Kneaded Notes
December 2019
Spring Conference Announcement
Information on Spring Education!
Indiana Chapter Spring Conference will be March 27-29th, located at the Holiday Inn Bloomington. We have a group rate available until March 11th for $99 a night.

Course Titles

One-day seminar Friday:

Myofascial Release Self-Treatment with Cathy Covell. 7 CEs
The cost is $99 for members, $149 for non-members, and $49 for students.

For Saturday and Sunday, you will pick between two different seminars:

The first option is Introduction to Myofascial Release also with Cathy Covell. This option is 14.5 CEs.
$198 for members and $249 for non-members.

The other option is Lymph Drainage Essentials with Jason R Craft. This will be 12 CEs.
The cost is $149 for members and $199 for non-members.

There will be breakfast, lunch, and 2 snacks included with the classes. The AMTA-Indiana Chapter business meeting will occur during lunch on Sunday (non-members are welcome)

We are now using Cvent instead of Eventbrite for our class registrations. If for any reason the link below doesn’t work, or the website isn’t working properly for you, please send Claudia at

If you have received a discount code for education previously, please contact to learn about code updates that have occurred.

President's Letter
logo with WE ARE AMTA
Hello Indiana Chapter!
I am writing my last president letter, I cannot believe how fast the last 4 years have gone! Together, we helped pass the Indiana massage therapy law, celebrated 75 years as an organization, and this coming year we celebrate Indiana being part of the AMTA organization for 60 years! We plan on celebrating at our events this year so let us know your ideas!!!!
The most requested continuing education topics the chapter received over the last 4 years was Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release. Trying to find a presenter that is affordable for the chapter, and the member, was difficult but we did it! Right in our own state are two amazing presenters who will give you the basics of these topics. You will be able to implement the techniques in your practice on Monday after class. Even if you have had an introductory class in these topics, review seminars will surprise you. I took a repeat class at national convention this year and felt more confident and retained more information the second time I took it.
After the weekend class you can decide if you want to continue your studies and get certified in the technique!
Our first online election call-out has begun. I hope this will be a win/win for our chapter. Now everyone has a vote, not just those that come to the annual meeting. Be aware that we will be mailing reminders for the election applications and for award nominations over the next few months. We will title our emails with a better explanation of what is inside so you have an idea before you click. Don't unsubscribe because an email is a repeat. If you don't open an important communication we may resend to non-openers. Open Scan File . We may see a correction that needs clarified and send an updated email.
Finally, think about both elections and awards, and submit an application!
Chapters are member-driven; our chapter is as involved as the member wants to be. If you just want education, that is all we will do. If you want meet and greets, we will make it happen. have other ideas? Contact us!
AMTA is the number one most respected massage organization in the country in regards to research and improving our industry's standards of education at the national level. State members rise above and make a commitment to education and promoting our profession in a positive manner at the state level. Your AMTA Chapter helps you get that education.
You are part of that excellence!
The chapter budget and organizing meeting occurred January 5th. We still need to finalize our report before submitting it at the end of February so feel free to contact us if you have ideas.
Members have a voice!
I wish I could have been president the day that we get to share our LMT status, but it just didn’t happen. The chapter will continue to follow the Rules process and give updates as the Rules move through the steps of adoption. We are seeking a new Government Relations Chair. Do you want to be involved in helping our chapter in this important manner? Contact me as soon as possible so you can attend the next PLA Meeting with the current GR Chair and myself. This meeting is set for February 10, 2020.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the AMTA! A special thank you to all the volunteers that have helped us to bring our chapter great education and reaching our "chapter deliverables".
A huge thank you to National AMTA staff who is always there to answer questions when they arise. They listen too, send them an email if you have ideas or suggestions, pr just tell them THANK YOU!
WE ARE AMTA! I will continue to be the state's #1 Fan! ...(say it, "dot dot dot") that's a challenge :)

Happy New Year, 
Kimberly Pucka
Online Election, Open Positions
Board Positions up for Election!
Election process has begun for President, Secretary, Board Member, and Delegate positions.
Call for Candidates
2020 Elections
AMTA-IN Chapter  wants  YOU to be part of the  team !

Consider running or encouraging another AMTA Member to run for one of AMTA-IN Chapter’s open volunteer positions!
Our apologies on the email problems introducing the Call for Candidates. The above link has the correct information.
Volunteer Chair Positions!
The following volunteer positions are seeking chairs:

Government Relations - Grant writing, Work closely with the board, lobbyist, and National GR, write reports, attend PLA meetings, organize events if needed

Website - Wordpress knowledge or a deep understanding of technology. Coding knowledge is helpful

If you are interested in volunteering, there are many ways you can help!
Reach out to a Chair that you would like to help he/she will work with you to find a task or position that fits the time you have to offer. Whether its 30 mins every once and a while, or a couple hours a week, there are many ways to help the chapter.

Government Relations Update
From our Lobbyist:
At this moment there is no new news to share, other than the legislative session is starting soon and we are of course on the lookout for anything that applies to massage therapy. The PLA hasn’t updated the website with 2020 dates but I have on my calendar that the next board meeting is 2/10/2020.
From the GR Chair:
We recently attended the PLA Massage Therapy Board Meeting for our quarterly update. This meeting had 5 Administrative Hearings and 9 Personal Appearances! That's a lot of action! So, we've been thinking of how we can help spread the awareness to our members so we don't see you facing the board! As we distribute our newsletters, we would like to add a suggestive advice or words of encouragement that can help you improve your profession.  

Today's advice is to think of your lotion holster; simple yet important topic! 

Do you wear one? Where is it placed? Does it ever come into contact with your client while he/she is lying on the table? Believe it or not, a couple Massage Therapists received complaints and even police reports from clients thinking their lotion holster is "something else" and is lead to the assumption that your holster is something sexual. To help avoid situations like this, and maintain your professionalism, think about the lotion holster you wear. Is it safely strapped to your waist or is it dragging like the old pair of Jino Jeans from the 90's? Your homework: put on your holster next time you go to work. Look in the mirror to make sure it is safely placed around your waist/hips. Then, practice the lunge position near your table and ensure your lotion bottle is not touching the table. My advice, move the lotion bottle away from the table. For example, when I am working on the right side of the table, I slide my lotion bottle to the opposite side. That way, my client can't feel it.
-Elizabeth Cain, Government Relations and Delegate
Details to Consider in Your Practice
Susan Moody, BCTMB
Those who know me know that I can be very detail-oriented.It is good to be aware that some of your clients might be offended by details you may not normally consider important. Is the skin on your hands rough and scratching your clients? Is there a scent that may be offending some clients? What else can potentially disturb your clients? The purpose of this article is to is help you make informed choices whether to continue or discontinue practices that may be keeping some clients from returning.

Want to submit an article for the next newsletter? Send an email with all the information to Communication Chair
Did you miss the awards email? You can read about submitting a name here
A full sunshine report will be shared at the member business meeting in March. This year has been very active in sharing praise, condolences, congratulations, and more.
Connect, we are family.
Upcoming Events for the AMTA