Winter Happenings
New Menu Item!!!!

  • We put together a Bang For Your Buck menu to make our restaurant more accessible.
  • Headlining the new menu is Cleveland's own Polish Boy & Polish Girl
February is the last month for Brisket Chili before we put up it back on the shelf until next winter.
Click the button to order online. Use Code FIRSTTIME for 15% off your first online order.
Food Truck Frenzy
We're thinking warm thoughts and we'll be back in action starting in March!

We're excited to announce we'll be back at Washington Park for this year's Friday Flow music series.
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Call 513.801.3242 to book for your office or building or email
What's Coming Up!
Super Bowl Sunday at Newtown

  • Open 12 - 5 pm Sunday Feb 3rd Newtown location only
  • Advance Orders Recommended
  • Full Menu Available
  • Order Online or Call 452-MEAT

Monday Motivation
Easier Said Than Done
How many times have you heard and/or said the phrase "easier said than done"? The implication of this phrase typically is that something; be it a plan or idea is easily suggested, but much more difficult to make happen. If you're like me, you've murmured this phrase as a nice way of saying something can't be done. My wife gave me this phrase in a conversation we were having recently and this is usually a perfect ending to any argument and this was no exception. I spent a couple days thinking about what my response might be or should be and that's when it hit me...

Things are supposed to be easier to say than to do. The bible says that the tongue has the power of life and death. Jesus says in Mark 11 that whoever says to this mountain, "go, throw yourself in the sea," and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.
God wanted us to understand two things. First, that we're not able to do everything that needs doing! Let that sink in for a moment. We are imperfect and overwhelmed, stretched thin and stressed out. God knows us and He knows that the doing is sometimes not something we're capable of. Situations get so out of our control that it's easy to get discouraged to the point of giving up.

Second, God wants us to understand that our words have the ability to unlock extra power.I remember playing video games as a kid and I would be so thankful for a code or secret button sequence to unlock extra abilities. Our words work in somewhat the same way. They have the ability to unlock things that we sometimes forget we have access to. We are children of the God that is the creator of all things. When we become a part of His family that entitles us to access to all that He has.

Yes, Things are easier said than done. However, the first step to having what we need in order to do... is saying.
Just Q'in