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january 2021
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Dear Friends,
Happy new year! We are starting the year fresh and changing things up for our first newsletter of the year by sharing a round-up of our upcoming projects that will be going out on submission this quarter, alongside a list of our new clients and a sampling of praise for our 2021 books. If one or more of the upcoming projects catches your interest and you would like to see more, please contact the corresponding agent in the descriptions below.
Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting the agents listed below, or to our group rights email at [email protected].
Stay healthy and take care this winter! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Our best wishes from the Adult Lit division,
Upcoming Projects



THE HILL by Catalina Margulis - Dumped. Pregnant. Fired. So far turning 40 has been a complete disaster for best friends Kat and Viv. Are their best years behind them, or will they find a way to make 40 the start of something amazing? THE HILL is women's fiction about friendship and motherhood, growing up and growing older. Two best friends - one harried and struggling with finding out she's pregnant, yet again and the other who can't seem to find love even though she would love to settle down and be domestic. Relationships, motherhood and living your best life are themes Margulis gravitates toward and has written about for many of Canada's top publications - ELLE Canada, Flare, Today's Parent, The Globe and Mail, Reader's Digest and Erica Ehm's Yummy Mummy Club. Catalina Margulis is represented by Carolyn Forde

THE MERRY WIDOW MURDERS is a cozy mystery from celebrated Canadian humorist and author Melodie Campbell. It's the 1920s and beautiful young widow Lady Lucy Revelstoke is returning to London from New York via steamship, eager to be reunited with her young son but happy to pass the time onboard with her handsome new friend Tony Anderson. But Lucy's carefree life and money belie her difficult childhood as a daughter of the Canadian Mafia, and when an anonymous hitman is found murdered in her stateroom, it seems like someone onboard wants to dig up the past. Could it be the dashing ship's purser, the only one who recognises Lucy for who she used to be? With the help of her eccentric maid Elf and the increasingly erratic attentions of Tony, Lucy is determined to protect her good name and future at any cost. Melodie Campbell is represented by Brenna English-Loeb.


CORRECTED is an upmarket, coming-of-age debut by licensed psychologist and author, Maria Timm, reminiscent of Lori Gottlieb meets THE MARS ROOM. Based on Dr. Timm's experiences working as a mental health screener in a Vancouver jail at the height of the opioid crisis, the novel follows Amelia, a naïve new psychologist and first-generation immigrant who begins working in a jail immediately after graduation. Over the course of a year, Amelia finds herself experimenting with self-medication, breaking and entering, making an enemy of one correctional officer, and falling in love with another. Told through interconnected vignettes that reveal the lives of the men Amelia works with, alternating with excerpts from Amelia's unraveling personal life, CORRECTED intimately examines the links between trauma, addiction, and incarceration while chronicling Amelia's moral and ethical transformation. Winner of the 2020 Texas Writers' League contest and a three-time finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers' Association contest, Dr. Maria Timm is represented by Amanda Orozco.

IS THIS YOU? by Holly Brown is upmarket fiction about two very different mothers who are pitted against each other as their tween daughters rage against the sexist middle school establishment, with very adult consequences. Is this you?, the post asks. Lea Costello stares at the picture of her SUV parked illegally during that morning's drop-off at her daughter Riley's school. Lea's been working (unsuccessfully) on a documentary about female rage, and she's feeling some herself right about now. Jenny Howell posted the picture because she believes in community. She believes in going above and beyond for her daughter Madison, which means being a room parent and PTA officer and (lately) a doormat. Just because Lea Costello makes feminist documentaries and was nominated for an Oscar all those years ago doesn't mean she's above the law. Lea and Jenny are nothing alike (or so they think) and they would happily steer clear of one another except Riley and Madison have become inseparable, teaming up to fight injustice just like Lea always taught Riley. Soon the girls are at war with the school, Lea and Jenny are at war with each other, and each girl is at war with her own mother. Things are becoming increasingly incendiary in town, as Lea's documentary on female rage expands to include two new subjects: Riley and Madison. Readers of BIG LITTLE LIES will love the small town drama and petty rivalries against the backdrop of larger issues of consent, #metoo and the sometimes fraught mother-daughter dynamic in IS THIS YOU? Holly Brown is represented by Carolyn Forde.

A SECOND CHANCE AT HEREAFTER by Melissa Baron is the story of a woman learning to save herself, with the help of a husband she doesn't have yet. When Isla receives a text from a man claiming to be her husband, she assumes it's a prank-until he texts her a picture of their wedding, several years into the future. He's texting back through time to save her, because in this future, Isla will die. But if Isla rewrites the course of time, she may never meet him at all. A time-crossed romance akin to THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE, but with the mental health themes of ELEANOR OLIPHANT IS COMPLETELY FINE, A SECOND CHANCE AT HEREAFTER stars a quintessentially endearing protagonist squaring off against fate. Melissa Baron is a technical writer and a blogger for Book Riot. She is based in Chicago, and this will be her debut novel. Melissa Baron is represented by Devon Halliday.

SISTER SURGAT SOLVES EVERYTHING by Sharon Pywell is upmarket fiction about unexpected and sometimes large mistakes that get made when we think we're carefully planning our lives. One afternoon thirteen-year old Gerald Kapronsky is found at the end of a Franciscan convent driveway, sitting on a suitcase and holding a note addressed to Sister Lucy. "He's yours for now," it reads. "Don't turn him into a sniveling crybaby." Sister Lucy is a St. Franciscan sister who came to the convent believing that life there would show her what she needed to do and be. So far she's still waiting for revelation. Lucy's closest friend and guide in Franciscan practice is Sister Surgat, a woman who has heard about doubt but never experienced it. Surgat is a biologist and teacher. Lucy is a nurse. Both have spent their lives in professions honoring facts above all else. The women take Gerald in hand and do not turn him into a sniveling crybaby. By the time he's finished his confirmation training, Gerald is quietly at war with all religion, determined never to return to any link to his actual biological family, and in love with all bugs. For fans of John Irving and Yann Martel, SISTER SURGAT SOLVES EVERYTHING is a meditation on science, faith and childhood and how they combine, sometimes with mixed results. Sharon Pywell is represented by Carolyn Forde

SPREE, an upmarket commercial novel by Sharon Klapka - Stella Krupka went on her first diet at the age of eight. Shepherded by her grandmother, a Park Avenue doyenne and the only responsible adult in her life, Stella internalized the words of legendary diet guru to the underaged, Mona Burton: "Whoever saves one fat child, saves the world entire." So began a seventeen-year battle of being whisked from a size fourteen to a four and back again at dizzying speed. Now a director at New York City's hottest fashion startup and a newly anointed Forbes 30 Under 30 with a white-knuckle grip on a size eight, Stella feels she has finally arrived. If it wasn't for the violent ritual of ravenous binge-eating in secret to the point of blackout, that is. When Stella is charged with starting her company's plus-size fashion line by her CEO, a man who openly refers to overweight women as "repulsive," and is invited to give a keynote for thousands at the annual Forbes conference, the pressure builds to an explosive reckoning. Stella must finally confront her demons - and the insidious messages she's absorbed about weight and worth - before she learns how it really feels to gain and lose it all. SPREE is the fictional counterpart of The Beauty Myth injected with the spirit of Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Lena Dunham, a biting and all too relatable exploration of shame, obsession, and toxic diet culture. Sharon is represented by  Carolyn Forde and Marilyn Biderman.


Alice Zorn, described as "a writer of incredible sensitivity and precision," presents her most ambitious novel to date, COLOUR IN HER HANDS. The story revolves around Mina, an independent-living adult with Down's Syndrome.  Mina is smart and cunning, and understands how to use her limited range of skills to maximum advantage.  But Mina's most extraordinary gift is her ability to embroider spectacular works of art, combining brilliant and unusual colours to create singular works.  Although they are interpreted by buyers at face value, for Mina their creation is propelled by the Grimm's fairy tales her late mother used to read to her - the memory track for an earlier, kinder time.  In a similar vein as A CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME, COLOUR IN HER HANDS is a look inside the mind of those who struggle with their abilities, but who are ultimately able to triumph through determination and perseverance. Zorn is represented by Shaun Bradley.

Catherine Glazer's timely coming-of age novel, THE AMERICAS, is the story of an outsider searching for his voice; of the friendships that challenge and change us; and a powerful meditation on borders and belonging. Caught up in his best friend's enthusiasm, Sebastián leaves behind his comfortable but predictable village life in Mexico for the promise of opportunity in the U.S. There, he slips into the rhythms of a hidden, undocumented life-where hard work and dreams of something new, different, and better constantly run up against the infinite, invisible barriers of a society built for somebody else. When opportunity finally does present itself through the promise of a new friendship, Sebastián must grapple with the heartbreaking realities of a relationship complicated by opposing levels of privilege and perspective. For fans of Donna Tartt and Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan series. THE AMERICAS will be Catherine's debut. Catherine is represented by Evan Brown.

COMMUNION by Nick Giedris is a gay, dual-perspective MY DARK VANESSA crossed with shades of THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS. It documents the rise, fall, and resuscitation of the relationship between a male teacher and a male student, as both characters struggle to excavate the truth from the buried complications of something they both called love. Propulsive, erotic, and unapologetic, COMMUNION scrapes against the dark underside of love and emerges with a portrait of two indelible and not entirely damnable characters. Nick Giedris is an actor, playwright, and author based in New York City. A member of The Dramatists Guild of America and the Actors' Equity Association, he has starred in nationally touring and off-Broadway shows and studied psychology, philosophy, and creative writing at The College of William & Mary. Nick Giedris is represented by Devon Halliday.

FROM THE VERB: TO KNOW is a stunning literary debut novel that reads like THE END OF THE AFFAIR meets Sally Rooney, about a modern orthodox Jewish homemaker and a Chicanx college professor finding and losing their religion while falling in love. Rina Kirsch is an exhausted young mother and modern orthodox Jew in the Pico-Robertson shtetl of Los Angeles who has lost her faith, and Will Ochoa is a mid-40s art professor living in the bohemian Topanga Canyon with a young autistic child and a rotting marriage. After a coerced night of "wife swapping," Rina seeks solace first in the arms of a Chasidic Rabbi and then in painting, an old hobby. Embroiled in identity crises, Rina and Will begin an ardent love affair that brings their own needs into sharp contrast with what the world demands of them. A story about fallible characters and a love letter to Los Angeles, FROM THE VERB: TO KNOW brings Will and Rina to the brink of liberation, but at what cost? Jessica Elisheva Emerson is represented by Carolyn Forde and Amanda Orozco.

GLITCH by Chloe Bollentin is a literary debut with the spunk and charm of a romantic comedy, and the cathartic resonance of a season finale. The novel applies a blend of philosophy, physics, and the magic of human connection to the concept of what-if. What if the universe could give you a verdict on the choices of your past? What if you learned that you'd made the wrong one? As two women delve too deep into the multiverse, the stakes rise and their respective blind spots spread, culminating in an emotional and metaphysical verdict that neither of them were truly ready for. GLITCH pits love against science, grief against acceptance, and fate against hope in a stunning and charismatic debut. Chloe Bollentin is a full-time proofreader and emerging writer with a BA in Classics from Smith College. Her poetry is forthcoming in Blue Moon Literary & Art ReviewChloe Bollentin is represented by Devon Halliday.

GRAVITY ALWAYS WINS by Scott Alexander Jones is a literary speculative time travel tragicomedy which loosely retells the Oedipus myth.  When a young one-eyed night manager--anxious, lonely, and sober--gets drunk on the eve of Y2K and awakens decades ago vomiting up a mysterious glowing orb, he must find its source and return home before his presence in the past erases him. To navigate the lively 1970s, he'll need to overcome his anxieties and let people into his life. But will doing so reopen the familial wounds that led to his isolation? GRAVITY ALWAYS WINS will appeal to fans of the off-kilter black comedy of Patrick deWitt and Jen Beagin. Jones is a longtime copyeditor for Penguin Random House, a member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and the Horror Writers Association, and a poet with an MFA (University of Montana). Scott Alexander Jones is represented by Carolyn Forde and Brenna English-Loeb.

IN OUR OWN WAYS by Yejide Kilanko - After a childhood in the backwaters of a Nigerian fishing town, Senami Mausi is proud of the man he has become. His sprawling compound is his castle and the beautiful Fadaka, daughter of the wealthy Silva family, is his queen. But what is a king without heirs? As the couple struggles to get pregnant, the cracks in the marriage and the divergences in their values are exposed. The family pressure threatens to destroy them and so when they finally have a long-prayed-for child, they are relieved and overjoyed. But the circumstances by which Fadaka conceives are horrifying and traumatic. When the truth is finally laid out in the open Fadaka and Senami clash in one hell of a custody battle. Exploring the many ways women are forced to seek justice for themselves, this page-turner appeals to readers of both Shilpi Somaya Gowda and Shari Lapena. Yejide Kilanko is represented by Chelene Knight and Léonicka Valcius.

IN THE UPPER COUNTRY is a brilliant historical fiction debut by Kai Thomas. The novel opens in Dunmore, a Canadian town populated by refugees fleeing slavery at the height of the Underground railroad in 1859. A young woman, Lensinda, tells of her strange dual occupation working both as a journalist and as household help for the founder of a "coloured" Newspaper. Two gunshots break the calm of a summer evening in Dunmore, a black town at the southern tip of Canada West. In the aftermath of the shooting, Lensinda Martin, a journalist and healer of the town, finds herself the interviewer of a very old woman whose tales push the bounds of what Lensinda is willing to believe. But as she converses with the old woman, the stories that emerge challenge her to uncover the terrible silences of her own past, and to find her place in a black community that is perilously vying to exist. Kai Thomas graduated from University of Guelph's Creative writing MFA program. Kai Thomas is represented by Chelene Knight and Samantha Haywood.

LATE SEPTEMBER by Amy Mattes is a poignant literary fiction debut. Following the tragic death of her little sister, bi-curious tomboy and misunderstood skateboarder Ines leaves behind her small town life for a fresh start in Montréal where she doesn't know a soul. In her quest to explore the city Ines gets a job as a Cam Girl and soon falls in love with a freshly bipolar film editor. Thinking a journey must be physical Ines learns that love is not an innocent word and becoming a woman, who is capable of loving herself first, requires trial and error. Amy Mattes was a regular contributor to Exposé Skateboard Magazine and was featured in Skate CanadaColor and SG (Snow Skate Surf Girl) MagazinesAmy Mattes is represented by Chelene Knight.

THE LIGHT IN THE CLOSET, a literary autobiographical novel
 by Leanne Milech is a coming-of-age story with dark, magical twists, about Bo Bloom, who raises herself on kooky self-help books as she grows up with her paranoid schizophrenic mother and anxious childlike, spiritual seeker of a father - a father who, at times, acts more like her boyfriend than her dad. THE LIGHT IN THE CLOSET follows Bo's life from birth until roughly the present day, chronicling her struggle to make peace with her body, accept herself as gay, become financially stable, and find home. She looks for angelic saviours in the form of mermaids and forty-year-old women on TV. She looks everywhere for God. Unexpectedly, Bo's greatest loss-the death of her father-becomes her most profound salvation. Tender, funny/sad and ultimately life-affirming, THE LIGHT IN THE CLOSET is the debut of a talented new voice. Leanne Milech is represented by Carolyn Forde.  

QUIET TIME is a work of semi-autobiographical literary fiction by Katie Harvey. Inspired by the author's personal experience, QUIET TIME chronicles the rise and fall of a twenty-something writer named Grace. Raised in a beautiful, saltbox house overlooking the ocean by talented and successful artists, outwardly, her life appears idyllic. When Grace meets Jack, one of her mother's new, young friends, she believes he will be the man to save her. But the past is haunting her, and their relationship further fuels her rapid, downward spiral into addiction and mental illness. Katie was long-listed for the Carter V. Cooper Literary Award (2019), and long-listed for the Writer's Association of NL FISH award (2020). Katie Harvey is represented by Chelene Knight and Carolyn Forde.


FIREBRAND by Josh Knelman. Written with the character-based gusto and narrative flare akin to bestselling nonfiction writer Michael Lewis, FIREBRAND is the dramatic, true-story odyssey of a charming young lawyer who ventures into the heart of global capitalism: the international tobacco industry. Each chapter of his story is a counterintuitive lesson on how cigarette companies pivoted and recovered and are now thriving, drenched in profits from their one billion smokers worldwide (94 million of which live in India alone). As Mad Men did for the alcohol-fueled, oversexed, corrupt world of New York advertising, Firebrand does for the even more despised world of big tobacco. This is FLASH BOYS meets THE TIPPING POINT in an addictive and counterintuitive piece of storytelling that spans the globe, beginning shortly after 9/11-a cutting-edge contemporary tale of our ambiguous times, told through the eyes of an anti-hero created by our corporate age. Known for his excellent pacing and clean writerly storytelling, Knelman's nonfiction topics are big stories with even bigger characters. Even better, we are never told what to think or how to judge, rather we are introduced into a new world, shown completely through their eyes, close-up and in full volume. Knelman is represented by Samantha Haywood

There are two types of people who live in our cities in America: those who have been to Housing Court and those who haven't. For those who haven't, Housing Court is at the crossroads of life for many people, often intersecting with criminal court, family court, drug treatment, halfway houses, and the welfare bureaucracy. Housing is either the first or the last cookie to crumble, and once it does, for many, it can't be put back together. SHELTERED by Sateesh Nori is an immersive, personal narrative nonfiction, chronicling the author's dramatic twenty years as a New York City Housing Court attorney and the stories of the tenants he has sought to protect, interwoven with snapshots of the author's life as a first-generation Indian-American on his path to becoming an attorney and tenant rights' advocate. In the vein of EVICTED and GOLDEN GATES, SHELTERED examines the state of inequitable housing in America's largest and "greatest" city, seeking to answer the question, "Why do we deserve to evict anyone?" Sateesh Nori is represented by Amanda Orozco.

Personal Essays, Memoir, & Biography

CHUECA (working title) by Vanessa Angélica Villareal is a cultural criticism and personal essay collection that navigates the many complicated girlhoods of being a working-class, first-gen, Mexican-American daughter of a cumbia musician who loves grunge and hates Selena during the height of La Onda Cumbiera in '90s Houston, interspersed with essays exploring race and gender in current pop culture from a unique Latinx perspective. Vanessa is the recipient of a 2019 Whiting Award, the author of the award-winning collection Beast Meridian (Noemi Press, Akrilica Series, 2017), a 2019 Kate Tufts Discovery Award finalist, and winner of the John A. Robertson Award for Best First Book of Poetry from the Texas Institute of Letters. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Paris Review, and Poetry Magazine, where her poem "f = [(root) (future)]" was honored with the 2019 Friends of Literature Prize. Vanessa is represented by Amanda Orozco.

KILWORTHY TANNER by Jean Marc Ah-Sen. Kilworthy Tanner, the celebrated novelist and provocateur, co-founded the Translassitude movement with her writing partner Jean Marc Ah-Sen. Together they were responsible for some of the most sensational and unruly works of fiction of their time. In this revealing "pseudobiography," Ah-Sen unravels the tangled narrative of their separation with unflinching detail, pulling back the curtain on their sexual degeneracy, prodigious drug use, and vendettas against rival writers all in the name of literary self-annihilation. Jean Marc Ah-Sen is the author of GRAND MENTEUR, IN THE BEGGARLY STYLE OF IMITATION, and one of the participants in the collaborative omnibus novel DISINTEGRATION IN FOUR PARTS. The National Post has hailed his writing as "an inventive escape from the conventional." He lives in Toronto with his wife and two sons. Ah-Sen is represented by Samantha Haywood

OPIUM EATER: on Pain, Pleasure, and What We Need by journalist, Carlyn Zwarenstein, is a hybrid that seamlessly mixes memoir, science journalism, social critique, travel writing, histories of both medicine and Romantic literature, and biography in a provocative, entertaining, and unashamedly literary look at the topics, both timely and timeless, of pain and opioids. Carlyn, diagnosed with an inflammatory spine disease as a young mother who turned to opioids to manage her pain, frankly and evocatively describes her search for relief- with its euphoric ups, hallucinatory lows, and desperate pharmacy visits. The release from pain that opioids afforded Carlyn allowed her to return to an almost-abandoned writing career, as well as this passionate exploration of legal and illicit opioids, how they function, and what makes them equal parts dangerous and desirable. A ground-breaking work that questions received wisdom about drug use and users, and the policies that govern them, along with an historical account of some of the famous artists--Frida Kahlo and Samuel Taylor Coleridge among them--who used opioids, OPIUM EATER belongs on the shelf with the works of Andrew Solomon and Yuval Noah Harari. Forthcoming from Goose Lane Editions in Canada 2022 (World rights ex. Canada English Available). Carlyn is represented by Marilyn Biderman.

is an extraordinary and empowering debut memoir by award winning French/Cree/Iroquois journalist Brandi Morin, a survivor of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, who uses her experience to shed light on the ongoing genocidal crisis in Canada. Once a foster kid and runaway who fell victim to predatory men and an oppressive system, Brandi is now an internationally acclaimed journalist seeking justice for those who did not survive the rampant violence that targets Indigenous people in Canada. In OUR WORLD OF LOSTS Brandi chronicles her life and overcoming enormous adversity, from being raped and abducted as an adolescent to being abused in group homes and prison, to finding purpose and discovering the power of her voice through journalism. For readers of IN MY OWN MOCCASINS by Helen Knott and FROM THE ASHES by Jesse Thistle. Brandi has published/broadcasted with the New York Times, The Guardian, the Toronto Star, Al Jazeera EnglishVice, Elle Canada, CBC Power & Politics, and the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network National News, among others. Brandi Morin is represented by Samantha Haywood and Laura Cameron
PUT DOWN YOUR PISTOL AND PICK UP A PEN is the co-written memoir of the unlikely friendship between John Rodriguez and his 10th grade English teacher, Dennis Danziger. In Fall 2008, the night before John's brother left for the Navy, a party at a local bar ended with a drunken brawl--and John shooting someone. At 17 years old, John wound up with a 22-year sentence. While inside, John and Dennis stayed in touch and John kept reading and writing, eventually connecting with film producer/prison rights activist Scott Budnick and earning two AA degrees. After 9 years in prison, Governor Jerry Brown commuted his sentence; three years later, John graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA. With two first-person narratives interwoven with letters from Dennis and John's nine-year correspondence, it's an utterly absorbing, simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming story of the redemptive power of reading, writing, and teaching, in the vein of THE FREEDOM WRITERS DIARY and WRITING MY WRONGS. John Rodriguez and Dennis Danziger are represented by Amanda Orozco.

Russell Wangersky, two-time Giller Prize nominee,  returns to the page with a compelling double family memoir. SAME GROUND: FINDING MY FAMILY IN FOOTPRINTS explores two parallel narratives--the cross country voyage of the author's great-great-grandfather, William Castle Dodge, as told through his unpublished 1849 California Gold Rush diary, and Wangersky's own journey along the same dusty route in modern America. SAME GROUND is an exploration of what we seek to find when we look for our ancestors, of what time washes away, of the new immigrant trail, and what we might find, unexpectedly, if we go looking. Wangersky is represented by Shaun Bradley.
Advance Praise & Rave Reviews

Praise for Angie Abdou's THIS ONE WILD LIFE (World Rights Sold: ECW Press). Contact Samantha Haywood

"Reading this memoir about a mother and daughter forging connections with the wilderness and each other is like going forest bathing: it will leave you feeling refreshed and restored, with a big smile on your face. This One Wild Life is written with great honesty, insight, and love. Nature needs more friends (and mothers) like Angie Abdou!" - Marni Jackson, author of The Mother Zone

Praise for Katherine Ashenburg's HER TURN (World Rights Available ex. Canada English, Knopf and US English, HarperCollins). Contact Samantha Haywood

"What a gem this novel is. Hilarious, wise, and humane, Her Turn follows one woman's twisting path through a maze of love and betrayal and forgiveness. It is infused with the joyful spirit of Nora Ephron and lit with a charm all its own." -Elizabeth Renzetti 

Advance Praise for GARY BARWIN's NOTHING THE SAME, EVERYTHING HAUNTED: THE BALLAD OF MOTL THE COWBOY (World rights available ex: US and Canada, English language - Random House Canada). Contact Shaun Bradley:

"This inventive, madcap novel is a stunning testament to Jewish humor and survival." 
-Publisher's Weekly
See more advance praise on our website.

Advance Praise for Sarah Berman's DON'T CALL IT A CULT (World Rights Available ex. Canada English, Viking, and US rights, Steerforth). Contact Carolyn Forde:

"DON'T CALL IT A CULT is both a tour-de-force and powerful homage to first-person reportage. With journalistic brilliance, Berman has crafted a riveting page-turner on the history of NXIVM, profiling its founder Keith Raniere and several of the cult's high-ranking female members. Berman is a skilled writer and highly perceptive reporter; she fearlessly probes her subjects. She is not afraid to ask hard-hitting questions, researching first-hand the terrifying conditioning that NXIVM once offered members in the guise of self-help. Deeply researched and viscerally felt: this book is a must-read for anyone who is fascinated by the long term effects of cult culture, abuse, and pseudoscience." - Lindsay Wong, author of the #1 bestselling debut memoir The Woo-Woo: How I Survived Ice Hockey, Drug-Raids, Demons, and My Crazy Chinese Family

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Praise for Kerry Clare's WAITING FOR A STAR TO FALL (World Rights Available ex: North American English, Doubleday). Contact Samantha Haywood
"Waiting for a Star to Fall surprised me. I read it in a day, and I've been thinking about it ever since." -The Toronto Star

Praise for Krista Foss' HALF-LIFE (World Rights Available ex. Canada English, McClelland & Stewart). Contact Samantha Haywood
"Every sentence is alive in this miraculous novel-one in which the listening ear of Niels Bohr bends towards an aspiring physicist, where history walks beside science, and where a world 'undaunted by paradox' exists only in theory. What do we believe, and who, and why? How do we continue if denied the love entwined with belief? What if forgiveness itself becomes a lasting injury? Krista Foss has a vast heart. She is a stunning writer." 
-Madeleine Thien, author of Do Not Say We Have Nothing

Advance Praise for A GOOD NAME by Yejide Kilanko (Guernica Editions, Fall 2021). Contact Chelene Knight and Léonicka Valcius:

"Yejide Kilanko's A Good Name is a layered, fast-paced, and emotionally complex novel. Written in a beguilingly accessible language, it brims with dramatic surprises. It is a much-needed and quite engaging contribution to the conversation around the cultural and other forces that shape the immigrant experience." -Okey Ndibe, author of Foreign Gods, Inc.

Praise for SONNET'S SHAKESPEARE by Sonnet L'Abbé (World rights available ex: Canada, McClelland & Stewart). Contact Léonicka Valcius:

"By displacing William Shakespeare's work, Sonnet L'Abbé questions the literary canon in which he and other dead white men are heralded as the foundation for English literature. She confronts and dismantles the idea that some voices are more valuable than others, carving space for marginalized writers in a complex and multi- faceted way. Sonnet's Shakespeare, an act of literary patricide, is a collection that is necessary to place in our literary canon today." -Natasha Ramoutar in Room Magazine

Praise for David Macfarlane's LIKENESS (World Rights Available ex. Canada English, Doubleday). Contact Samantha Haywood:

"As soon as you turn the first page into David Macfarlane's Likeness, you are gone, deep into the nest of his effortless story-telling, as the story moves from a painting to a town to a father to a son, from memory to grief and back again, indelibly mapping as it goes the uncountable but always surprising places and people and histories that make us not just who we are, but that make us each other.  An unforgettable book." -Ian Brown, author of Sixty

Praise for Elisabeth de Mariaffi's THE RETREAT (World Rights Available ex. Canada English, HarperCollins and World ex. Canada, Muholland Books, Little Brown. Contact Samantha Haywood
"The Retreat is a magnificently absorbing and haunting novel. When dancer Maeve Martin arrives at a remote arts centre to spend a few weeks in reconnecting with her waning dance career, we understand immediately that she is not safe high up in the snowy mountains. A small but compelling cast of characters slowly weaves into the pages from there, and the game becomes figuring out who we - and she - might trust. De Mariaffi's spare yet deeply rich prose renders the isolation and claustrophobia of the mountains downright palpable. With a dabble each of Hitchcock thriller, cozy mystery and domestic noir, The Retreat offers readers a most thrilling setup followed by a galloping sprint to the final page. What a terrifyingly fun read." -Amy Stuart, author of Still Water

More Praise for Hannah Mary McKinnon's YOU WILL REMEMBER ME (World rights, ex English Available, MIRA). Contact Carolyn Forde

"Compelling and unsettling, You Will Remember Me is a tight, well-paced and skillfully plotted thriller that leaves you questioning who do you really know? And who can you really trust? With characters both intricate and diabolical, the reader is taken on a riveting thrill ride, exploring just how far some people are willing to go to get what they want. Twisty and unpredictable, as usual, McKinnon doesn't disappoint." -A.F. Brady, author of The Blind and Once A Liar

Advance praise for Darrel McLeod's PEYAKOW (World rights ex: North American English Available, Douglas & McIntyre). Contact Carolyn Forde

"This is the story of the remarkable professional life of a remarkable man. Whatever he worked on, including such important government files as the Nisga'a and Dene land settlements, he started out and remained a fierce champion of Indigenous rights. Wherever he travelled, he carried with him his past, the joys and tragedies of his own family, and the dignity and courage of his Cree ancestors. The book is a story of triumph, made particularly moving because McLeod doesn't hide the demons he wrestles with as a two-spirited and Indigenous man. - Lorna Crozier 

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Advance Praise for LOOKOUT: LOVE, LOSS, AND SEARCHING FOR WILDFIRE IN THE BOREAL FOREST by Trina Moyles. (World rights ex: North American English Available, Random House Canada). Contact Marilyn Biderman

"Moyles tells a totally engrossing story of fear and love, self-recrimination and healing, by turns vivid with memory and presence. Page after page, I felt immersed in the rejuvenating wonders of the natural world, rendered here in all their magnificent, everchanging detail. Reader, you will roar through this book." -Charlotte Gill, author of Eating Dirt: Deep Forests, Big Timber, and Life with the Tree-Planting Tribe
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Praise for Marissa Stapley's LUCKY (World Rights Available ex. Canada English, Simon & Schuster Canada and TV/Film, ABC Studios). Contact Samantha Haywood:

"This fast-paced, plot-driven tale is full of unexpected plot twists that'll keep you guessing what will happen to Lucky and the lottery ticket until the very last page. Part action-adventure, part family saga, Lucky is full of heart. Stapley expertly navigates multiple timelines and storylines, carefully intertwining them and making you care about every character-good or evil. A gets-your-heart-racing, page-turning thrill of a ride." -Chantel Guertin, bestselling author of Instamom

Praise for Susan Swan's THE DEAD CELEBRITIES CLUB (World Rights Available ex: Canada English, Cormorant and World Italian, SEM). Contact Samantha Haywood

"Enchanting from the cover, brilliant and sparkling with genius, Susan Swan's book, which has a surgical and magnetic prose, is a successful apologue on change and on human nature in its polychrome and contradictory complexity as well as a delightfully ferocious and symbolic fresco of our times..." -Gabriele Ottaviani, Convensionali

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