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A Van and an App: Adventures of a Wandering Paddler
Road Trip across America with a SUP stop along the way
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Connecting with SUP minded people across the world
How to Stay Safe During Cold Water Paddling
What to wear, look for, and more!
Dangerous Water
What to look for before heading out!
Featured Activity: Wildlife Paddles
This issue we will be focusing on Wildlife Tours! The bodies of water around the world are home to a variety of unique species. One of the best ways to interact with this environment is standing atop a SUP! The close proximity you have while paddling the water allows you to fully engage with the natural world you become immersed in. Check out these amazing tours below. And don't forget to search for tours in your area by using our Locations/Activities tab.

Red River Gorge Underground Glow Tour
Gear up and head underground for this unique and educational experience! We will paddle through an abandoned limestone mine by the gentle glow of our underwater LED lights and our headlamps.

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Lido Key Mangrove Paddleboard Tour
Tour the exotic Lido mangrove tunnels and see manatees, turtles, dolphins, and more! The mangroves in the Florida Keys are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the UNited States and the best place to see it all is on a SUP!

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Paddleboard Rotorua (New Zealand)

Glow Worm Tours

The Paddle Board Glow Worm tour is a must do tour in Rotorua. The combination of sunset/evening paddle boarding and magical glow worm caves at night creates a truly unique experience. The evening paddle along the lake shoreline as the sunsets allows nature to speak for itself before the tour guide leads you to constellations of glow worms.
Featured Location Articles
The water is white and rushing. Flowing quickly like the wind, the trees graze by in a flash of green and brown. And there you are. Standing proudly atop your board. Smiling.
This is the first time you have decided to stand on an inflatable board while navigating a moving river and you are awash with delight as the momentum of the water propels you forward. This new activity is flowing, fun, and exhilarating. It’s a whole new take on SUP and you’re glad you finally decided to give it a try.

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Have you ever thought of a place and immediately the alchemist living in your bones transports you from the dull familiarity to one filled with mystique and wonder? 

It’s in those times that your heart becomes lighter and the whisper of your soul blossoms into a jubilant cry.

You have it then, that sense of awe. That old feeling of what it was like to be a child. Where the world looked vibrant and your body clashed with the winds of adventure.

You didn’t understand what it was in the past at a younger age. 

But you do now. 

It’s that feeling you get when you want to reconnect with the mystery of the universe. To venture into the unknown. To find yourself. And live.

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SUP Events
This is your chance to combine your passion for SUP and a fantastic trip around the world!
For more information on each holiday click on the pictures below!

Join us on a unique and one-off Stand Up Paddle Board adventure experience across the Himalayas visiting Nepal.
This once in a lifetime adventure has access to parts of the planet rarely seen by Western eyes and will be guided by some of the most experienced SUP guides and expedition leaders in the world. As part of this adventure, you will be some of the first to descend the rivers of Nepal by SUP as we travel across the country – a pretty awesome achievement!

This is a journey into one of the most spectacular areas of Europe. We will be gliding through the Knoydart, an amazing wilderness area cut off from the mainland road network, surrounded by majestic mountains and deep lochs. Deep in heart of Knoydart we will find true wilderness, wildlife, and adventure. Knoydart is steeped in history and its remoteness is breathtaking.

Join us for a stunning and special journey by SUP into the remote Norwegian Fjords. Living onboard the MV Gaasten we will access some of the most remote, unspoiled and simply breathtaking areas of the Norwegian Fjords. This journey is special, allowing us to cruise amongst majestic peaks and deep into the fjords accessing perfect areas to paddle and experience the wilderness and grandeur by SUP.

Make your way to beautiful Sayulita, Mexico, and enjoy your stay with these featured activities:
  • Paddle To Punta Sayulita–
  • Infinity Pool Swim & Lunch at Kupuri Beach Club–
  • Private Catered Dinner at Home–
  • Private Salsa Dancing Lessons–
  • SUP Surfing Lesson–
  • In House Massage–
  • Giant Stand Up Paddle Boarding–
  • Sunset Yoga On The Beach
  • Ocean Canoe Paddle & Surf
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Can You Learn How to SUP Online?
Not exactly...

But you can learn the basics behind SUP before ever stepping foot on a board to ground yourself in the fundamentals and theory behind the paddle stroke, stance, and more! Even better, prepare yourself for any dangerous situations you may find yourself in while paddling and know how to react and save yourself or your paddling friends.

To find out more information on the online courses offered by our friend at the Water Skills Academy - check out this video below:
Gear Roundup
Waterbrands SUP Gear

What they offer:
  • Paddle Accessories: Carbonerro paddles, Surfstow hydration packs, paddles, and leashes
  • Water Accessories: outdoor teak furniture, Navisafe

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Sirensong Wetsuits for Women

What They Offer:
  • Hand-painted, silk-screened, and/or printed designs on color-blocked neoprene.  
  • Yamamoto Neoprene, a more environmentally-friendly, limestone-based alternative
  • Custom orders, designed by you, printed or painted by their designer

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Duk Gear

What They Offer:
  • Fully waterproof cell phone cases for your SUP adventures!
  • Inflatables for fun in the pool or bay
  • Jewelry

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Freein SUP

What They Offer:
  • High-quality inflatable paddleboards for half the price of their competitors!
  • Varied sizes and widths to fit any activity you wish to pursue on the water!
  • Inflatable kayaks

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SUP Training Videos to Check Out!
SUP Lower Body Workout On a Board
Stability and Core Exercises in the Gym for SUP!
Planning a Trip? Explore these Locations...
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-The Perfect Paddles Team

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