Issue: Winter | Date: December 31, 2021
Season’s Greetings SBCAMFT,
I hope this newsletter finds you and your families well, and that you are managing to find some time to relax, recharge and do some things you really love!
This is an exciting letter for me to write, because I am officially passing the torch of Presidency to the highly competent Claire Blakey. Beginning January 1, 2022 Claire will begin her term and will be joined by a vibrant Board of Directors; some new faces and some familiar faces as well.
It has been my honor to serve as your President these past two years. For the previous six years, I held the roles of Membership Director as well as the Vice President. I will continue to be on the Board for the next year as Past-President, working hard with our Board to establish scholarship funds and updating our By-laws, as well as supporting the transitions of other Board members.
During my time on the Board, I watched not only our Board of Directors grow, I saw our community grow and support one another through some very challenging times. As the pandemic remains constant, I have seen all of you showing up for each other in incredibly meaningful ways and working tirelessly to care for your clients by attending educational events, using the e-tree to get the right referrals, and networking with other professionals.
As you read through this newsletter, we hope you find something inspiring and thought-provoking. Our team has been working hard, behind the scenes, to provide you with the next edition of the series “Racism-Let’s Talk,” focusing on the Hispanic/Latinx community. If you feel moved to contribute to future newsletters or would like to become involved in our Diversity Committee, please reach out to for more information.
SBCAMFT will pledge to continue to grow with you, and for you, so we may keep our promises to provide diverse, quality resources and leadership for you as well as the community at large. Every day you make a difference, and we want to support you in any way we can. Thank you for all that you do!
Wishing you the very best of wellness in 2022!

With Gratitude,

Kristi Miller, LMFT
President, SBCAMFT
Winter 2022 NEWSLETTER

Holiday Blessings SBCAMFT,

I hope this holiday season has brought you all some much needed rest and time with loved ones. May the new year bring much peace and good health to you.

As part of our ongoing series on Racism: Let’s Talk, we are turning our attention to the Hispanic/Latinx community for the Winter 2022 Newsletter Issue. In this issue, we explore the lived experiences of this population with systemic racism in this country. The widespread racial injustices are all encompassing and can be seen in the realms of education, healthcare, immigration, voting, employment, criminal justice, housing, and wealth. Yet, Hispanic/Latinx rights have not received the level of attention they deserve. I am especially grateful for the contributions of several board members to this conversation along with their bravery and vulnerability to discuss their experiences and insights.

I'd also like to take a moment to announce my transition on the Board of Directors. Starting January 1, 2022, I will be stepping down as the Communications Director and into my new role as the Membership Chair. I will continue to stay on the Diversity Subcommittee to continue the work we've been doing. I'm excited to introduce our new Communications Director, Kady Fleckenstein, who will bring her rich experience to this role and make it shine! Please check out her bio below in the Meet the Board Corner.

It has been a true honor and pleasure serving as the Communications Director for the past two years. I'm grateful for the support of the Board who has given me the trust and freedom to shape the newsletter in ways I see fit and relevant to what is happening in the world around us. My hope is that all of you have gained something useful or meaningful from the digests.

With Gratitude,

Nancy Chen Marden, LMFT
Communications Director, SBCAMFT
Leaning in and Listening to
the Latinx Community
By: Claire Blakey
As I sit here trying to type, I find myself up against a lot of resistance. Self doubt creeps in, saying, “what do I have to say about this, who am I to publish my thoughts.” While writing about something I feel proficient in – for example, perinatal mental health care – comes so easily to me, somehow entering a conversation about racism and injustice leaves me feeling unqualified, speechless and nervous to begin.
Let's Talk About Racism
By: Hunter Tate
I had the opportunity to have a beautiful discussion with a brilliant young woman who identifies as a Hispanic/Latinx immigrant, who came to the United States from Mexico with her parents. We began our conversation by discussing how racism has affected the Hispanic/Latinx community in the country.
These Leaders Say Latinos Need to Acknowledge Their Racism, Too
Some of the nation's top Latino leaders say it's time to acknowledge -- and fight -- problems that have been overlooked for far too long: racism and colorism within the Latino community.
"If Everybody's White, There Can't Be Any Racial Bias"
In Louisiana, law enforcement agencies have been accused of targeting Hispanic drivers in traffic stops and identifying them as white on tickets. Misidentification makes it impossible to track racial bias, experts say.
A Hard Conversation for the Latino Community
This article highlights the deeply rooted racism that is embedded in America's social system against Afro-Latinos. It provides a historical context of this racial group and the discrimination that they have endured in this country.
Jonathan W. Thompson, II, AMFT, APCC
Director of Diversity (NEW)
If you are like me, you want to be mindful and respectful of a person’s race and culture. You want to respect how they may identify and educate yourself around terms that are outdated, discriminatory, racist, or not appropriate. I wanted to take this opportunity to learn about the various terminology used here in the United States. It may not be the terminology that you might believe is most appropriate. 

Anne Marsham, MA, MFT
As a white person responding to the topic of Latinx racism, I have decided to share my process in the hopes that it might inspire other white members of our community to consider their journey. In contrast to our previous anti-racism newsletter editions, the subject of Latinx racism has had me stalling, with a silently hollow feeling in my chest. I have wondered if this was just a personal reaction, or if I was picking something up about the topic – I think that the answer is a bit of both.   
Nancy Chen Marden, MS, MFT

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We want to extend a huge thank you to HEARD for being the grand prize sponsor at our recent holiday party. Congratulations to SBCAMFT member, Jean Schultz, who was the grand prize winner of the night!
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We ended the year with a spectacular holiday party on December 13 at Villa Wine Bar and Kitchen. Huge thanks to all the Board of Directors who helped out to make the event such a success. It was truly a team effort! Thank you to all of you who came out to support and enjoy the event despite the uncooperative weather!

We are working hard at planning some exciting virtual and safe
in-person events coming up for the Winter.

Please visit SBCAMFT's Events page for updated details of all upcoming events.
Shelby Swanson, MA, LMFT
Director of CEPA (NEW)

Shelby Swanson, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and serves as the Director of Continuing Education Provider Approval (CEPA) for the SBCAMFT Board. In addition to this, Shelby works at the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA) in Santa Barbara as the Director of Adult Treatment Services. She has experience assisting individuals in the community with substance use treatment through a variety of programs. Shelby has also worked with severely mentally ill adults and with youth involved in the legal system.
Grace Harvey, MA, LMFT
Vice President (NEW)

Grace Harvey, MA, LMFT is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and serves as the Vice President for SBCAMFT. She has specialized training in Single Session Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Primary Care Behavioral Health and has past experience working at Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital and San Diego Hospice, as well as with children and families in school settings and outpatient clinics, college students on multiple campuses, and adults within county mental health crisis services. She has experience successfully implementing new programs in outpatient and county mental health clinics, as well as experience in program development and training in hospital, county and law enforcement settings. Grace is excited to be a part of the growth of our community of mental health professionals!
Hunter Tate
Director of Social Media (NEW)
Hunter S. Tate is currently a Graduate Student at Antioch University for Clinical Psychology, with a concentration in somatics. Hunter serves as Vice President for Antioch University Student Council and is completing a clinical traineeship with AHA!, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to teaching Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to community youth. In addition, Hunter is certified in Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). Her clinical interests are in utilizing the body as a source of healing for at-risk youth and neuropsychology.
Kady Fleckenstein
Director of Communications (NEW)
Kady Fleckenstein, Marriage Family Therapist Trainee, is a graduate student at Antioch University Santa Barbara. Currently Kady owns her own marketing and PR company, Kadydid Consulting, and is in the process of making a mid-life career change to help others via her future private practice in the Santa Ynez Valley. She recently began her internship at Santa Ynez Elementary School with the People Helping People. Her areas of interest include trauma, substance abuse, chronic illness, couples and families.
Next Quarter's SBCAMFT Newsletter
In the next issue of our newsletter, we will wrap up the Racism: Let's Talk series with the focus on the indigenous people's experience in this country.

Please stay tuned for more details.