December 16, 2021. Volume 8 
Greetings! AASP hopes that all our AASP Members stay warm and safe this Winter!
1.     NEW AASP OHS Legislative (Bill #47) Update Course was launched Deember 1, 2021!

Check it out! This course covers OHS legislative (Bill 47) updates (PART 1) which took effect December 1, 2021, that relate to the changes made to the Alberta OHS ACT, Regulation and Code.
AASP has done the detailed review and comparison and has provided you with all the changes from the Bill 47 update and how they will affect you going forward in 2022 to make it easy for our members to stay informed. This Program is recommended for all who want an easy to follow reference of the ongoing OHS legislative changes.
2.        Under the New Legislation all Health and Safety Committee members and Health and Safety Representatives must have training in HSC/HSR Fundamentals. Click here for all the Details  
If you have any questions, please give us a call at the office at 1-866-223-9008.
3.        OHS Prevention Initiative (Focuses on Slips, Trips, and Falls. Musculoskeletal, and Psychosocial Wellbeing) This important Initiative continues to develop an array of resources which include Bulletins, Posters, Postcards and Short Videos to address these key areas to help reduce workplace injuries.

These resources are free of charge and are excellent resources for safety meetings. Click Here for Details
For Your choice to obtain an OHS Certificate or Diploma
Deadline to Apply for 2021 was November 30, 2021.
The Winner for 2021 is Tyler Foley from Total Buy In. Congratulations to Tyler and we wish him success in his future Studies at UNB! 
Stay tuned for exciting new details on the New Program to be launched in January!
5.    AASP 2022 Membership Dues
As discussed at the 2021 AGM and Fall Conference we have been monitoring the Inflation rate over the last 3 years which has seen a combined total of an 8.5% increase in inflation and therefore we will be adjusting AASP Membership fees to reflect a modest 5% increase for 2022 rounded to the nearest $5. The adjusted AASP Membership Fees will be as listed in the table below:
CPI Index    2019       2020      2021 YTD Total Over 3 Years
Alberta      1.2%    3.0%       4.3%                 8.5%
The AASP Membership Fee is based on the Size of your Company as follows:
Membership Fees *
       Small Employer (10 employees or less including owners)  -  $420.00 + GST
Mid Employer   (11 - 100 employees including owners)    -   $575.00 + GST
Large Employer  (over 101 employees including owners)  -   $785.00 + GST

Membership Prices reflect 5% increase in inflation adjusted pricing effective January 1, 2022  
6.        Is Your Organization compliant with your company’s OHS legislated responsibilities around dealing properly with mental health, wellness, and stress at work?
         Are you prepared for the post-COVID stress disorders? Do you have the tools, insight, and knowledge you
         need to navigate the current OHS climate? AASP Can Help!  
  Check out how AASP can help you to ensure you have the knowledge that you and your team will need.
  Recommended for all Employees
  Recommended for all Management    

7.        Don’t let this Opportunity pass you by! Check out the Huge Savings for some of the AASP’s different training packages attainable through the Canada Alberta Job Grant Program! (GAJG) for all qualified applicants.
9.          Check out our Membership Benefits and Save!!
Save enough to pay for your AASP 2022 Membership Dues through savings on Services you already use.
          If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give the office a call at 403-223-9008.