Being able to work at Clarehouse has given me a sense of purpose. It allows me to give compassion and love to those that need it in a very difficult time. Plus, I get to give hugs!! I love hugging, it’s my favorite.
Leigh Pierce, LPN, Staff Nurse
Working as a caregiver at Clarehouse gives me such fulfillment and joy. When I am there, serving others, I feel that my heart smiles. Priscilla Crabtree, Staff Caregiver
There are few greater feelings than knowing you make a difference - seeing that palpable sense of relief on a family member’s face, when they recognize we are here to lift the caregiving burden and free them to spend these last moments loving and celebrating the life of the one they love. I am blessed by this opportunity.
Julia Roderick, RN, Clinical Manager
For me, it is pure joy to be a part of the Clarehouse team. It is an honor to be a part of the elevation of care created through Clarehouse values. Nancy Bobsein, Volunteer Nurse
Being a part of Clarehouse is a privilege and yet very humbling. We are at the threshold of someone’s last days. We work to fill those days with comfort for both our guests and their families in a most difficult time. Barbara Cherry, LPN, Staff Nurse
Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible . - Tia Walker, author