T he Nutcracker Dancing in the Rain

Dear Parents, Students, Volunteers , Sponsors and North County Communit y

  • We are so proud of and grateful for all of the efforts that went into making our recent production of the Nutcracker one full of unprecedented talent, but better yet, one brimming with love. As many of you know, the days before the show predicted rain lasting the duration of the production. Despite this uncertainty, everyone brought their best attitudes to the theater, greeting the audience with smiles and a beautiful show. Although it rained during our dress rehearsal in the morning, perhaps it is not too much to say that the Nutcracker magic offset the forecast; the rain only lasted during intermission, before stopping just moments before the angels took the stage in the beginning of Act II. While we are confident that the show would have been of equal quality regardless of the weather, we are so grateful to everyone who dedicated themselves to keeping spirits high and the holiday joy alive in every aspect of the day, especially the parents who worked tirelessly to ensure that the production ran free of stress. Life, as the saying goes, is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but rather is about learning to dance in the rain. We are so humbled by everyone at our studio who truly embraced that philosophy and brought a marvelous production to the beautiful Moonlight stage. We are beyond lucky to have this amazing company and to have shared a beautiful night under the stars with so many members of the community.
  • This past week, I was given the incredible opportunity to fly to Mississippi and perform in the Nutcracker with a local company. Although they knew that sometimes, after being injured, it was difficult for me to dance, I wanted to share with you a reflection of my experience performing. When not dancing, I was able to aid in caring for the school’s youngest students and with sewing props, helping to ensure that the production was safe and enjoyable for all. I recognize that it is not always easy to do the movements, but truly appreciate everyone here who works diligently, nonetheless, and all of those who have helped to make sure that our productions have always gone smoothly. Not all studios are lucky enough to have such a wonderful support system in the community around them, and I am so appreciative of all of the incredible people who surround us. It is because of you that our studio is such a special place to learn. It is not always about being the best dancer, but rather about bringing something new and rare to the table.
  • In other news, this past week our student, Ariana, was accepted into Georgetown University’s summer program to study immigration and social justice. She will be spending the month of July in Washington D.C. learning from various lawmakers and professors and working to enhance her understanding of public policy.
  • The Best Gift for teachers to recieve is a simple "Thank You."
"Almost a year ago you took one of the biggest chances that anyone has ever taken on me by offering me a job. Since then, I have enjoyed every day. Of course, some of my favorite days working were spent over the summer working with you on immigration cases. I owe you both the biggest “thank you” for sparking a passion that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life, and giving me the resources and opportunities that have allowed me to grow so much."

Thank you,
Encinitas Ballet
Sayat Asatryan and Olga Tchekachova, Artistic Directors