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Holidays: Cheer and Challenge 

Over the years, I've discovered that the relationship between holidays and children is often full of surprises, but not always the kind that parents and family expect! When trying to drop off your child at church child care, he clings to your leg. Just when you think your child will love going to see Santa, she cries! When you take your older children gift shopping for grandpa they are tired and cranky before you even get to the store! And, when the "big day" (Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas) comes, your child has a meltdown or wants to play alone in her/his room. What's going on here?! 

Some children feel overwhelmed by the expectations of special holidays and the change in routine they bring (kids love routine, it makes them feel secure). The excitement builds until your child goes "out of bounds," which can manifest by over-active behavior, regressive behavior or anything in between. Thus, the trip to see Santa with noisy, long lines becomes scary. Shopping can turn into a tiring disaster and even a birthday party can bring tears and disappointments. All of which can greatly frustrate parents and grandparents who are simply trying to show the kids a good time! 

Through days of cheer and challenge as a parent and teacher, I have found that there are a few things that help children traverse special times in a positive way. 
1. Build toward special days calmly and slowly. Advent calendars, paper rings to tear off, calendars for older children, lighting a weekly advent candle at home can pace the season.
2. Make sure your children get free time, sleep and healthy food. 
3. Leave space for regular routines when planning special events. 
4. Look for ways to build peaceful times into your family's day. Have a quiet reading time near the Christmas tree, discuss plans, pray together, take a family walk, light a candle at the dinner table. 
5. Help your children learn to "give" as well as "receive." 
6. Set expectations by explaining where you are going and what you will do there. 
7. Share the wonder of the Christmas Story with your children at home and at church. 

Finally, take care of yourselves. Build in time for rest and relaxation for Mom and Dad too! My wish for each of you is that you and your family experience the hope, peace, joy and love of this Advent season.


SuperSaturday Christmas Celebration 
Dec 2 
 Hey Kids! Come to New Song on Saturday December 2 to begin celebrating the Christmas season together. After our first Advent worship service and dinner, each age group will explore the Christmas Story. We'll also have Christmas games, activities and crafts before closing our evening with a special Christmas worship.   Hope to see you then!!
The season of Advent will soon be here!

This year Advent begins on December 2 and lasts four weeks. Advent means "coming" in Latin, thus at New Song, we prepare each week for the coming of the Christ Child. This year's sermon series is What Child Is This, so full of Hope. (Peace, Joy and Love) You and your family are invited to worship and the events below. Merry Christmas! 

Dec. 1: All Church Christmas Party at the Cook Home                7:00 
Dec. 2: Advent Worship Hope 5:30 
            Christmas SuperSaturday 6:30-8:30 
Dec.9: Advent Worship Peace 5:30 
Dec 16: Advent Worship Joy 5:30
             Christmas Program Practice 4:00
             Children's Christmas Program 5:30 
             Christmas Cookie Reception after worship 
Dec. 23: Advent Worship in a Stable Love 5:30 Jennings Farm
Dec. 24: Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship 7:00
Welcome Baby Walt
Henry and Lucy welcomed baby brother John Walter Jennings to the family on September 23rd. Congratulations to Drew and Krissy Jennings on their new son. We ask God to bless baby Walt and his whole family.
The Annual New Song Christmas Party will be on December 1 at 7:00 at the home of Emily, Drew, Braylon and Maycie Cook. (Thanks Cooks!) This festive event will be a party food potluck and EVERYONE is welcome! There will be crafts and activities for children, too. Emily and Drew 117 Grenache Ct. O'Fallon, Missouri 63368

A big thank you to: All those who have volunteered in child care this year-and to coordinator Brona. You are awesome, flexible and loving-a real blessing to our kids. Thanks to the fall SuperSaturday cooks: Karen and Jan, Emily and Amanda, Chris and Jenny. The SuperSaturday teachers are Super! Our new preschoolkindergarten class is rolling along great and welcomes three year olds, too. The youth are fun and full of ideas and those elementary kids in the middle are a super group full of energy and thoughtfulness. Thanks to teachers Brona, Jenny, Sally, Tom, Michael and Pam and to super subs Bree, Adam and Kristina!

Christmas Cookie Reception Following Worship on Dec. 16

It's become a fun tradition to have a cookie reception after worship the night of the Christmas Program! It's a great way to thank our kids and visit with others before Christmas. If you have extra cookies to share, please drop them off at the table in the foyer prior to worship. Thanks!

Dec 23 Worship in a Stable

Follow the Star to the west and come celebrate the birth of Jesus in a stable (barn). This simple worship service will help us recognize the wonder of Jesus' birth. 

We'll gather at our usual 5:30 starting time in the barn.  After worship, grab a cup of hot mulled cider and say hi to the animals (and people too!).

Jennings' Farm
18536 Bridlegate Lane 
Wildwood 63069-3129 
314- 960-7974 

Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship 7:00 

Your family and friends are invited to the special Christmas Eve service on the holiest night of the year. Join us at 7:00 for a beautiful, peaceful worship experience complete with lighting of candles.