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Try on a Disbility  



"Try on a Disability" is on sale through our website and available for purchase at $20 plus shipping and handling.  


This DVD is a wonderful educational piece that can be used in companies, by architects and designers. In schools, or at clubs and associations. It's less than an hour long, and it tells a very powerful story.


Please go to our website
to purchase, or call Zosia at


to order. 

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Hope is 

Not A Plan


The video, "Hope is Not A Plan" is now available on the website, in our blog and at This film should be required viewing for everyone, whether you have a disability or not. Why, you ask? Simple. Most of us will, at some time in our lives, become disabled in some way. The fact is that those of us with disabilities have no civil rights when compared to those of us who are not disabled. This should resonate with every Canadian. No disability? Your time may come. Do you want your rights? Watch the video.


An election is almost on us, and we need to discuss civil rights for people with disabilities with politicians. People with disabilities do not have a way to enforce civil rights in British Columbia, or indeed anywhere in Canada. This must change!  


View the video. Pass the link around. It's less than an hour long, and it can have a huge, and a positive, impact - if enough people see it!  




Read This Before  

WInter is Over! 


Our intrepid newsletter editor is living in the Toronto area for a while. Not for too long, he hopes. A sample overnight low: -40 degrees (wind chill included, but who cares? not him). -40 is -40. It's where Celcius meets Farenheit. Cold? WOW!  (Don't know if those two guys ever met in real life, but they met in Toronto!)


I told him I had to switch from my winter jacket to my spring jacket as I was too warm. I'll let you guess what his response was. Hey, he moved voluntarily! 


OK, enough whining from him. We have important things happening right here:





We might as well get right to it. Our Pub Nights keep on getting better for us and for the folks who attend. Win - Win! So we're going to keep going starting with:

SATURDAY APRIL 11 at 5 PM (Dinner at 6:30)

We're back at the Artful Dodger Pub once again. Good grub, good drinks, good times, good company and good staff. It doesn't get much better! (2364 - 200 Street, in case anyone forgot).

We'll have auctions, door prizes and raffles, and we'll watch the Canucks lambaste the hapless Oilers. OK, it'll probably be a thrashing, but it'll be a good workout for our Canucks. (Oilers fans wearing Oilers sweaters will be permitted to don brown paper bags over their heads as soon as the puck drops. No Oilers sweater, no bag. "Can't find" your sweater? Well.... OK, OK, go ahead.)

Here's the poster with the details (once again, tickets will be limited, no limit on fun, though)

As usual, we can use your help to make the night a success:

A letter to use when soliciting auction items is attached. Just click here for a copy. Any and all help in obtaining items for the auctions will be appreciated.

Pub nights are always fun, and we keep hearing about how much fun ours are!


I attended the "Open Late for Business" at the Langley Senior Resources Centre a while ago. I won the door prize! (I credit Rumor - she always brings me luck.)

The good people at the Resources Centre included a gift certificate for lunch for 15 including rental of a meeting room. This looks perfect for our Annual General Meeting. We'll be changing things around a bit. The AGM will be held atnoon on Monday June 8, 2015 rather than in the evening due to the complementary lunch. we need to take reservations so we can book the correct number of lunches. We'll get more info to you as the time approaches, including how to reserve your lunch.


I am very pleased to announce that 
we will be holding a "Try On A Disability " event later this year - an event with a special twist!

Several prominent able-bodied members of the Langley community have agreed to remain confined to a wheelchair for 12 hours! That is a huge commitment on their part to help support our cause. Their days will be individually recorded on video by aspiring filmmakers from Kwantlen Community College. That's also a huge commitment.

At our annual "Try on a Disability Day" in Langley on July 11, 2015, the volunteers will speak about their experiences (good or bad). As well, the student winner of the best video will be awarded a scholarship to be used to further his or her education, or to pay for necessary equipment.

We thank everyone who volunteered, and we will publish the names of both the volunteers who will try on a disability and the filmmakers as the event gets closer.

We sincerely hope you'll come to this event to support people living with disabilities, and to find out more about what it's like to live with one.

I hope to see everyone at some or all of these events. Until then, stay well!