Now that the holidays have come and gone, what is your ideal start to the new year? If you’re looking for the chance to reset and recharge, the San Juan Islands might just be the perfect destination. To help get your planning started, we’ve got a few suggestions...
Now that cookie season is over, Coho Restaurant Sous Chef Samatha is making this month all about sharing tips and tricks in the kitchen. To kick things off, she demonstrates her technique for perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs.

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Keep cozy and order in! We can deliver select bottles of wine, housemade ice cream, additional freshly baked cookies and scones, or even a martini directly to your door. All our handcrafted bath and body products are also available to take home.

Jared and Lidia, who stayed with us in December, shared this amazing moment from their evening paddle. It definitely captures the spirit of reflection we’re entering the year with.