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Weeks of November 22 and 29, 2021

We're in the swing of it now! Many folks are surprised to know our second busiest month of the year is November, not June, like one might think. This month we're busy with fabulous customers (like you) and with the prepping and designing of hundreds of wreaths and thousands of evergreen planters. Who does what? Here's the run-down:
  • Kyle oversees it all, supervising the "pot makers" and dressing (with accents) all of the planters for general sales; his wife, Robin, assists plus makes bundles of evergreens when not helping in the store
  • Debbie designs most of our Custom Orders, with flair!
  • Our hard working "pot makers" include: Ray, Rebecca, Ivy, Alanna and Samantha
  • Designer wreath makers are Grace, Erin and Alanna
  • Our friendly front staff who greet and help you are Judy, Chris, Toni, Lisa, Jennifer, Kathie, Shauna and Janet
  • Helping to make bundles and do other odd jobs are the family "grandkids": Ben (when home for a visit), Olivia, Jake and Mitch
  • Finally, the "garland man" is Jack who is alone in the rear cold frame (by the pond) listening to CBC and feeding boughs into a machine that wraps the boughs into full and fluffy evergreen roping

It's a true group effort to ensure we have what you need to make your home festive and lovely. Some days are cold and the work tedious; other days are warm and the shared baked goods (sugar!) keep us productive and enjoying each other's company while pushing boughs into pots and winding rosehips onto a wreath frame. We hope you are enjoying our efforts and your home decor is fresh and bright for the upcoming Winter season!

Take care,
Vikki and the Griffin's Gang
Winter Workshops 2021

Full descriptions of each workshop to create indoor, fresh flower/evergreen arrangements can be found on our website. Click here: Workshops and Kits Spaces are limited and filling quickly!

Unfortunately we do not have any more space in the December calendar to host private workshops - sorry! The response was over whelming and we are fully booked.

We now have instructional videos for the following projects:

  • Traditional Evergreen Planter
  • Deluxe Evergreen Planter

The link to our YOUTUBE channel is here: Griffin's YOUTUBE channel
There is no cost or trick to view them - share them with friends and let's get everyone "greening up"! We've linked the Deluxe Evergreen Planter Instructional Video below, in case you're in a creative mood right now!

We also have DIY "Kits" you can purchase that include all materials with detailed written instructions for:

For those of you not needing a helping hand, we have lots of boughs, accents, prepped pots (sand and foam) and accompaniments for all of your outdoor decorating needs. For those of you who already have a wooden sleigh from previous years, we have all of the materials packed up for you to re-create your sleigh arrangement (plus an instruction sheet)- ask staff when you are in!
Seasonal Flowers: Poinsettias, Cyclamen and Amaryllis!

Our greenhouse is filling quickly with bright seasonal plants, for the holidays and beyond.

Let's be real - some of us compost our Poinsettias after New Year's Day, but some plants can last so much longer if you wish them too. One of our favourite looks is white amaryllis gracing a table throughout January. In contrast to the white wonderland outdoors, these beautiful blooms framed against a window view featuring that scene is classic!

Click here to read how to enjoy these seasonal blooms successfully now and throughout the winter months in the magazine article (page 17) we wrote for the local Cottage Country Connection: Seasonal Flowers
Urn Club

Pick up for the Winter Urn Club insert runs until early December. There will be 5-6 designs to choose from, including designs with ski poles, woodland fairies, driftwood and lovely pinecone accents.

This is everyone's favourite season for inserts - no watering, no deadheading - fantastic!
News and Notes:

  • We're helping out with the fundraiser for the Riverview Park and Zoo. We are selling the popular train jigsaw puzzles in our store, with all proceeds going to the zoo. Since we are just offering our services for the sale of them we ask you bring cash to pay when purchasing a puzzle, $20.00 each.
  • Waxed Amaryllis bulbs are here and selling quickly! Remember them from last year? This year we even have these no fuss, pre-sprouted bulbs wearing tuxedoes and sweaters! Solid colour waxed ones are pictured below. From sprout to bloom generally takes 4 weeks.
  • Seasonal Plants arrive fresh weekly: poinsettias, potted amaryllis, frosty ferns, cyclamen, Christmas cactus and more!
  • Our 2022 Customer Card is now available. For $10.00 you receive discounts, special offers, bi-weekly E-News and more. A portion of the fee collected is donated to a local non-profit (TBA).

We're not just about evergreens - inside our Barn Store we have many fabulous decor items, from modern and glitzy to natural and country.
Gnomes are so hot! Of course, we have our outdoor evergreen gnomes, but have you stepped inside the store to see the indoor decor gnomes for sitting on shelves, tables or the mantle? We have many colours and sizes (we sometimes think they multiply overnight, like rabbits!) Don't miss out on this fun, European trend!
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