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New Year, New Look
Welcome to the new look of National Tiger Sanctuary for 2016! Not only have our newsletters gotten a facelift, but we are also preparing to launch an all new website. Stay tuned! 

Princess, Precious & Stripey
Princess, Precious, and Stripey were rescued from small concrete cages in a Branson theater. Even their  introductory habitats at National Tiger Sanctuary were bigger than the cages they came from (not to mention the access to the outdoors, natural surfaces, and sunlight!). Even though the girls loved their new areas at National Tiger Sanctuary, we wanted to go even bigger and better for their permanent habitats.  Each habitat is furnished with an eight foot swimming pool, night house, covered patio, and huge grassy field!

After a lot of hard work, the habitats were completed, and Princess, Precious, and Stripey have all been moved to their brand new permanent habitats! Since Princess and Precious are sisters, they've moved in together and are loving one another's company! It's so fun to watch them play and snuggle! Stripey resides next door so she can remain close to her long-time neighbors and friends.

If you haven't had a chance to meet the girls, keep your eye out for them on your next tour of the sanctuary!   
Hot Spots
Since we moved to our Branson location in 2011, we have encountered hot spots on some of the tigers. The hot spots cause hair loss and itchy skin, which can be very bothersome to the affected animal. Interestingly, the hot spots have only affected one litter of tigers (Max, Paul, and Dee) and only appear in the spring. That has led us to believe that the siblings may be predisposed to have an allergic reaction to something in the environment that is prominent in spring time. 

We were shocked this January when we discovered a hot spot about the size of a quarter on one of the siblings, Max. The winter in our area has been unseasonably warm, with January temperatures reaching nearly 70 degrees (usual high temps in the 40s). This has stimulated many plants to begin spring growth much earlier than normal, and we suspect that could be correlated with the early appearance of a hot spot.

In past years, we have treated the hot spots with oral antihistamines, antibiotics, and even steroids in some cases. The first year the spots appeared, they were very small and mild, but they have gotten worse every year since.  We always begin treatment immediately after a hot spot appears to prevent the condition from worsening. 

This year, we wanted to take an even more aggressive treatment approach by trying a long-acting, injectable steroid (coupled with an oral antibiotic to prevent possible infection). Unfortunately, not a lot is known about hot spots in tigers so many treatment plans have to be developed through trial and error. Fortunately, the steroid injection provided Max with nearly immediate relief from the itching, and the redness quickly faded from the area. Before we knew it the spot was healed! Now we know the injectable steroid is a great resource to quickly resolve future hot spots. 
March Extended Hours
We would like to invite you and the family to enjoy Spring Break and Easter weekend with us at the sanctuary! Our extended spring hours will include big cat tours at 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, and 4 pm on Monday, March 14th, 21st, and 28th, in addition to our normal business hours Wednesday-Sunday. That means even more opportunities to visit the big cats!
Cat of the Month - Leonard
Well, I suppose that Leonard's not really much of a cat, huh? Leonard has been with us for over a year now, and what a joy he has been! He was born and sold into the pet trade by a local exotic animal dealer. After several owners, he was surrendered to us, because he started attacking people. Even though he seems small and cute, he will always be a wild animal!

In the coming weeks, we are looking forward to introducing Leonard to our newest lemur, Zoe. Stay tuned to hear if it will be love at first sight! 

For $100, you can adopt Lenny to help support the care of the animals! As a thank you, we will send you an NTS t-shirt, window decal, adoption certificate, and photo of Lenny!