Our new session begins the first week of 2019 with more than 20 different course offerings from A Taste of Tai Chi, to 12 Advanced Jings, and our new Yang Style Tai Chi Form program (see below).  

See the new schedule , and detailed class descriptions .

The Yang style is the most widely practiced form of Tai Chi in the world today, remarkable for the wide variety of physical and energetic qualities it contains.

This class will cover the 19 movements of the First Section of the Yang Style Long Form, a 3-minute sequence that expresses the basic qualities of Rooting, Centering, Pulsing, Flow, and Whole Body Integration while moving continuously and smoothly, with deep breathing and a relaxed but focused awareness. Not a beginners class--see course description for requirements.

Jings are expressions of energy with a particular pattern, quality, idea, or flavor--distinct from ordinary, untrained force or action. Understanding the jings inherent in each movement of Tai Chi forms makes the forms come alive.  

Most students only learn the first four major jings--the "primary colors" of Peng Lu Ji and An, essential to a good foundation. But there is much more. This class will explore 12 more advanced jings, that together constitute the inner content of all styles of Tai Chi.  The 12 Advanced Jings include:
• Kao Jing—Shoulder jing, whole-body intelligence and power without the interference of the hands and arms;  
Ren Jing—Tenacious pliable strength, like a vine; 
Ting Jing—“Listening” skil, alert and accurate sensitivity;  
Fajing—Sudden discharge of energy;  
Kong Jing—“Empty force”, the expansion/ projection of energy beyond the confines of the physical body.

This class introduces the short (4-5 minute) version of the traditional Wu Style Tai Chi form, created by Master Bruce Frantzis, founder of Energy Arts and a lineage holder in Wu Style. Wu style emphasizes clear alignments, so that the structure holds the body up and it can relax more easily. Tension is released from the shoulders and arms, the movements are relatively small and easy to perform, which makes it a powerful method for both healing and "meditation-in-motion." Open to beginners, no experience necessary.


With more than 20 different classes to choose from, many students choose to take more than one course each session. (The current record is 6 different classes taken in one semester!) We encourage this, as experiencing different styles, or different aspects of Tai Chi practice, is an important part of progressing in the art and finding one's personal path. In addition to member discounts, students taking more than 1 twice a week class can receive 20% off all additional classes taken in a given session. Sign up for your first class online and then pay for all additional discounted classes by check.

As Brookline Tai Chi enters its 27th year, we are truly proud of the thousands of students we've served and the "good energy" (some might call it Qi) that we have put into the world through Tai Chi and Qigong.

This season is a good time to give something back.  The school is in a very challenging financial situation, due to many factors, the main one being the expiration of a large grant from the Tufts Foundation, on which the school had relied for five years. In fact, our wonderful classes and workshops have actually never been enough to cover the costs of running the school.  We are currently operating without an Office Manager/Operations person, a part-time position that we sorely need to keep things running happily.  If 50 students would contribute just a dollar a day--$30 a month--we could meet our most immediate staffing needs and be assured of keeping the school going smoothly.

In the larger picture, BTC is poised to extend our work, providing instructors and trainings to the elderly, the blind, those at high risk of falling. We are committed to "bringing Tai Chi to those who need it the most." And for this, we need your help. Please consider making either a single donation or a monthly commitment to keeping this great school and community alive and well.   All contributions are tax deductible!

Make a donation now:

Winter is the perfect time to introduce friends and family to Tai Chi. We are once again offering a free first class to our A Taste Of Tai Chi program.

Free single-class cards are available at the school. Be sure to pick some up, and give them to anyone you know who might benefit from ... a Taste. 

After the free intro, a 3-class introductory trial is also available for just $49.

Share the gift of Tai Chi with those you care about! 


“You have noticed that the truth comes into this world with two faces. One is sad with suffering, and the other laughs; but it is the same face, laughing or weeping. When people are already in despair, maybe the laughing face is better for them; and when they feel too good and are too sure of being safe, maybe the weeping face is better for them to see.”

We are Water Way Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
dedicated to movement, balance and wellness.