Keep Stretching - Keep Warm
Along with massage, keeping up with light stretching and physical activity can help alleviate aches and joint pain throughout the cold winter months. 

In February's video, Abby will demonstrate some simple stretches that you can do in the comfort of your own home by using a yoga strap, stretching band or long sock. Enjoy!
Barometric Pressure and Joint Pain
The holiday season has passed and to some of us, the winter can begin to feel long and extremely cold. At Compassion Massage our clients affected by arthritis and other joint conditions, symptoms can seem to worsen in these colder months. Some people say they can even predict when a storm is coming because of the increase in pain or discomfort they feel in their joints. Well, there is some truth to this and it is caused by barometric pressure. 
 Barometric pressure is a fancy term for atmospheric pressure. It refers to the amount of force exerted on a surface depending on the weight of the atmosphere at any given time. When the barometric pressure is high, more pressure is pushing on our bodies from the outside, therefore keeping any tissues from expanding. Then, when the barometric pressure falls, the amount of outside force on our bodies decreases, resulting in expansion of our tissues. 
So, to put this simply, as a storm develops the barometric pressure drops which can often increase the amount of discomfort we feel in our joints due to excess expansion. The good news is Compassion Massage can help! 
A therapeutic massage at Compassion Massage can increase circulation in the body and help soothe any aching joints caused by cold weather conditions. Our treatment rooms cater to our client's needs and can be customized in temperature to match each clients' preferred setting. For those who would like their room extra warm, we have heated table warmers and heating pads that can be placed upon our clients throughout the massage for added comfort. 

At Compassion Massage we truly care about our clients and we're here to help on even the coldest days of winter!
Our Second Location- Westford, MA!
Compassion Massage is thrilled to announce its second clinic will be located in the Westford Valley Marketplace, Whole Foods Plaza! This facility is located directly on Rte. 110 on Littleton Road and is right off the I-495,  Exit 32 "Boston Road".  

Our Westford clinic will feature 5 massage therapy treatment rooms and one chiropractic office.  Massage therapy and chiropractic care go hand-in-hand and this location will provide our clients with the convenience of having both within one clinic.  Westford is well known for its modern amenities and shopping, therefore, our new clinic will be part of this vibrant area.

Compassion Massage Westford has a target opening of April 2019 and  will operate Monday-Saturday from 9am-8pm daily, closed on Sundays.
  Nationally Featured in Massage Magazine! 

Massage Magazine
Best Practices: Orthopedic Massage with a Hands-On Approach
Cathrine Thibault and her staff are dedicated to providing exceptional care to their clients. At Compassion Massage, an emphasis is placed on advanced massage education and continual hands on training in the clinic. Also, Cathrine enrolls her licensed massage therapists in Whitney Lowe's Orthopedic Massage program as an employee benefit. At Compassion, our clients recognize the difference we make in their lives and we are grateful for their support.

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Compassion Massage Staff
Have You Heard about our Referral Program?
We value the effort our clients have made to share their Compassion Massage experiences with the people they care about most. The growth of our reputation would not be possible without the referrals we receive from our clients. 

When you refer someone to our office we'll mail you a special thank you card that will allow you to receive $10 off your next massage! Best of all, the discount never 
expires. Just bring the card with you to your next appointment.  It's that simple!

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