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Winter 2023
Hello Homecare Professionals!
It certainly takes a high level of devotion to do anything well, doesn't it? Over time, especially over the last three years, homecare agencies and their care teams are proving how crucial in-home care is to a safe and engaged society. Today the work of care is viewed not only as essential but noble as well, much like teaching and public safety. As an industry, we must be willing to continue to explore (and use) tools and resources that enable us to do our best work.

We take pride in the great relationships we've formed with our clients and the partners we're fortunate enough to work with: Sandata, HHAX, Netsmart, QuickBooks, and LiquidWeb to name a few. At Generations, we understand the value of your work. We remain focused on our mission to provide the private duty homecare industry with the best technical platform coupled with our outstanding personal service. We intend to keep that promise in perpetuity because, like so many of you, we share this devotion to our industry and each other.

Lisa Ferden
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
New and Improved Features for Your Team
The team at Generations remains committed to the promise of providing its users with the best technology, including state-of-the-art features. Check out some of the latest and greatest updates and additions to the application:

  • New Android app version
  • Improved formatting for charting
  • Ability to archive wound notes
  • Caregiver App now supports the Russian language
  • Optimizations to scheduling and notes features
  • New EVV interface for Deleware in addition to other EVV enhancements

Generations Homecare System is ever-evolving to meet the needs of its users. Schedule a discovery call today to learn more.
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Why Choose Generations Homecare System?
Generations Homecare System helps homecare agencies deliver quality in-home care through a suite of secure tools that streamline daily operations such as scheduling, billing, payroll and more.

Whether you have a large multi state organization or are just starting out, Generations is committed to being your trusted technical partner. Making the choice is easy, learn more below.
"Very easy to use and I love the way they have it set up.
It's much easier than other apps for payroll."
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