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Winter 2018
Earthquake Anniversary
On January 12, Haiti commemorated the eighth anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people. Haitian President Jovenel Moïse attended a memorial in Port-au-Prince in honor of those who died, and a moment of silence was observed in Haitian communities around the world.

Project Medishare is forever grateful to the thousands of selfless volunteers and generous donors that helped us operate a 300-bed field hospital on the grounds of the Port-au-Prince airport, and provide critical care and life-saving surgeries to patients in partnership with Hospital Bernard Mevs.
Mèsi Anpil!
Your end of year gift to Project Medishare helped us raise more than $187,000 to continue our lifesaving work in Haiti. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support. We look forward to continuing our efforts to build healthy communities in Haiti in 2018.

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Making Our Voices Heard
In light of recent negative remarks about Haiti in the media, Project Medishare board members took the time to voice their opinions.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garçon said in an interview with Sports Illustrated: "There are amazing Haitians in America who are assets to this country, who are helping both countires with hard work and charity. Haitians appreciate what they do have, instead of dwelling on their problems." 

Dr. Andrew Furey, who has traveled to Haiti more than 20 times with Team Broken Earth, was "profoundly disappointed" with the statements. "Historically, over time, being the first independent black nation with serious political turmoil... they faced more hardship as a culture and people than anyone else on earth," he said to CBC Radio. 
Surgical Team in Jeremie
Project Medishare continues to partner with organizations in the South and Grand'Anse to help communities rebuild after Hurricane Matthew. As part of those efforts, we provided medications and medical supplies to St. Antoine hospital in Jeremie to support upcoming surgeries.

In November, a team of surgeons from the United States volunteered at the hospital, and provided training to local doctors. Surgeries included hernia, thyroid, mastectomy, and hydrocele. Biopsies were also performed. Project Medishare's support is helping to strengthen St. Antoine's post-hurricane Matthew capacity. It is the only hospital that serves the Grand'Anse, which has a population of approximately 450,000. 
Training Matrons and Health Agents
Last year, Project Medishare conducted mobile health clinics for hurricane-affected communities in the South. In December, our team returned to Les Cayes to train matrons and health agents, and distribute essential medications and supplies. The eight health agents and 37 matrons trained have taken their new knowledge, skills and medical supplies back to their communities to improve the care they provide to families.

Fifty-year-old Meris from Anadere is one of the matrons who participated in the training and received clean birth kits. The kits contained items such as antibacterial soap, umbilical clamps, hydrogen peroxide and razors. Prior to the distribution, Meris said he didn't always have the materials necessary to ensure a sterile, clean environment before delivery. For Meris, the best part about being a matron is that he helps families in the community. The materials and training provided by Project Medishare will help him do his job better.
Educating the Future
Thirteen year old Darlande has been a participant in Project Medishare's Orphans and Vulnerable Children program for the past five years. She lives in Lahoye with her father and 10 siblings in a house constructed by Project Medishare four years ago. 

Currently enrolled in a nearby school, Darlande shares that she likes going to school, and acknowledges that it wouldn't be possible without Project Medishare and the OVC program paying her school fees. 

"My favorite subjects are math and French. And when I grow up I want to be a nurse." When asked why, she added, " I want to learn more. And I want to have the skills to be able to help people. When I go to the [Medishare] clinic and I see the nurses, they know so much and they help everyone. So that's what I want to be. That's why I like going to school and I'm thankful for Medishare allowing me to do that."
Ultrasound Training
Three longtime Project Medishare volunteers traveled to the Central Plateau recently to provide ultrasound training at our health clinic in Marmont. Doctors Sam Abelson, Joshua Overgaard and Nathaniel Bowler taught our team new skills that will benefit expecting moms, and will help diagnose conditions such as pneumonia, appendicitis and hernias. After visiting the Central Plateau, the three doctors volunteered at Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port-au-Prince, where they also conducted ultrasound training for staff.
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