Greetings families,

I hope you had a restful and rejuvenating holiday with your loved ones last week.
As we approach the concerts next week, we would like to provide a few reminders and clarifications, and one important update to the event.
First, we would like to provide an important amendment to concert attendance and participation. As announced a few weeks ago, this year we will be holding all K-2 concerts during the same performance, and all 3-5 concerts during the same performance. Because of the number of students and families involved each night, we will have to provide limitations to the number of people who can attend this year.
  • We ask that only immediate family be in attendance at this event. We would love to invite as many people as possible, but given the space we have available to us this year, we do not want families to be without a seat.
  • In order to allow friends and extended family members to take part in this special evening, we will be livestreaming this event! A link will be sent in this week’s Echo that you can share with those who cannot attend in person. We will be using a private Zoom link and will not share this link with the public via social media.

I do apologize that we cannot accommodate everyone this year, and for any inconvenience this announcement causes for you and your loved ones. Please reach out if you would like to discuss this together or if you have any questions.
Second, please review the concert attire: Boys wear white collared dress shirts with black pants and black dress shoes. Girls wear a white blouse with a black skirt or black dress pants, or a black and/or white dress, and black dress shoes (open-toed shoes and reasonable heels are permitted). Please note that girls may wear a black and/or white dress.
Finally, please review the schedule below:
K-2 Music Concert
Date: Monday, December 6
Location: The Archway Trivium East MPR
Student Arrival Time: 5:15pm
Concert Time: 6:00pm
3-5 Music Concert
Date: Thursday, December 9
Location: The Archway Trivium East MPR
Student Arrival Time: 5:15pm
Concert Time: 6:00pm
Parking will be available both at the ATE campus and across the street at McLane Trucking.
Because the student arrival time is before the concert start time, we will be opening up the courtyard for families if they would like to wait until the concert arrives. Alternatively, you can simply drop your child off via the drop off line at the MPR, on the East side of campus, and return closer to the beginning of the concert. Students will be escorted by teachers to K-2 classrooms at this time. Concert rehearsals are being held now through next week so that students are prepared for the logistics of the concert.
We are greatly looking forward to joining you next week to celebrate our scholars love of the arts!
With Devotion,
Stephen Philabaum | Headmaster
Archway Trivium East