Knowledge is Power
We are excited to announce The Nature Foundation's 2020 Winter Lecture Series, beginning Friday, January 10.

This year’s Winter Lecture Series will challenge our beliefs in science. Is science always right or is it holding us back? How many people do you know don’t believe anything they hear unless it’s been scientifically proven? How many people do you know treat any scientific study as absolute truth? Do you believe everything printed in a scientific journal to be true?
The Basis For Scientific Knowledge Claims

Presenter : Dr. James Zimring
When : Friday, January 10 at 7pm
Where : Trillium House
Our special guest speaker is Dr. James Zimring, Tillack Professor of Experimental Pathology at the University of Virginia. Dr. Zimring pursues basic and translational research in the field of transfusion medicine and blood biology. He has an M.D. and also a Ph.D. in Immunology, and has published over 120 research articles in his field of study. Professor Zimring has a superb national and international reputation in the fields of transfusion science and red blood cell research.

Dr. Zimring will begin our lecture series by exploring the basis of scientific practice, methodology, and knowledge – based upon his recent book on the topic What Science is and How it Really Works .

In speaking with Dr Zimring I gleaned from him some of his philosophical ideas about the many different belief systems in our world, of which science is only one. Science has the appearance of a very special system which has led to dazzling technological progress, decade after decade, century after century. Thus, it seems like science has some special ability to understand, predict, and control the natural world. However, science also gets things wrong, and at times, disastrously so. Moreover, the history of science is littered with failed theories, theories once held to be true. Ironically, it is these failed theories that were used to make the stunning technological progress of the past. How do we reconcile this dichotomy and how much confidence should we place in current scientific knowledge claims? What does it mean when scientists claim to “know” something? Visit Dr. Zimring's website.
From Wooly Worms To Real-Time Radar: How Far Have We Come?

Presenter : Dr. David Perault
When : Friday, January 24 at 7pm
Where : Trillium House
Dr. David Perault, Professor and Coordinator, Environmental Science Department Chair, University of Lynchburg, will investigate the differing aspects of weather and climate prediction from early predictions, to folklore to space-age innovations. Special consideration will be given to forecasting weather here in Central Virginia with special attention to how our climate is being impacted by human activities. Both weather newbies and seasoned observers will benefit from the topics and insights presented. More on Dr. Perault.
The Science Of Skywatching

Presenter : Dr. Karin Warren
When : Friday, February 7 at 7pm
Where : Trillium House
Dr. Karin Warren, Herzog Family Chair of Environmental Studies and Science Sustainability Council Co-Chair at Randolph College, will delve into the history of weather forecasting up to present-day forecast products. Dr. Karin will discuss the science behind the formation processes of clouds and how cloud types relate to present and approaching mid-latitude weather systems. Folks at this session will learn to identify cloud types and ice crystal and droplet phenomena, and understand how they relate to atmospheric conditions and weather systems.

Sky watchers know the view above their heads are often filled with extraordinary phenomena like rainbows and double rainbows, ice crystal haloes, aurorae, and clouds. Meteorology has an astounding variety of features and there are complex physical processes that create these atmospheric phenomena. Dr. Warren will teach us to learn when, where, and how to keep our eyes to the skies to observe these beautiful features shown in the heavens above. More on Dr. Warren.
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence." – Nikola Tesla
For more information and to register for The Nature Foundation's Winter Lecture Series please call 434-325-8169 or click an orange button. All programs take place at the home of The Nature Foundation - Trillium House .
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