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Gratitude and Transparency

Your generous donations are the lifeblood of Clarehouse and we are eternally grateful. Being the best possible stewards of every dollar is one of our core values. Our annual audit has been completed by Conklin, Gilpin & Wertz, PLLC with no deficiencies found. The audit and our annual informational tax return (990) are available for public review. To request a copy, email David Stiles, Treasurer at In addition, our 2020 Annual Report is now available. View it online at or email to request an electronic or hard copy.
Our family has been the beneficiary of the wonderful services that Clarehouse provides to not one, but two family members. Five years ago, our 62-year-old sister was diagnosed with end-stage pancreatic cancer in February and one week later, we were tasked with finding placement for her to live out her last days. Although, we were not aware of Clarehouse or the services they provide, a social worker advocated on behalf of our family, and Terry was accepted as a patient in Clarehouse. Our families experience with the staff was stellar. Not only were Terry’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs met, but our family’s needs of dealing with her impending death were met by staff as well.  

Fast forward to December 2020; our family was faced with another challenging situation, our
87-year-old father was in end-stage COPD. He needed end-of-life services that the personnel of Clarehouse prides themselves in providing. With the challenges we faced during the pandemic with wearing masks, social distancing and quarantining, it had been nine months since we had been able to have a face-to-face conversation and love on him. So, when it was suggested that Clarehouse was a placement option for dad, we embraced the suggestion. Although, dad resided in Clarehouse less than 24 hours, the professionalism and compassion that was shown to him was exactly what we anticipated. Due to pandemic restrictions, visitation was limited in number of visitors and length of visit, but we were comforted in knowing that dad would be well cared for and loved on in our absence.
Choosing palliative care for a terminally-ill loved one is a tough decision but knowing a special place like Clarehouse exists that prioritizes comfort measures and quality of life is comforting for those who find themselves needing to make such a decision. An inviting home that shares peace, dignity, love and warmth while meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs at the end of life is characteristic of Clarehouse. Our family is grateful for the staff and volunteers for sharing kindness, respect, gentleness and love to our precious family members as we prepared to say good-bye. Staff and volunteers that lined the corridor as the funeral home personnel wheeled our loved ones to the van will always be an image of respect that we hold close in our hearts.
 - The Family of Terry Donaho and Carl Worley-
Partnerships in Education
Adapting to changes brought by the pandemic has offered new opportunities for Clarehouse education. In fulfilling our mission to share end-of-life expertise with nursing  students, we have transitioned from hosting students at Clarehouse to an exciting new partnership. Oklahoma State University’s ProjectECHO and the End-of Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) are our partners in launching a web-based End-of-Life Curriculum for nursing students. ProjectECHO and ELNEC are nationally respected platforms for education.

The ProjectECHO mission - “Through technology-enabled collaborative learning, ECHO builds capacity and creates access to high-quality professional care throughout Oklahoma” - will enable us to continue to reach students in creative ways as we continue to help prepare the next generation of nurses.
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Staying The Course
While we’re looking forward to returning to weekly activities such as volunteering, medical professionals are advising we maintain physical distancing – whether we’ve received the vaccination or not – for the next several months. 

The COVID vaccine is a tool against the virus, but is not a bulletproof solution. 

Scientists do not yet have enough information to know if the vaccine will prevent contracting the virus, simply lessen the course, or if the virus may still be transmitted by vaccinated persons. Those who have been vaccinated must still quarantine after a known exposure and follow the three W’s: Watch your distance, Wear a mask and Wash your hands.

For the vaccine to provide its full potential affect, 70 percent of the population must be immunized. This includes those who have previously contracted the virus. 

Seek the advice of your physician, but if the vaccination is recommended, please be vaccinated.
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