Winter Gardening Tips

 January 2020 / Volume 154
January Horticultural / Garden Tips
Learn about what you should be doing in the month of JANUARY.  A selection of garden tips (Lawn & Turf, Tree & Shrubs, Flowers, Fruits & Nuts, and General Gardening) can be found by clicking GARDEN TIPS.
Tulsa Master Gardeners
Video Podcasts

The core mission of the Tulsa Master Gardeners is to provide OSU Extension research-based horticultural information to the local home gardeners and the community.  Given that, we try to reach as many folks as possible through multiple media platforms such as TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and this e-newsletter. And, as a part of our social media push, we can also be found on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. To supplement all of these wonderful ways to communicate, we have now added a new feature - video podcasts.  It is called Garden Talk and we invite  you to check it out.

In each episode we talk about a current pest problem, highlight a plant of interest, discuss what we should be doing right now in our lawns and gardens, and answer your questions.

For the latest podcast, click on:

Master Gardener Podcast 007 - 12/6/19
Master Gardener Podcast 007 - 12/6/19

2020 Gardening Resolutions

So, 2019 is now behind us and 2020 is upon us, as well as a new decade. While we don't usually wander away from providing solid outdoor gardening information for our loyal and "serious" readers, we felt this might be an opportunistic time to reflect upon last year and consider how we can do better this year. It's no different for gardeners.

Last year, some of what we did worked and some of what we did didn't work.  But, what about this year?  For some thought-provoking, gardening-related New Year's resolutions, click on 2020.  
Don't forget to hang the Phoradendron Tomentosom

Phoradendron Tomentosom is the scientific name for Christmas Mistletoe, often referred to as American mistletoe. There are over 1,300 species of mistletoe world-wide, but only the American and European species (which are part of the genus Phoradendron) seem to have won a place in our hearts, homes, and medicine cabinets. 

This article will provide some interesting facts and information about this unique plant; give you a quick look at its long, murky history; and explore the reason a poisonous, parasitic plant became linked to love and romance. Click on MISTLETOE to read the full article.
Christmas Tree Disposal - Some Creative Options

                {More Environmentally Friendly}                                                     {Less So}
There are a number of ways to dispose of your live cut tree after the holidays and some are more environmentally friendly than others. The first thing to do is to remove everything that is artificial off of the tree - tinsel, ornaments, d├ęcor, etc.  But, then what?  Cl ick on CHRISTMAS TREE DISPOSAL for some creative options . . .if it's not too late!

Christmas Cactus Care

Did you buy or receive a Christmas Cactus this year? Would you like to keep it alive and have it bloom during the holidays next Year? If so, read on.
There are two kinds of "Christmas Cactus" that are recognized, but the more common one that you probably have is Schlumbegera truncate which is actually the Crab or Thanksgiving Cactus. It blooms between Thanksgiving and Christmas and is more reliable to get to bloom than the true Christmas Cactus, Schlulmbergera bridgesii.

So, for information on how to care for this little jewel throughout the year, click on CHRISTMAS CACTUS CARE.
Winter Gardening Prep For Spring

During the winter, many gardeners have already completed most, if not all, of their seasonal gardening chores - whether pruning annuals, raking and bagging leaves, or simply emptying pots with spent blooms.

With spring just around the corner (fingers crossed) there are still chores remaining that will help you greet spring with a jump start. Click on WINTER GARDEN PREP for ten steps to assist you with preparing your winter garden for spring.
Using Grow Lights To Start Seedlings

It is very common to start seedlings indoors in late winter for spring planting. This way many gardeners can get a jump start on spring vegetable and flower gardens by planting seedlings that are already thriving.

But, what is the best indoor environment for them?  For instance, what kind of light and what light spectrum are best to coax a healthy growth from the growing medium? Click on INDOOR GROW LIGHTS for information on this important winter subject.

The Tulsa Master Gardener Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  As such, it receives no city, state or federal funding for its Tulsa community outreach programs. In fact, the Tulsa's Master Gardener programs are self-funded by its own fundraisers, from member donations, and from public donations.

The main Tulsa Master Gardener fundraiser is its Annual Spring Plant Sale that is held each April.  Other fundraisers include the Garden Tour and Garage Sale in June.  And, one of the most important income sources that sometimes gets overlooked are the personal and corporate donations.  These are so important in helping us to meet our financial obligations and we want you to know they are very much appreciated. 

MG Endowment Fund
The Tulsa Master Gardeners have been around for over three decades, since 1983.  And, we plan to be around for many more decades. Furthermore,  we are considered one of the top five Master Gardener county programs in the entire nation. We are because of the size of our Foundation membership, the number, diversity and activity level of our various community outreach programs, and our overall financial strength!  
So, we are pleased to announce, in partnership with the Tulsa Community Foundation, the Master Gardener Foundation has established an Endowment Fund to ensure our long-term financial strength. Our plans are to build this fund for many years before making any withdrawals from it. Please consider us as you make your annual gift giving as well as longer-term estate planning decisions. Remember, all donations are fully tax deductible! 
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund the long-term success of the program, click on   TULSA MASTER GARDENER ENDOWMENT FUND.
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to help fund our annual expenses, click on  TULSA MASTER GARDENER AGENCY FUND.
We thank all of you for having been such faithful contributors both in the past and in advance for your future consideration and participation!  Proud to be a part of the Tulsa area - such a giving community!  

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All about butterfly gardening in Tulsa County.

How to Take a Soil Test
How to collect a good sample of soil from your lawn or garden and get it tested at the OSU lab.

Once you have collected your soil test and gotten the results back, now what? Find out here. 

Show and tell.
Cool Season Lawn Care (Fescue)
12-month maintenance calendar.
State horticulturists, nurseries and growers pick favorite plants, shrubs and trees for use in the Oklahoma landscape. See the winners for this year and years past.

A list of recommended trees with descriptions. 

A list of over 60, by size and color.

Visit our demonstration garden on  15th Street, open 7 days a week. 

Current and historical source of rainfall, air temperatures, soil temps and much more. Click on Bixby station.  

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