Sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works! 1 Chronicles 16:9

Hello Liz,

I hope you're well and that this Journaling Tip, Song I'm Loving, and God Moving Story inspire you to seek God and have a more meaningful quiet time. (For a journal giveaway and Valentine's Day Sale on prayer cards scroll to the bottom.)

A Designated Space

Life has constant distractions. Creating a cozy and comfortable spot for quiet time and journaling can help you stay focused on God. It doesn't have to be a large space; a cute corner, a hallway, a nook under a stairwell, or even a window seat can work just fine.

To create a space you'll look forward to spending time in, set it up in a way that feels welcoming and inspiring to you. Fun things for your spot might be twinkle lights, your favorite blanket, a table for a coffee mug, a plant, a frame with your favorite verse, ear buds for worship music or ear plugs, and a candle for a pleasant aroma to set the mood.

Gather your materials and place them in a basket by your chair so anything you might want is within reach. Include your favorite Bible, journal, pens, highlighters, a topical book of interest (like marriage or parenting), a Bible study book, and a devotional book.

As for the quiet part, if you're a mom of little ones, the only way to get quiet may be nap time or to get up early or stay up late. Another option is to create a spot near a safe play area in your home to keep an eye on the kids.

The point is to create a peaceful space that feels inviting so you can cultivate a consistent and meaningful spiritual practice, even if only for ten minutes.

In January I heard Nicole Mullens version of "To God Be the Glory (My Tribute)" for the first time. It was amazing! It meant so much to me because I had just completed my annual review of the previous year with God and was praying about the new year.

My heart was full as I remembered the 10th Anniversary Ministry Event last fall that felt like such a celebration of God's goodness. After hearing Nicole's rendition, I wished I had closed the evening with this song because the words were perfect.

At the event, I shared the top 10 things God has orchestrated over the last 10 years of ministry. If you would like to read or print that one-page PDF "TOP 10 of 10 Years in Ministry" click HERE and to listen to this "Song I'm Loving" go to the Freebies page and click on the yellow box. I hope you'll praise God with me for all He has done in your life too.

Overwhelmed. That’s what I felt when Stephanie asked if I had considered creating a smaller, more portable version of the Spiritual Circle Journal. I listened to her reasoning and understood it, but because I already wore so many hats, the prospect of creating another product felt like so much work.

It just so happened that the next morning, Susan texted, “Hey, have you ever thought about creating a smaller version of the journal?” In a 12-hour period, two very godly, dear friends I admire asked the same question. Did I mention they don’t know each other? Stephanie lives in Florida and Susan lives in Illinois. My antenna was up, and God had my full attention.  

Over lunch, I shared the idea with a few colleagues. After a brainstorming session, we found creative solutions that could work. With a possible format in mind, I began praying to see if I should pursue this idea. I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to get a project quote from my printer.

That week, Ephesians 3:20 kept reappearing. The first time it caught my attention I was looking at an old journal entry.

The verse appeared a second time when I opened a devotional book and a page landed face up on the floor with Ephesians 3:20 as the featured verse.

The third time was when my friend Kelley encouraged me by typing the whole verse in the comments of my social media post, where I requested prayer for an upcoming speaking event.

That speaking engagement went well. It just so happened that between the journal sales and the speaking fee, I was within $3 of the printing quote.  

Coincidence or God Moving? You decide.

That was enough confirmation for me to get moving forward. We dubbed this smaller size the “On-the-Go” Spiritual Circle Journal. My friends Joani, Stephanie, and Susan walked beside me and helped create the journal, including a new section that taught people how to study a scripture passage.

My friend Jill helped me get the copyright and ISBN number for the back cover so I could sell it in gift shops, bookstores, and artisan stores. My Aunt Karen checked for errors and my printer created an awesome cover design that would catch shoppers attention in a store display.

The combined feedback of about 15 women helped create a streamlined version with a three-page, quick-start guide designed to have a new user up and journaling in 15 minutes without a workshop.

Here’s the best part: Now I am able to reach more people with a way to help them STAY connected deeply with God because they can easily take their journal with them. The bonus is that this smaller version is more affordable for women’s ministry leaders and they are now often buying them bulk rate to give to their women as part of their retreat registration. That is immeasurably more than I could have asked or imagined!  


Journaling Prompts: Have you ever struggled to figure out if something was just a good idea or was BOTH a good idea and a God idea? Have you ever had a situation that felt crystal clear? Journal about those situations.

I love hearing your "God Moving" stories that clearly illustrate God's guidance, provision, and care. If you have any, please hit reply and share them. If I choose your story for a future newsletter, you get a free journal!

Sharing Some Love

If you post a picture of your journal with the hashtag #SpiritualCircleJournal between now and Valentine's Day, you will be entered into a drawing for a free journal on February 14th. The winner can choose which size journal because the original BIGS are back in stock!

Valentine's Day Half Off Sale: Prayer Cards only $5 for 10

Did you know the prayer cards fit in a standard Hallmark card envelope and are half price right now? Show some love to your family, friends, small group, Bible study, and/or ministry team with this little gift. They make great goodies to go in retreat bags for your events, so grab them at this lower price.

Retreats in Michigan and Iowa

I have two retreats you may be interested in if you live in Michigan or Iowa. One is in Muskegon, MI on Saturday, March 9th and the other is in Davenport, IA on Saturday, October 19th (no link yet, but coming soon).

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Many Blessings,

Liz Lassa

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