It is time for winter inventory clearing and deals- so here are a few things we have now!

It has been several years since we had any of the USMC War Belts/MOLLE Sub Belts in stock but we found some. These belts are a great combination of newer technology and MOLLE attachments with the classic style and function of the ALICE LBE set- essentially a modernized version of the old pistol belt and suspenders And this time we have good sizes- medium that runs from 32" to 52" and large that runs from 38"-60"- be sure to account for wearing over gear or cold weather clothing if needed. Set them up running the USMC Speed Reload Magazine Pouches, USMC Tourniquet Holder , Dump Pouch, USMC Individual First Aid Kit Pouch or other pouches to make a nice, simple and rugged setup that is 100% American made! The belts are just $27.95, less than a Chinese made airsoft grade would be, and you can build with pouches to customize for your specific needs from there.

We also just were able to get some of the newest USMC sleep mats. Designed  by Thermarest based on the latest designs used in the civilian outdoor market these are the foam accordion  folding models. They  are 72"x23" but fold up to just 23" x 5.25", and are just 24 ounces! These are a huge upgrade not just in size and weight, but the folding design makes it faster to unfold and set up and much faster to stow when it is time to move out. And they lay flat without curling up from memory like the roll up ones do! Just $19.95!  Just compare that to the closest comparable  one on Amazon that is smaller and more than twice the price!

We got another buy on the amazing ULCANS camo netting. This is the real  US military  issue stuff that blocks not only visual detection  but also  blocks both radar and thermal signatures. We only have one size available , the diamond that is 27.9'x16.1' for 224.5 square feet, and we are dropping the price from $149.95 to $100 while they last.

We are extending our Black Friday amazing  deal  on Mora knives . If you have ever used them you know how great Moras are- they are made in Sweden  and are an absolutely amazing  knife at a great value. We are offering a 3 pack of assorted  Mora basic models with sheaths for just $26.95! Amazing gifts- give two away and keep one for yourself! You won't find a chance to buy Moras at under $9 each anywhere else!

Some other deals we are carrying over from Black Friday- we have a new style canvas shoulder bag/messenger bag on a special sale for $8.95! We have lots of different styles of Kevlar Gloves on the sale page at great prices- these are great for anyone in your life who is a fisherman, mechanic, crafter or anyone else who works with sharp or hot objects. Go over and check those out too! We have the classic Military Canvas Tool Bag on sale for just $12.95- these are the ones with the heavy brass zipper and are great for so many uses.

There is a lot more at our sale page on the website- so be sure to check it for all the other deals. And from our family to your we wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!