From the Alumni Office

We are so excited to be gearing up for some awesome events here at St. Andrew's. This Saturday, please join us for Alumni Pasta Day at the boys prep basketball game against Master's School at 2:00 p.m., followed by wine and cheese at Sue McGann's house (Edmund's Cottage). This is always a fun time, and we plan to also discuss some fresh ideas for Reunion. I hope you will come and share your input. 

On March 28 we will hold our second alumni whiskey tasting. This year the event will also include an art show to showcase our amazing alumni artists! So far, the art show will feature Stevie Carullo '69, Albert Longo '03, Luke Robillard '17, and past and present teachers Nancy Azano, Janet Dubuc, and Kara Dunne. You can purchase  tickets  to the event, and if you would like to exhibit your work, we are still looking for more artists. A generous alum has offered to cover your exhibition fee if you would like to participate. Contact me for details.

On May 30, come celebrate St. Andrew's at our  Black and White Gala This is our largest fundraising event of the year, and we are hoping for a lot of alumni support! Proceeds from the gala support our capacity to give each and every student at St. Andrew's a tailored and transformative education.  Please consider sponsoring the gala and donating  auction items. You are always so generous with fantastic items that showcase your talents, and we appreciate your ongoing support of St. Andrew's vision and mission. At the 125th reunion gala, we had tables set aside for alumni so you could all sit together. Let's get a strong gathering so we can do that again. I look forward to celebrating with you!

With Love, 

Pam Durant Farmer
Asst. Director of Development for Alumni Relations
Alumni of the Month
Suzannah Schantz '05

For the last eleven years, Suzannah Schantz has worked as an educator in Washington, D.C.'s public school system. It was the variety of perspectives and backgrounds she encountered as a student at St. Andrew's, she says, that inspired her to become a teacher and administrator dedicated to eliminating inequities in public schools. Here's her St. Andrew's story:

In 2001 my parents made a choice that would change the entire trajectory of my life (I just didn't know it at the time). I was a thirteen-year-old freshman at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut, and my parents could see what I couldn't: I was headed down a path that would not elicit my full potential. They pulled what they referred to as the "Nuclear Option," which was to take me out of public school and send me to boarding school near my  grandmother in Rhode Island.

At the time my "bad behavior" and "acting out" were my ways of seeking change and diversity. I wanted to meet people who didn't look like me, who weren't from where I was, who spoke different languages, had different beliefs and could show me other parts of the world through their stories. To my pleasant surprise, when I arrived at St. Andrews in October 2001 I was surrounded by just that. 

My time at St. Andrews taught me more about myself and the infinite paths I could choose than I could have imagined - from the responsibility and independence of living in a dorm, to accountability for my actions (the good old 'pink slip' and Saturday detention). But most importantly, the community at St. Andrews was unlike any other. I became friends with people from around the world, with very different experiences and knowledge than my own. These people helped me understand the value of diversity, friendship and true compassion. 

In addition to the diverse friends I made at St. Andrews, the relationships I formed with adults were unlike any I had experienced. To be surrounded by adults who showed they cared about me, my future and my potential was something I had never genuinely felt before (besides from my parents... and parents are supposed to do that). St. Andrews was the first time I felt like I could be somebody, I was smart, I could do something to change or add to this crazy world. In 2005, I graduated St. Andrew's with "the most improved female report card" and an acceptance to attend Syracuse University. Never in a million years would I have anticipated this growth in myself and motivation for the future.

At Syracuse I began to reflect on my path and where to go next. I realized that the love and support I received at St. Andrews from my peers and teachers was what got me where I was. Freshman year I decided to enroll in Syracuse University's School of Education and become an educator who would strive to make the difference in other's lives that St. Andrews had made in mine. I understood the importance of an equitable education and the contribution that diversity can have on children and learners.

In 2009 I graduated from Syracuse University and applied for teaching jobs in every major city. I was looking for any city that needed an energetic educator who was ready to change the world. Washington, D.C., was the first to offer me a job, so I made the move down to the nation's capital. I settled in Washington, D.C., and quickly realized that the history of systemic racism and injustice in our public school system is long and complicated. I taught 1st and 2nd grade at Tubman Elementary School in Washington, D.C. for seven years and then transitioned into a Literacy Instructional Coaching role that I have held for the last four years. I earned a master's degree in curriculum and instruction at Trinity University and support writing curriculum in the district. 

I hope that in this role I can continue to guide, support and increase teacher sustainability in urban schools and help break down the systemic inequities that are still running our public schools today. Everyone is entitled to a free and equitable education. Only some will be as lucky as I was to experience an exceptional education like the one I had St. Andrew's. I continue to be grateful for my time there and the people who have contributed to who I am today. I will continue to help kids feel the love and acceptance that I felt at St. Andrew's and the potential to be whatever they dream.

Upcoming Events

February 22
Alumni Pasta Day with beer, wine and cheese following at Sue McGann's
Sage Gym
2:00 PM
March 28
Alumni Art and Whiskey tasting
Gardiner Hall, St. Andrew's
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
April 15 
Alumni/Student Career Day
St. Andrew's
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM
April 15
Alumni Career Day after party 
Wharf Tavern, Bristol, RI
5:00 PM
June 6
St. Andrew's
10:00 AM
June 6 
Reunion - Stay tuned for details!
Sage parking lot and adjoining field
12:00 PM

Alumni News: The Chapin Tradition of 
Service, Inclusion, and Action lives on!
Ed Sherman '67 stopped by campus for a visit. Ed has written five books on marine technology. His latest is  Fundamentals of Marine Service Technology.

Andrew Saftel '77 was featured in a podcast by Blackberry Magazine . In a conversation with Blackberry Farm Brewery Director Roy Milner, the two spoke about art, beer, life and inspiration. 

Stephen Shaw '82 is now tour manager for Cage the Elephant. Cage The Elephant will be touring and playing at music festivals in Europe and the U.S.

Rory O'Brien '86 has a new book out called The Afflicted Girl. Rory has a wonderful way of weaving a history into his tales that keep you on the edge of your seat while teaching you. 

John Smertiuk '95 married the love of his life, Marianne Pysarchyk Smertiuk. We wish them every happiness. They live in New York City.

Stephen Glover '96 and Hannah have a new baby, Beckham Hamilton Glover.

Bethany Lomas '98 brought her Mrs. Martin's Mobile Massage to St. Andrew's to give chair massages to the faculty. What a treat! You should check her out! 

Jeni Han '99 has opened her restaurant, Hanju Kitchen, as part of the Royal Bobcat bar and restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island. I highly recommend you try it! 

Demetris  Nichols '03 is now the Color Commentator/Basketball Analyst for the G League Westchester Knicks, the NBA affiliate of the New York Knicks. He calls all the home games for the team in Westchester, New York.

Hans Heitkoenig '05 is now a sales consultant at Food and Beverage Magazine

Joseph Odgubela '06 and Shari welcomed baby girl Zaya Rose.

AJ Subramaniam '08 is a policeman with the Providence Police Department. Be safe out there AJ!

Brian Hanuschak '08 joined Hanuschak Insurance Agency in Cumberland, Rhode Island, an insurance agency specializing in commercial and personal lines insurance. He has been working in the insurance industry since graduating from The College of Saint Rose in 2012, most recently as an underwriter with AIG in Boston. Brian is a 3rd-generation insurance agent at Hanuschak Insurance agency and currently lives with his wife, Casey, in Rumford, Rhode Island.

Nick Johnson '08 recently spoke to St. Andrew's Introduction to Exercise Science class about professions in exercise science and demonstrated newer foam rolling techniques. Love the reiteration of joint and core stability!

Andrew Lipoff '10 recently got engaged to Jamie Lewis and he did it in style. He announced it on all four screens at Gillette Stadium on October 27. He was also recently featured in the podcast " What it is really like to be an Entrepreneur " where he discussed  his new company Get Gas.

Andre Berry '14 is playing in Cian Sullivan's '16 hometown of Tralee, Ireland, for the Tralee Warriors Basketball Club. They even have a chant for him: "There's strawberries, there's blueberries, there's gooseberries, but then there's Andre Berry! He's one of our own, one of our own, Andre Berry is one of our own."

Chantal Cardenas '15 was accepted to a communications internship program at Rhode Island Commerce.

Kyle Clark '18 stars in the the academic premiere of Kinky Boots at Baldwin Wallace University to rave reviews. 

Janai Crooms '18 was featured in BuckeyExtra . She is doing great things on the court as a guard for the Ohio State Buckeyes!

Cole Swider '18 is getting a lot of deserved press these days for his contributions on the court as a forward for for the Villanova Wildcats! Here is one of his interviews

Sage Rego '19 has received his certificate to be a welder.

Brycen Goodine '19 scored the final two points at the buzzer to beat Wake Forest. The Daily Orange called it perhaps "the best moment" of the SU season.

In Memoriam

Beverly Colvin passed away on January 24, 2020. Beverly served for many years as the executive assistant to four headmasters here at St. Andrew's. Her daughter, Melanie Mollo, served as a faculty member and musical director at St. Andrew's for more than fifteen years. 

Robert Midwood '72 passed away on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.  Bob was the owner of Golden Dog Training and spent his life dedicated to training people to be great dog owners. He was also the father-in-law of Bethany Casale Midwood '02. He leaves behind his wife Sue and a wonderful family.

Alumni Visit Pictures

Chris Roque '92

Kerrie Donahue and Janai Crooms '18

Bob Ellison '88, Rory O'Brien '86 and Pam

Steve Carullo '69

Lorenzo Aceito '18 and Bryan Osorio '16

Courtney Edwards '94, Pam and Stephen Glover '96

Brycen Goodine '19 and Keegan Records '19

Aj Subramaniam '08

Bethany Lomas Martin '98 and Helga Cruces Perez '98

Seaniah Ballah '09 and Leelah Ballah '08

Jeni Han '99, Sue McGann, Leela Ballah '08 and Pam

Jeni Han '99 and her advisor Sue McGann

Matt and Pam Fowler '06, '05 with their new baby!

Ed Sherman '67

Cole Swider '18 on the road against PC and then St. Johns with the fan club

New York City alums Grace Cerda '19 and Ladi Solola '03 with friend Patti

Tyler Dubuc '12, Ladi Solola '03, Grace Cerda '19, Tony Monteleone '82, Elizah Famer and Roslyn Waldron-Harding '00

Dan Friedman '97,  Grace Cerda '19 and Tony Monteleone '82

Rob and Hayley McLean '07, with Pete Blanchette

Monica Neema '18 and Victoria Tavares '19

Jules Bibonimana '15

Ed Kimball '64

Mason Williams '18 and Tracy Rogers

Sue McGann, Rakim Sanders '07 and Mike Hart

Seaver Boyce '14, winner of the Ed Barrett '31 Pie Race for the men

Susie Schantz '05 and Pam

Nate Colon '17 and Oumar Sokhna '17