February 2019 Small Bites
Plan for Sales:
Be Deliberate
A little planning fosters sales
Middlebury Natural Foods Coop has mastered the art of customer engagement. Farm to Plate has often used their front entrance displays to showcase easy to shop, complementary displays.

Admittedly it takes forethought, organization and team work to construct weekly specials. However, the results show up at the register in consistent revenue while providing creative, easy to cook choices for customers. This display features "game day" chili and quesadillas with the primary ingredients needed to make a feast for that first Sunday in February.

Just recently they created a sales display that featured pad Thai generating huge sales. Customers have learned its a good time to stock up on pantry items or stock the freezer with meat on special.

They consistently include Vermont food producers in their weekly promotion. These Rooted in Vermont food manufacturers often participate in sampling the same week as the special. This is a major win for customer engagement, increasing local food visibility, while generating strong sales.
Think it through for premier displays:
~Labels facing customer
~Think: easy to shop
~Complementary products
~Heavy items easy to grab
~Convenient bags
~Signage in place
~Easy to restock!

Let Farm to Plate help increase your margins with hands-on display and merchandising exercises
Winter: It's either a great time, or not
Every store has a host of projects that get pushed aside to maintain daily operations.

Winter can be a great time to clean out old display props, the broken crates hanging out in the loading dock, do deep cleaning, and we all know signs need purging!

Does your store or department have a list of " What to do when you think there is nothing to do". These are designed to make the most of your staff time, can have a positive impact on safety and who knows, your graveyard of props may stimulate fresh creativity.

So, let this season be the time you make the most of slow, snow days with a "spring cleaning"
Receiving is a huge position in your store. A diligent receiver is one of your greatest assets. Make sure your staff is trained with our handy tips

Your distributors and DSD vendors are key relationships in the success of your business. Truck drivers can take care of issues and when the relationships are strong, they can really take care of unexpected issues or immediate needs.

Treat your drivers well and they will take care of you!
Tip: Create a calendar of rough ideas for monthly promotions. Review distributor specials while including local products from within your community as you build you concepts. Your specials will have products Rooted in Vermont
Does your staff need nudging with their retail skills?
Check out Take 5 ; our series of twelve 5-7 minute clips.
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