The Just Hoops Winter Development League is designed for individual improvement. This is not a "roll the ball out and play" league, we will be teaching game concepts that will help develop skill and basketball IQ. Athletes need to compete, but they also need to learn how to play the game. This League will provide both aspects to help foster individual improvement along with weekly workouts and shooting sessions to Just Hoops to develop good habits.
  1. As always, if you are experiencing any COVID related symptoms - please stay home! Temperatures will be taken upon entry. Any player with a fever will not be able to participate.
  2. Drop off and check in at the Front Desk NO more than 5 minutes before your scheduled session
  3. Leave your bag in the car, bring your ball, water bottle, and basketball shoes.
  4. It is mandatory that everyone wears facial coverings when not active on the court.
  5. Players ONLY in the gym. Because space is limited, parents will not be permitted to stay in the facility.
  6. We will have athletes ready for pickup promptly at 8:00 pm.