The Generations Homecare System Newsletter
Late Winter 2022
Hello Homecare Providers,

First and foremost, a big “hat tip” for your continued service towards enabling people to age safely in their own homes. Under the strains of this pandemic, homecare agencies and their care teams have kept hundreds of thousands of people healthy and out of hospitals. We know it hasn't been easy, and we admire your success.

If you are reading this and facing challenges, my advice is to keep going. The tide will change as it always does. If providing this service still brings you as much joy as it does to me, then dust off your shoes (ok, your slippers-I see you), dig deep and channel your passion into purpose. You've done this before, and if you haven't, this won't be the last time. The aging population needs you and the service you provide. Find people who genuinely care about others and keep building that team. And finally, at the end of each day, celebrate each win, be it a new client, the discovery of a great caregiver, or the staffing of a complex case. When you look back one day, you'll find that all those little wins add up to something pretty special.

We are proud and excited to announce our team member Katelyn Kelly has recently moved from Director of Marketing into the new role of Director of Operations. Katelyn’s excellent leadership skills will help our team continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

Lisa Ferden, Co-CEO, Generations Homecare System.

I am so impressed by and proud of this team's work each day. As the new Director of Operations, I'm thrilled to be spending my days ensuring everyone on our team has the tools and resources they need to continue delivering the very best service. This includes thoughtful, quality content from our marketing and sales team (check out our blog), five-star service from our support and training team (reach us anytime on live chat), and the industry-leading, powerful product thanks to our technical teams. All of this quality work stems from our dedication to developing the tools and resources that help your essential businesses thrive. I'm beyond proud to be a part of this team and this industry!

Katelyn Kelly, Director of Operations, Generations Homecare System.
What's New in Generations?
The past two years have certainly shined a light on the importance of the work being done by homecare providers. With that, Generations takes pride in its evolution to meet user needs.

With everything from COVID-19 tracking tools to EVV updates and reporting enhancements, and all the while ensuring security, privacy, and processing power remain among the best in the industry. If you are interested in learning more about any specific features, visit live chat using the button below.
Electronic Visit Verification Updates
Our team at Generations is working hard, continuously adding to the list of state approved EVV interfaces, and we don't plan on slowing down. Visit live chat today for details on the Generations interface to your state's chosen EVV aggregator.
What's New on the Blog?
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Make Each Visit Exceptional
Two decades later and Generations Homecare System remains committed to the promise of providing its users with secure, innovative technology that gives them the tools needed to provide exceptional care.

To learn more about these features and tools, download the overview booklet below. (It includes videos!)
"This (Generations) is an amazing addition to the home care
industry. Absolutely makes my job a little easier."
Margaret S, Generations app user.
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