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Welcome to February!
I have a new thermostat in the studio.  We've programmed it to kick on at 7 AM taking the temp from 51 degrees to 65 by 9 AM.  That's when I punch in.  Actually, since I had my little back muscle "issue" last month, I started taking a gentle yoga class twice a week.  So I might not get to work some mornings until 10:30 AM, but at least the studio is toasty and ready for action!  Let me know if you'd like to visit.
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NOTE:  I've been doing this monthly newsletter for 
almost a year now.  Are you enjoying it?  Is there anything you would like to see more of...or less of?  Several of you have shared my newsletter with friends or reposted on social media pages.  Thanks.  I appreciate it, and hope you will continue.  On to the studio!


Hot Off the Easel ...

Last month I celebrated my good friend, Erma's 90th birthday with her.  I had made a hand-carved sign for her about 15 years ago which was installed by the gatehouse of Piney Run Park.

This is how the sign looked brand new 15+ years ago.

 When she left employment at the park, they gave her the sign to take to her new home in Carlisle, PA. So last month I saw that the sign had aged a bit, had faded, and needed a good sanding and refinishing.

After 15+ years in the weather and a thorough sanding .
--ready to repaint.

 I took it home and in the past couple of weeks, I've tried to bring it back to an almost-new sign. 

After sanding, the art work was all reprimed...
Here's the completed restoration.  Fresh acrylic paint, with clear coat finish, and a oil finish for a very thirsty cedar wood sign.  
Good for another 15+ years.

 How many of you knew that my first business "on the side" was Hand-Carved Signs?  Click here to see other signs and business promoting art work.  


A Ranch in Colorado... 

Last summer when I was totally booked with commissions, some nice folks who run The James Ranch  in Durango, Colorado contacted me and asked me to do a couple of blockprint designs for them.   Being a lover of Colorado, farms, healthy food, and nice people, I really wanted to create images for them... but it took the quieter months of winter to allow me the time to give proper attention to their requests.  Next month, the block will be carved and the image in their hands (I PROMISE!)  For now here is a sneak peak at where to design is now -- on paper.  Stay tuned.


Here is what the image looks like now.  After a little tweaking, I'll transfer the image to a linoleum block and carve it in relief.  
See the finished print in the next issue.


Another Work in Progress... 

In the original rough stages of design, I am volunteering for the local food bank to help bring milk back on the shelves. Carroll County Food Sunday will be hosting a fun run to help raise money for milk for kids in our neighborhoods who need it but can't afford it.  Watch for more info in the spring.  


Rough design for organizers of the event to consider
--subject to change for sure!



Thanks for the feedback...

Last month I listed many projects I had in the works for the winter and asked which ones you wanted to see pictures of in progress.  Most of you said "All of them!"  So I'll try to do that.  The two projects above fit that category.  Here are some of the hand painted glass works I did in January.


Two custom cat portraits on Glassware


Custom Painted Pint Glass for Coast Guard, Tim..
A pint glass for a 
Lord of the Rings fan















A custom painted Piggy Bank for baby: Ryman (as in Auditorium)


Again, I sure appreciate your support of my work.  Glad you found the time to make it all the way through.


Have a great month.  See you in March.    




PS  Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who might enjoy it.  Thanks.


Melinda Byrd

Byrdcall Studio
Woodbine, MD


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