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February 2021
National Caregiver Day
February 19th was National Caregiver Day - this is a day that recognizes and honors all of the hard work and dedication that caregivers offer all year round. It’s held on the third Friday of each February and helps to honor the millions of caregivers who work all over the world. There are so many caregivers working, there’s a good chance that everyone who is reading this knows at least one.

Did you know that:
  • Women are more than likely to be caregivers
  • Many caregivers don't receive a paycheck
  • Some caregivers have quit their job for ill family members
  • It is estimated that caregivers spend over $5000 of their own money on the care of their loved one
  • Caregivers have tough jobs

Even though this day has passed - please don't wait until next year to thank a caregiver.

Wear your mask! Get the vaccine when it's your time!

Safe safe and well,
Linda & Bill & the team at Home Healthsmith
The Rhode Home:
Mobility and freedom in the home

On Friday morning, Linda Bohmbach from Home Healthsmith and NiRoPe – Pete Cardi from Cardi's Furniture and Mattress – joined “The Rhode Show” to talk mobility and freedom in the home. Watch the video at this link to catch the full discussion.

Why use Home Healthsmith...

“I have worked with Home Healthsmith for years. I think of them as a partner in the design and implementation of elevators in both new and existing homes. They are complete experts in this field and help in the earlier design aspects, interior selections, install and reliable service support.

They are my ‘go to’ elevator and stair lift company, and I’m grateful for their knowledge and friendly reliability. “

Spencer McComb
Cordtsen Design Architecture
The Home Healthsmith Recruitment Video
We are giving a big shout out to Jared Cicchelli of Revinir Films for helping us to get our video series off the ground. If you are looking for a job or what to know about a 'Day in the Life of....' please check this out. This is the beginning of our videos that Jared will be producing for Home Healthsmith.

Stay tuned for more videos to come!

Do I Really Need a Grab Bar?
A closer look at grab bars, how they prevent falls,
and why they carry so much stigma
Photo by Roman Carey via Pexels

If you don’t need a grab bar right now, you probably will at some point—and that’s okay! The reality of being human is that we all experience changes to our mobility eventually. Installing grab bars before you need them will reduce your safety risks long-term. 

Linda & Bill Bohmbach
Home Healthsmith™ provides in-home solutions that allow you to maintain your level of comfort without compromising your health and safety.