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Winter Quarterly Newsletter
Holiday Classes at our studio on Kelly Ave!

We have an expanded Holiday schedule. Classes begin December 16 and run through January 4. All drop in classes. Class passes ok. Check it out.

We will be having a short 6-week winter term. Classes begin January 6 and run through February 15, 2020. Sign up and pay now to receive the early bird discount. No more credit card fees.

Call now to sign up. 503.223.8157

Click here to download the winter schedule.

6840 SW Macadam Ave.
The short winter term will allow us to move and be ready to go by the beginning of March. We hope!

Let us know if you'd like to help with the move. Email us.
2020 Dates Announced

August 3 - 7, 2020
More information will be available in January.

This week-long workshop is a lovely way to deepen your understanding of anatomy, enrich your practice, and if you are a teacher, inform your teaching.

Join Stuart at his 13th annual Tuscan Retreat May 31 - June 7, 2020. 
Click here for details.

January 25 - 26, 2020
Seattle, WA
See below for more information about this conference.

March 20 - 21, 2020
Clemmons, NC

March 27 - 28, 2020
Herndon, VA

A Note from Beth Paxson

Beth Paxson
It is that time of year when length of daylight shortens, day folds into night and living things instinctively slow down. It's a contemplative time.

Looking back, this has been an exciting and challenging year! Receiving the 'baton' to carry this legacy forward seems so long ago and in the scheme of things, relatively simple! Moving our community to a new home is occurring at a logical pace for an endeavor of such magnitude.

We have a bit more time at our long-time home at 3903 SW Kelly Ave. while our new space is being prepared. To maximize our time here, we have expanded our Holiday Schedule to run from December 16, 2019 to January 4, 2020. Our Winter Term will run just 6 weeks, from January 6, 2020 to February 15, 2020. This will mark the end of our time in the Kelly Building.

We have scheduled a Late Winter break for the second half of February to transition to our New Location at 6840 SW Macadam Ave. We anticipate beginning our Spring Term Yoga in early March. We will keep you posted. Thank you so much for your tremendous support and patience as we navigate this transition.

Beth Paxson

Yoga Tip by Julie Gudmestad

Sitting in Virasana

The ability to pause, observe, and be mindful is traditionally an important part of yoga practice. Asana practice as we know it today evolved to help people sit comfortably for long periods of contemplation and meditation, though many people now practice asana as a type of moving meditation in itself. Even if you came to yoga for its physical benefits, you can benefit from a few minutes of sitting and breathing to help you learn to focus and quiet your mind, which can be beneficial to all parts of your being.

However, sitting comfortably is a perennial problem: chairs, couches and car seats set us up to slump. Many people also slump in cross-legged yoga poses, or crossing the legs may cause knee pain for Westerners. Rather than struggling with an un-supportive chair, or uncomfortable cross-leg pose, try sitting in Virasana. You'll still be sitting on the floor, but this pose allows you to sit tall with less struggle to avoid slumping.

With your shins on the floor, Virasana is traditionally done sitting on the floor between your heels, which can be very difficult for Westerner's knees and ankles. Instead, place a yoga block, folded blankets, or stack of books between your ankles, with enough height to avoid knee pain. Start on hands and knees, with your block in place, and make sure your feet and toes point straight back. Sit down on the block so that your sitting bones are centered on it. Your thighs should be parallel: don't allow your knees to angle out wider than your hips.

To sit tall, don't roll back on your tailbone with the pelvis tipping backward. Instead, tilt your pelvis forward so that you're sitting firmly up on your sitting bones, which puts a normal (mild back bend) curve in your low back. From the pelvic foundation on the block, your spine can unfold upward, all the way up to the base of your skull. You'll not only un-compress your spine, but also expand the space for your heart and lungs.

Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breathing. Notice any rough spots in the pattern of the breath, and allow them to gradually smooth out, so the pattern of the breath becomes smoother and more fluid. Even a few minutes of soft, steady breathing can help to center your attention and calm your nervous system. After this preparation, you can mindfully move on to your asana practice, or the "off the mat" yoga practice that we call life.

Local Workshop with Julie

Northwest Yoga Conference
January 23 - 26, 2020 in Seattle, WA

Join Julie at the Northwest Yoga Conference in Seattle, WA! Now in its 8th year, the five day conference features life-changing workshops, soulful music, inspiring talks and much more. The event aims to provide an opportunity for you to deepen your practice and teaching while connecting to a supportive and nurturing yoga community. Come find out why attendees return to this event year after year.

Julie will be offering a couple of 2-hour workshops; The Mysterious Psoas, and How to Work with Tight Hamstrings. She will also be teaching a 3-hour Breathing Basics and Intro to Pranayama workshop.

Teacher Training 
rachel lundberg
Yoga Teacher Training with Rachel Lundberg

If you are considering joining the 200 hour or 300 hour Alignment Based Yoga Teacher Training in 2020 then don't miss out on the Super Early Bird Special in effect until the end of 2019. You can save an additional $555 for the 200 hour and $777 for the 300 hour programs. Find out more info and read graduate testimonials at or email Rachel Lundberg directly at

The free informational sessions will be on Sunday, February 2 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm in our current space on SW Kelly Ave. and on Sunday, April 5 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm at our new location at 6840 SW Macadam Ave.

Closing Thoughts

With the shortening of the daylight and the arrival of the rain, take the opportunity to turn inward. The work of the harvest season is over; allow yourself to let go of that effort. Settle into stillness and be present in the quiet moments that winter will bring.

Amelia Michaels
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