone. Check out some basic tips on how to write and design information that is clear and accessible to all readers.
Creating Equitable Communities
T here is a lot of talk about the importance of creating equitable communities, but how do we do it?

Community planning and design plays an essential role in health equity. Change Lab Solutions , an organization dedicated to creating healthier communities through equitable laws and policies, offers multiple resources for government and community leaders about planning to support equity. 
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