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Golden Artist Colors introduces 37 new High Flow Acrylic Colors to artists, giving them even more versatility and unstoppable color! The new colors include more options in the popular iridescent and fluorescent colors.
High Flow Acrylics have an ink-like consistency that lends itself to a wide range of techniques, including calligraphy, mixed media and airbrushing- plus they work great in refillable marker tools as well.

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As diverse as their owners.
A LEUCHTTURM1917 notebook gives you the freedom to discover yourself and your creativity.
It is your companion for everyday life which helps you to perceive thoughts more consciously, to recollect dreams and to visualize goals.
Notebooks can creates eternal 
memories and has the potential to become one of your greatest treasures.

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Your first encounter with a fountain pen is important. That's why Pilot designed the Kakuno pen, a simple fountain pen that is great for beginners. Thanks to its many features that help ease beginners into the world of fountain pens, kids and adults can experience the joy of writing with these delightful instruments. "Kakuno" means "to write" in Japanese, and that's just what this pen helps you do!
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American Easel's wood painting panels are manufactured in the USA (Salem, Oregon) from top-quality 1/8" birch, which is sanded to render a smooth, firm painting surface.
Cradled with a solid wood frame, these panels won't flex, stretch, or warp, and they'll last longer than a canvas. American Easel's wood painting panels accept virtually any medium and are ideal for showcasing detailed or fine brushwork. Although priming is not necessary for some applications, the panels can be primed with gesso.

* * * Our Winter Book Selection* * *

In Dynamic Still Life for Artists, noted artist and instructor Sarah Sedwick presents detailed, step-by-step instruction and insights on the many creative possibilities that drawing and painting still life can offer.

  • Develop observational skills by setting up and assessing various arrangements, groupings, and formats.
  • Evaluate an arrangement’s abstract shapes by creating black-and-white value studies.
  • Learn the process of alla prima painting, from underpainting to color mixing to applying color.

Featuring inspiring examples by other distinguished artists working in a variety of mediums, Dynamic Still Life for Artists will encourage all artists, from aspiring to accomplished, to explore this timeless genre through new arrangements, styles, and visual studies, empowering them to develop and expand their creative and technical skills.

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*titanium white sunflower -
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