Winter 2022 | President's Letter

Greetings Fellow Descendants and Friends,

As 2022 is upon us, I hope everyone had a happy, healthy holiday. Please read this letter in its entirety, as it contains very important information.

As we look back on 2021 for the Descendants organization, special highlights include:
  • We received our 501(c)(3) designation so everyone, all descendants, WWII Veterans, 10th Light Veterans, their families, soldiers of any branch, their families and all of our loyal 10th Mountain friends can now be full members.
  • A donation was made by the descendant’s organization to the “Chris Anthony Youth Initiative.” Chris Anthony produced the well-done film “Mission Mt. Mangart” with proceeds going to his Youth Initiative project, also a 501(c)(3). If you have the chance, you should see it.
  • A donation was made to the “Adopt a Soldier Christmas Project” for soldiers and their families at Ft. Drum.

Several events were held by different chapters such as a reunion in Arkansas by the Armadillo chapter, luncheons and picnics by the New York State/Ft. Drum, Rocky Mountain, Pacific Southwest, Delaware River Valley, Northwest chapters and others. Plus, trash bashing by the Rocky Mountain chapter, Tree Grove maintenance by the Northwest chapter, the Mt. Washington Hike by the New England chapter and the virtual 10th Mountain Resource Center event among others. We are hopeful the new Omicron variant won’t impede our activities for 2022. Don’t forget the 10th Mountain Division Ski-In Daze is coming soon. February 23-March 1, in Colorado, with Ski Cooper Day February 25. Details are on their way.

Speaking of the New England chapter, they are looking for a Chapter Director. They are one of our larger chapters so it’s important that we get someone to take this on quickly to continue the legacy of the amazing 10th Mountain Veterans from that chapter who lead and participated in their chapter events with such enthusiasm. We want to keep that going! We thank Mac Jackson who did a great job of leading the New England 10th Descendants Chapter for so many years.

Don’t forget, it’s membership time! Your membership is vital to the success of our organization and its easier than ever with the ability to sign up on line at our 10th Mountain Descendants website at, click on join! A percentage of monies from your membership goes back to your chapter for projects and events.

I would like to welcome Brenda Pryor, Director, of the Mid Atlantic Chapter, who is taking on the position of 10th Mountain Division Descendants Treasurer. Thanks so for much for taking this on, and a heartfelt thanks to Don Perkins, our Treasurer since the inception of the organization, 25 years ago. Don will stay on the board as Vice President of Membership.

I’m sure you all are wondering about the status of the Italy trip. At the moment, it’s still a go. We recognize with the new Omicron variant, things could possibly change. Hopefully, it will blow out as quickly as it blew in. We will keep everyone informed with any updates. Thanks for your patience during this crazy time, again!

If you enjoy and appreciate events or causes done by your Descendants chapter, please consider getting involved by assisting your chapter committee in planning or hosting events. Many of the same folks have been doing it for some time and I very much appreciate their dedication. But we need your help too. We welcome your participation in helping out in your chapter. Please contact your Chapter Director if you’re able to pitch in. We would love your input and ideas about getting involved for educational and social events. Please see below for the name and contact info for the chapter director in your area.

Pacific Southwest | Val Rios |
Northwest | Martha Rainey |
Rocky Mountain | Gary Burton |
Armadillo | Karen LaNoue |
Midwest | Ted Cartner |
Delaware River Valley | Barbara Catterall |
Great Lakes | Camilla Williams |
NY State/Ft Drum | Joe Cianchetti |
Mid Atlantic | Brenda Pryor |
New Southeast | Denise Johnson |

We look forward to hearing from you in helping honor the 10th Mountain Division’s sacrifices, sharing the history, and carrying on the legacy.

As always, your voice matters. As the WWII 10th would say,
Sempre Avanti… Always Forward!
Denise Taylor, President