Despite Covid, Darlene’s retirement, advocate departures and retirements, R2RCNY had a solid 2021! We were able to send four applicants for treatment. Our Drive-In fundraiser was a huge success. Donations, particularly in the 4th quarter, were good.

We couldn’t have managed it without the time, talent, and support of all of you.

Thank you!

Road2RecoveryCNY was the recipient of a $2,500 donation from Romano Subaru’s Holiday Hope fund. We are so grateful for businesses like Romano who believe in our mission. Their donation will go a long way in helping us save another life. A huge thanks to Romano and Borzou who applied for the donation on our behalf.


My name is Tamara Davis. I attended Syracuse University and earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Later in life I went back to school and earned a master’s degree in divinity from Northeastern Seminary. I am an ordained American Baptist minister specializing in hospital chaplaincy. I have two units of Clinical Pastoral Education and currently hold a position as Assistant Chaplain at Upstate Hospital. I worked for the City of Syracuse for 30 years as an accountant, retiring in December 2021.

I was introduced to the mission of R2RCNY by a colleague in the city. I believe that everyone should be able to work toward wholeness and recovery so offering my services to this end is my contribution towards this goal. I look forward to working with your organization and meeting new people who are invested in helping individuals toward recovery.

Elaina, Kathy and Anne have had a busy year helping those with Substance Use Disorder. 

From Elaina:

I am currently working with Erik. Erik is working hard to detox from all controlled substances. He has a long history with Medically Assisted Treatments, but is determined to live his life free of these medications. His goal is to enter a long-term recovery program. He is sounding stronger every day and is committed to staying sober. If approved by the Candidate Selection Board (CSB), he will enter a long-term program after successfully detoxing.

David H. is my son. David just marked his 2-year sober anniversary! He lives in Austin, where he works for Sprout School Supplies as the Operation Manager of their manufacturing plant. He plans on staying in Austin for the foreseeable future. He loves Texas and is happy and healthy thanks to Road2Recovery and all the faithful volunteers and donors.

From Kathy:
I am currently working with Arnel. He went to Spearhead and did well. He felt he got a lot out of it. He has recently had a relapse. We are still in contact and we are working on getting him back on track.

I am also working with Rhiannon. She went to Nova Recovery through R2RCNY and did extremely well for a couple of years. She relapsed and is now taking care of herself. She went to Conifer and is now at Helio Health. She is preparing for detox. When she is ready, she would like to be considered for help by R2RCNY.

Matthew V. is my son. He has been free of drugs for 1 year and 2 months. Matt went to Nova and had a relapse. He said Nova helped him. He just wasn’t doing the program. He continues to do well even after life has thrown him some curveballs. He attributes this to R2RCNY. They gave him the help he needed, when he needed it the most. He has just gotten a great job at Infinite Recovery and loves it. Matt amazes us with his continued growth! Matt is the newest addition to R2R’s Candidate Selection Board.  

From Anne:

Danielle is an alum who reapplied to R2RCNY in September 2021 and entered treatment at Infinite Recovery in Austin in October. Danielle loved the program at Infinite Recovery and has been very successful! She completed inpatient, intensive outpatient, and is now in the After Care program which meets two evenings per week. Danielle resides in the program’s sober living and loves the girls she lives with and the sober friends she has made through the program. Danielle has a sponsor and attends 12 Step meetings regularly. She has a car now and works full time at a Doggie Daycare. Danielle loves her job and has recently been given more responsibilities there. She is saving her money so that she will be prepared to take over her sober living expenses once her scholarship ends in March. Danielle is very appreciative to R2RCNY for giving her this opportunity. She reports she has learned that she needs to prioritize her recovery as #1 before all else. Danielle is very grateful for her newfound sober support network: her sponsor, new friends, family and, of course, everyone at R2RCNY cheering her on!

Kali completed treatment at MARR in Atlanta in December 2020 and continued there with sober living. In October 2021, she moved back to Syracuse where she lives with her mom. Kali is happy in her recovery and recently started a new job at an employment agency. Congratulations, Kali!

Kurt entered the detox program at Makana Path (BRC) on January 7, 2022. He was on Methadone for 2 years but is determined to be free of all Medically Assisted Treatments. He will transfer to Spearhead Lodge on January 26th. His counselor reports that he has a good attitude and is looking forward to working on his recovery at Spearhead. Good luck Kurt.

From Laurie:

First, I want to thank all of our navigators for the time and dedication they put into this challenging but rewarding job. Covid has, once again, made this a difficult year for those with Substance Use Disorder. I am the Navigator for two young men who relapsed this year. I am happy to say that both are back in recovery. R2RCNY helped Michael get back on solid ground by funding a 28-day intensive rehab program at Makana Path (BRC). Elijah recovered without R2R’s financial support. Elijah became a member of Restoration Ministries in Austin. With their help and Elijah’s faith in God, he is enjoying a life in recovery once again. Congratulations Michael and Elijah. Keep up the hard work.

We are seeking to identify and recruit advocate “leaders” in several categories in 2022 in order to make R2RCNY more dynamic and effective.

If you (or someone you know) would like to consider volunteering, please let Ed know at

*Social Media Specialist: Help us to use Facebook more effectively, plus explore other platforms like TikTok, etc.

*Graphic Designer: Occasional posters, flyers, etc.

*Fundraising Coordinator: Help brainstorm and take the lead on the execution of doable fundraising activities throughout the year. 

*CNY Recovery Facility Liaison: Establish and maintain a connection between R2RCNY and area outpatient and inpatient facilities (Helio, Conifer, etc.) so that they and their clients are aware of R2RCNY, our Family Recovery Program, etc., mainly through email, phone, and mail.

*Advocate Recruiter: Use social media and community outreach to help us recruit new CNY advocates who would be willing to devote their time and talent to help us out as needed.

We are looking for possible additions to our Board of Directors. Not to add more bodies, but to expand our local resources and influence in specific areas. It is our hope that this will generate greater awareness, new ideas, better practices, and sustained growth for our organization.

What you can do to help: Look at our list of professionals we'd like to recruit. If you know someone who might be a good fit, or if you just know of someone who might be a good fit, please email Laurie at or Ed at with their particulars: name, title, where they work (or worked before retiring), professional credentials, contact email or phone, anything else relevant you may know about them.

How it will work: Our current Board will look at the names submitted and determine who we would like to invite. Those invited will be asked to submit their resume, then will be interviewed. If all goes well, the current Board will vote to award them a seat on the Board.

What a Board member does: Monthly zoom meetings to review current R2RCNY activities and plan future activities. Ongoing individual (and group) activities throughout the year using their time, talent, expertise, and network to support, improve, and expand R2RCNY's mission.

We’d like to recruit professionals with experience in these categories:

*Legal (attorney)
*Social Worker
*First Responder (EMT)