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January, 2015 

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Parents have much to celebrate! It was just a decade ago ago that research provided an effective 'Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study'.  Before then, clinicians could only promise good intentions to parents with a sick child. 


More recently, research provided even better news through 'Preventing the Onset of Depressive Disorders'.  Parents and educators can now help kids build grit, or resilience, to actually prevent many cases  of anxiety and depression from getting started. If you are near Boston the evening of January 22, come celebrate with friends, wine, a light meal and our live Winter Blues band!  You will have the opportunity to speak in a Q & A kiosk with:

  • Dr. David DeMaso, psychiatrist-in-chief at Boston Children's Hospital. When the band breaks for intermission, he will take the podium to describe how more than 10,000 teens have completed the 'Break Free From Depression' curriculum and its  effectiveness for depression awareness.
  • Interact teen mentors from the Rotary Club of  Wellesley who completed training with 'Break Free From Depression' and are delivering the information to middle school age groups. You can share ideas for reaching all kids. Two teens will take the podium to explain how this knowledge is important in their own lives.
  • psychologist and author Nadja Reilly who  authored 'Break Free From Depression' and brought its coping skills online in a virtual 'Wellness Center', as games for children ages 8-15.  She is the Associate Director of the Freedman Center for Child and Family Development at William James College. At the podium, Nadja will introduce parent resources for all kids to exercise better coping skills and knowledge. 

If you already registered for the Winter Blues, click here to add names before Monday and bring them as my guests. 


Happy new year!


-Bob Anthony, President

Did you know...


... teens are talking about wellness here and in Puerto Rico?  

Adolescent Wellness and Rotary funded training of teen mentors  locally and at 4 schools in Puerto Rico. If you are wondering why we would spend some of your hard-earned donations so far away, it is to demonstrate that any community can implement depression prevention immediately.

Reaching 22 healthy kids with better coping skills can prevent 1 case of anxiety or depression. It is neither complex nor expensive to achieve this, it just needs a champion in your community.  Please contact  Adolescent Wellness for details or come meet those who made it happen at the Winter Blues! 

AWI volunteers


The people who make it happen; we are very grateful to the current AWI volunteers listed below:
  • Bob Anthony - President
  • Anthony Schweizer - Board Chairman
  • Chip Douglas - Director
  • Calvin Place - Director, Winter Blues co-chair
  • Lisa Siegel - Director
  • Roberta Boylen - Winter Blues co-chair
  • Teddy Sevilla - Youth Advisory
  • Cindy Hurley - Wellesley HS counselor
  • Teddy Sevilla - Youth Advisory
  • Noah Stein - Youth Advisory
  • Matthew Tom - Youth Advisory 
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